Day 17 - Your highs and lows of this past year

that's 2010!

highs - grades! HAHAHA
lows - madaming puyat. madaming iyak. madaming selos. walang pera. and well, madaming panget. >:|

fuego. seryoso. buong araw syang nasa utak ko. hinahanap ko nga sa school eh, kahit look alike man lang. HAHA may crush na ko dalawa! yung isa kilala ko na! as in kilala na rin nya ko. last tri ko pa crush yun hohoho God is good! yung isa wala tinatanaw ko (pa) lang, freshman e. chinito lahat yesss! >XD and well, hindi ako sanay na may resource person pag nagss-stalk e kaso walang FB tong crush kong to e! tsk! kainis! at may girlfriend pa! hindi pwede! >:(

Day 16 - Your views on mainstream music

when i think of mainstream (as of 2011 2nd quarter) i think of lady gaga, katy perry, justin beiber and all those popular contemporary artists. i'm familiar with them but i don't really dig them. >:) the only time i enjoyed mainstream music was when it was jason mraz and linkin park on the spotlight. >:D

anyway, i think mainstream is just the same all throughout. i mean, The Beatles were mainstream during their time and now they're a classic. so you see, mainstream is just pertaining to the current popular music... and it changes. though i could hardly imagine lady gaga being a 'classic' after 50 years... yknow, by virtue of the conventional definition of 'classic' haha. >:)

with regards to music though, i enjoy jason mraz, a fine frenzy, yiruma, sungha jung, andy mckee, and instrumentals...and i grow easily fond of OST's (mapa anime, movie or series pa yan) hehe

this day was tiring. i was at school the entire day. awgahjvasdyudgihsidu hmmmmmm and we finally made up like crazzzzyyyyyy. or more like, i finally freed myself from all the guilt. JOKE. i even bought her chocolates, and i picked the one she mentioned before cos i know it's her favorite. peace offering ganun. well it can't be helped na naiinis parin ako paminsan minsan but at least, i'm trying to, hmm pano ba, look on the brighter side? mahirap kasi. i'm tying yknow. i'm tryinggggg. at kinikilig parin ako kay fuego. hay. haaaaayyyy jusme. nagpapantasya na nga ako eh! iniimagine ko na mag-eenrol sya sa fern at marerecognize ko sya as fuego at i-eentertain ko sya (well that sounded wrong haha) sa enrollment at magiging girlfriend nya ko at isasama nya ko sa isa nyang battle makikilala ko si anygma!!!! at makikita ko si abra!!! at si apekz!!! pero sya parin boyprend ko ang kapal lang talaga ng muka ko minsan no. oh well. wala pa kong tinitira nagi-ilusyon na ko. this is how i idealize men and get crushed when i finally get to know them for real, haha. iniisip ko kasi na may sense syang kausap at madami syang alam at magaling sya mag-english at matalino syang ka-diskusyon at corny sya. well muka naman syang corny e, ok lang tatawanan ko naman sya mahilig naman ako tumawa kahit di ko gets e. ayoko na nga kalokohan na to e!!!! >XS haaay Lord, lakas tama e! love knows no bounds na talaga. chossss!

uhm, i have one crazy professor. seriously, she's crazy. ewan ko ba, it's gonna be a harder trimester for me. simply because i have a lot of minor subjects and it's hard, as a senior stud, to give a good impression on these profs who don't know me. leche mahirap kaya magpa-impress amidst all the first years! first struggle is to get out of the stereotype that graduating dudes are delinquents. and yknow, the profs don't know our curriculum at all. they see seniors in a freshman class and they think these guys are second takers. le shiz. and our crazy prof is every bit annoying. she's not funny, though she's trying to be. and she's like, "why did you transfer? maraming kang singko ganon?" and i was like, "yeah" in all smiles pa ha, and her face just distorted like crazy. ang sarap isampal ng scholarship ko sa kanya e. sorry. sorry talaga.

anyway, it's just the first day. i'll have the entire tri to prove myself. i like her subject pa naman. pero narealize ko, wait lang haaa! parang na-take ko na tong subject na to eh! it's totally SOSC1 in elbi! bakit hindi ko narealize yon!! aaaaarggghhhhh. sayang pera! sayang units!!! >_<;

challenge accepted.
we'll see, we'll see.

good night fuego!

omgeeeh sorry hahaha

Roman Fugoso aka FUEGO of FlipTop Battles

BWAHAHAHA pwedeng kiligin? maka-ilang ulit ko na kasing pinapanood tong laban nya kay Batas eh. Ang cute nya, ang talino pa. I actually rooted for him in this battle because he caught me with his wit, that's when i started liking him and err stalking him. It took me some videos to catch his real name. Just like with Abra (Raymond Abracosa), his name was mentioned once eh nakalimutan ko na e so ginoogle ko agad for a possible verification. LOOOOL among my FlipTop crushes, i like him the best cos he's more wit than humor. yeah i like him even more than Abra and Anygma (well they kinda tied somehow but Fuego's got more exposure so i can't really say haha) ! His losing streak isn't even a turn off point. Ang cute pa nya! aaaargh. yeah i'm a sucker for smart guys... na chinito... at magaling mag english.... pero sana hindi adik hahaha.

rapper, gamer, drummer, skater, oh and did he mention he wasn't really Chinese? whatever. chinito ka parin.

Shout out to FUEGO. ehem, if you're some kindofa vanity googler and you happen to stumble upon this page, COMMENT NAMAN DYAN O. HAHAHAHAHA wag lang tripper ha? >:)

i dunno why i'm staying this late. school's up tomorrow! goodnight Fuego! ew, this is like level 1 of my growing obsession. creepy ba, sorry. i'm much decent in person. >:D

Day 15 - Your favorite Tumblrs

naah. i don't have any. useless entry! haha

classes will be starting tomorrow! can't say i'm looking forward to it, i just wanna see my friends na! yun lang! i'm probably killing myself with my schedule, 24 units plus 16 hours SA. but yknow, when you start working and earning moolah yer never lettin go of it. oh material attachment is such a sinful virtue. if there's one thing i learned in economics during highschool, it's that your earnings are proportional to your expenses. when you start earning bigger, you also start spending bigger. i purchase a lot when i have a lot. ohwell. >:| peraaaa. i need you.

yesterday was extra scary, my last task for the day was to post room schedules on the doors. 4th floor was the creepiest. i was hearing a weird bird with some weird chirp so to entertain myself i imitated it by whistling and blah. for awhile it was cool until the chirp got louder and the bird actually flew in front of me like an agitated bat. it scared the hell out of me so i ran. bwisssettttt. >:|

i got home really tired and when i was about to sleep my mom asked me if i already have a special guy or if anyone's courting me. i said none yet, then she suddenly went, "bulaga!" and being the ever nerbyosa girl, i was startled like crazy and she too was shocked! parang tanga talaga, we were laughing the whole time. she did that 4 times before she finally climbed to her own bed to sleep cos i was crying her out of it already. oh, she did me a bit of pep talk too. but the only things i got were, 'LOL why the limitations?' 'that's not gonna work!' 'that's useless yer never nvr gna have a bf' 'hahahaha you know nothing' thank you mommy you're far too kind! wait til i get a latin honor and you'll be thanking me for chucking boys out of the list. >:) i know it's in our genes. i'm so sure of it. i'm soooooooooooooooo sure of it. >:)

meanwhile, i'm tryna stalk some ROMAN FUGOSO aka FUEGO of FlipTop. stuff i have to confirm tho.. number 1 is if he's really from Ateneo (super plus points. it's the Ravenclaw of Philippines whatever), and his age. he was 19 during a 2010-uploaded fliptop battle. i dunno how old that video is so whatever. haaay ♥ it's devastating having to watch him in a losing streak but my regard for him never changes. i still think he's intelligent! + + + + points! ♥ ♥ he's cute when he smiles! dsfnakdsh actually he reminds me of one of my elbi crushes, sherwin. hahaha

Day 14 - Your earliest memory

that would be when i started kindergarten 2. i was 4 i guess. my k2 memories include having 2 close buddies, kelvin and jordan. kelvin was my classroom buddy, we like to tickle each other anlandi lang hahaha we were seatmates kasi. hehe jordan was my after school playmate, we would sneak into the classrooms and stamp ourselves with those star-shaped stamps so when we get home we'd look like bright kids hehe. we also used to play with the monobloc chairs by piling them up and climbing on top of them. i remember one time, jordan fell on one of those and had his forehead stitched. haha no one blamed me of course, i also don't remember how i reacted when he fell. >X| ayun, i have very few memories from kindergarten school. that's all i have. >:D

argh Wall-E >:''''(((( nakakiyaaaakk huhu

this afternoon, i did that err one step to reconciliation. i apologized. i know i couldn't do it personally cos i'm such a cow and on top of that there's still a bit of hate and insecurity in me that i couldn't bring myself to beat my pride. i wasn't really hoping for anything but when my phone vibrated, my heart rejoiced. i almost cried. i wanted to. but heck im pushing around a cart at puregold. so yeah. i want to see her and hug her and cry and give her cadburry fruits and nuts. asijdhgabsdsagd. it's not really a message of forgiveness or something but it's safe to assume we're fine now. i probably can't stand being in a dispute with someone for too long, either i try to bring back the friendship or if my resolve to break all connections is dead solid, i'll grow apathetic and let things be gray.

which is yknow, bad. i think so? i know there's still one thing i need to fix but everytime i think of it, i just want to forget about it. push all memories away and pretend nothing ever happened. i'm growing indifferent by the minute. and it's weird cos i feel guiltless. my guilt is my conscience... it's a flag of goodness for me. cos every time i feel guilty i confirm for myself that i'm still aware of my wrongdoings. which is good. it's one thing to still be able to distinguish good from evil after living 21 years in an evil world.

i have two friends. the left and the right. the angel and the devil. parang ganun pero hindi, i'd like to think they're both angels haha. when i'm in bitch mode i go to my friend by my left haha cos with her it's totally okay to bash people and be utterly judgmental. i enjoy being with her because i get to be honest with my feelings like toooootally. on the other hand, if i wanted to do the right thing i'll go to my friend by my right. well, it's also ok to fool around with him but i don't think he's tolerant of evil things so it's awkward for me to be completely honest with him. >:| too much goodness is toxic rin ano. humans are evil and to force yourself to be good is an injustice to human nature. it's good to be bad, once in a while. but generally you have to be good. haha ewan.

2 days ng masakit ulo ko. ang hirap magsorry a leche, hindi ko kasi hobby yun e. askgjskdhlasl

Day 13 - Somewhere you'd like to move or visit

i wanna visit LB! yun.

sakit ng ulo ko. asdjhatsdgasbhlasn

parang gusto ko nung Huawei IDEOS na yun! cheapest android i spotted so far. and and, the Huawei E5! pocket wifi router! Lord!!!! >XD owell, said ako ngayon. i'm helping out on daddy's hospital treatment expenses. >:| and i've got 2 bills plus one obligatory bill to pay so yes, gotta satiate myself with online window shopping for a while! i'll get my cyberzone fix when school starts. or yknow, whenever i get enough money. haaaay. i'm so very super much thankful cos even with our messed up finances, everything's going well. i just saved 18,000 worth of tuition because of my scholarship. amennnnnn!

hahaha! ewan ko ba why i always think we're out of cash, e hindi naman! siguro kasi sapat sapat lahat dala ko araw araw? ewan basta. mahirap talaga ang buhay ngayon.

loaded trimester ahead! i had to rearrange my schedule for the nth time just to maximize my working hours. they've omitted working lunches and it sucked a lot for me. from 18 hours, i was down to 12 hours, so i did a few changes with my schedule and now i have 16 hours. yeheeyyy! anyway, that's the best i could work on. sobrang haggard na nga nung 24 units with 16 hours SA eh, but we'll see. balak ko kasing patayin sarili ko e. hihi >:)

Coffee Twist

picture from via google images
jusme. last monday, i got two bottles of hazlenut (yellow) for lunch. i like it cos it's cheap and it's like molten XO! bwahaha ang saraaaaapppp >XD the next day i got a bottle of classic (red) and a bottle of hazlenut for lunch, and i liked the classic flavor better cos it's like iced nescafe classic! ang saraaaappp leche and it's mejo bitter pa so it's perfect for me. then yknow, a couple of hours later my ever so nervous nervous system got extra nervous and my heart started pounding like crazy. i was getting sick of nervousness literally. cold hands, cold sweat, a brewing heartburn. leche talaga i've never been that nervous my entire life. then i also took 2 cups of tea. i dunno if it would help (parang hindi!) but it was warm hahaha. haynako. antagal. antagal talaga humupa ng kaba ko. when i came home at 9, tinulog ko na agad.

pero until now i'm still nervous e, pero onti na lang. sdkfgaskfjgabfjksdskyt hay Lord. >:|

Alberto (based on a true story)

i'm reading this super long and interesting comics right now about Alberto, a former catholic turned Christian.

there are a loooot of interesting things i found out with the comics, which yknow i'm not sure i could trust. i mean, it makes the roman catholic church look so bad. and even though there's much to learn on this one, i couldn't just share it to anyone for the fear of sounding like i'm persecuting catholics and such. after all, i came from a catholic highschool. >:| but yknow, i want their opinion too.

= iganatius de loyola being founder of illuminati is new to me! 

jusme. >:| this is so troubling. now i'm thinking all the churches out there are bent on destroying other churches! yung comics, it was pretty old, based on a true story daw that occured sometime in the 60's. so imagine if something that horrid has been happening all along. napaka-evil. adafsjgasdglsda napaka. argh. i dunno. i never put to heart anything my catholic CL teachers taught me cos it was so confusing. i even asked one my teachers to excuse me from memorizing the novena, and the many many prayers because it's kindof against what i think a real prayer should be. yknow what she told me, "it's graded." onganaman! it's graded! haynako. and i simply don't understand the confession system or whatever they call it. i was excused from that but from what my friends told me after they confessed about their sins, they were asked to do housework as penance like, wash the dishes, do the laundry, buy your mom flowers, then do 10 Hail Mary's after and blah. yeah it's totally cool to do that, but what i don't understand is if it will actually spare you of your sin. gusto ba ni Lord yung bumabawi? parang tao, pag nagkamali, babawi. yung ganon?

basahin nyo nga para may makausap ako. >:|
btw, thank you chi for the pimp! >;D

dangerous thoughts i had just now... what if, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, yknow being the largest religious sect in the world... is actually the antichrist? and that the real challenge for real Christians, is to know the truth about their doctrine and break out of it. aklsdgfawdgash okay. stop thinking!! this is unfair. sidfgasgtfaks

huhu ayoko na mag-isip. nakakaparanoid. btw... i don't like the sound of "religion", for some reason. haha
good night!


Day 12 - Bullet your whole day

  • woke up at 7, ate breakfast, took a bath, went to school.
  • it's the first day of enrollment. i had to be early so i could help set up the computer labs! i came 5 minutes early! oha! >:D
  • LOL i dunno how to face her seriously but i thought i just had to ask her if she's angry. i did and it was cool. i could feel her assumptions were wrong but it's better that having to lie again yknow. i'm such a bad liar. i almost can't. not with friends yknow. 
  • anyway. it was a bit awkward. but we carried on.
  • as usual. there was a horde or students lined up at the enlistment rooms that we had to do some crazy crowd control. as usual.
  • enlistment was faster this time. no dead locks. 3 computer labs were utilized so there's approximately 120 computers being used simultaneously for enlisting. yey. 
  • it was good that they put the 3 heads and the TRF printer in the same floor just beside the enlistment room. it was easier for the students to inquire about stuff.
  • it rained hard this afternoon so i called daddy to fetch me
  • then we fetched mom at the hosp. she's getting rehabed for her hurting joints or something. >:|
  • sweldo yeyyyy! >XD

Day 11 - Put your ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up

no ipod. shuffling a random folder from the library instead

1. one step at a time - jordin sparks
2. viva la vida - coldplay
3. crazy for this girl - evan and jaron
4. unwritten - natasha bedingfield
5. mahal kita - gerald santos
6. what i've done - linkin park
7. ikaw lamang - silent sanctuary
8. geek in the pink - jason mraz
9. love song - sarah bareilles
10. lucky - jason mraz

suko na ko. bahala na bukas lol >:)

feline tongue

the may 21, 2011 doomsday prediction is pretty nakaka-praning. HAHAHA nsdjgkhfvask

btw, cute thing before i went home. i found a stray cat inside 304, and meowed it out. it meowed back and ran out. haha after turning off the pcs, i found it standing near the stairs so i meowed at it. and it meowed back then we were meowing alternately as if we're actually getting each other and talkin like there's nothing better to do before the world ends. then i passed by the orange cat and headed down. surprisingly, it followed me! so i was like, "meowwww" and it meowed back and continued to stroll behind. i was walking to to sir kim's office and the cat followed me until the mabato part where it stopped. blah blah after sayin a few to sir, i went out of his office and found the cat outside the door. mamatay matay ako sa ka-cute-aaaannn! so i was like, "meow meow meow" and i walked out... the cat still followed me. zsbkjanhlfasvbgdschlnakj ang kyoooot. kaso it started to rain so the cat stayed at the lobby na lang. hehe sjbgfhjasfnhj sfn ang cute talaga arjghsdffasdf

btw btw! kinikilig ako hihihi >XD

escort service >:)

my mom got her service award this day at hyatt hotel (for being with philamlife for 25 years now) and i escorted her, for the lack of better things to do... and of course for the food. >:)

congrats mommy!
takaw tingin mode!
of course i was really hungry, i've been walking on heels all day although dinner was served early, it didn't seem like that to me. see, i got myself three plates. bwahahaha

good thing it was buffet!

"appetizers" haha
i'm a freak for these i got 2 servings each! >XD

but of course, knowing myself, i can only handle enough before my stomach bursts. >:| i was only able to finish 3/4 of plate 1... and 2nd and 3rd plates were all left overs na. tira na yang lagay na yan, if you saw the original plates they were much packed and nakakahiya haha. jusme kung makapag-sayang ng pagkain wagas! ganyan kasi pag gutom ako e, tapos buffet pa. get all you can, eat all you can, leave all you can. >X( sorry na. 


i could've done this earlier! why didn't i think of it earlierrrrrr like when there were more worthy victims around! arg. it's too late now, but it could still be useful hehehe

3 passwords sniffed.
i told you, be careful when i'm around. i have my ways.

ah. tomorrow has to be good. >:)

heeeyyy, i was contemplatin on my uhm, evil plan, then told myself to let it be for the next 10 days. it's the needed time frame to plan things out without her meddling. >:) though i can't imagine how it would be seem to act indifferent... at the setup i've established, i could've patched things up in a minute. delaying it would cause more misunderstandings.

paki ko ba? the truth cannot be misunderstood. so yeah, that's the plan. 10 more days. oryt, make use of your strength. assume all you want. you're so good at it i thought you took up bs in humble effrontery major in incognito coquetry. you rock.

Take My Son

a forwarded email from one of my close friends.

A wealthy man and his son loved to collect rare works of art. They had everything in their collection, from Picasso to Raphael. They would often sit together and admire the great works of art.

When the Vietnam conflict broke out, the son went to war. He was very courageous and died in battle while rescuing another soldier. The father was notified and grieved deeply for his only son.

About a month later, just before Christmas, there was a knock at the door. A young man stood at the door with a large package in his hands.

He said, "Sir, you don't know me, but I am the soldier for whom your son gave his life. He saved many lives that day, and he was carrying me to safety when a bullet struck him in the heart and he died instantly. He often talked about you, and your love for art." The young man held out this package. "I know this isn't much. I'm not really a great artist, but I think your son would have wanted you to have this."

The father opened the package. It was a portrait of his son, painted by the young man. He stared in awe at the way the soldier had captured the personality of his son in the painting. The father was so drawn to the eyes that his own eyes welled up with tears. He thanked the young man and offered to pay him for the picture. "Oh, no sir, I could never repay what your son did for me. It's a gift."

The father hung the portrait over his mantle. Every time visitors came to his home he took them to see the portrait of his son before he showed them any of the other great works he had collected.

The man died a few months later. There was to be a great auction of his paintings. Many influential people gathered, excited over seeing the great paintings and having an opportunity to purchase one for their collection.

On the platform sat the painting of the son. The auctioneer pounded his gavel. "We will start the bidding with this picture of the son. Who will bid for this picture?"

There was silence.

Then a voice in the back! of the room shouted, "We want to see the famous paintings. Skip this one."

But the auctioneer persisted. "Will somebody bid for this painting. Who will start the bidding? $100, $200?"

Another voice angrily. "We didn't come to see this painting. We came to see the Van Goghs, the Rembrandts. Get on with the real bids!"

But still the auctioneer continued. "The son! The son! Who'll take the son?"

Finally, a voice came from the very back of the room. It was the longtime gardener of the man and his son. "I'll give $10 for the painting." Being a poor man, it was all he could afford.

"We have $10, who will bid $20?"

"Give it to him for $10. Let's see the masters."

"$10 is the bid, won't someone bid $20?"

The crowd was becoming angry. They didn't want the picture of the son.

They wanted the more worthy investments for their collections.

The auctioneer pounded the gavel. "Going once, twice, SOLD for $10!"

A man sitting on the second row shouted, "Now let's get on with the collection!"

The auctioneer laid down his gavel. "I'm sorry, the auction is over."

"What about the paintings?"

"I am sorry. When I was called to conduct this auction, I was told of a secret stipulation in the will. I was not allowed to reveal that stipulation until this time. Only the painting of the son would be auctioned. Whoever bought that painting would inherit the entire estate, including the paintings.

The man who took the son gets everything!"

God gave His son 2,000 years ago to die on the cross. Much like the auctioneer, His message today is: "The son, the son, who'll take the son?"

Because, you see, whoever takes the Son gets everything.

don't get ahead of me, pwede? that was not even a hint. argh.

so far i had 3 subjects already. LOL you hate me now?
good, cos i hated you first.

now i understand, why the antagonists always want the protagonist to hate her. aside from getting annoyed that she's being rebutted with goodness every time she throws evilness, there's this guilt inside all antagonists that can only be appeased when her enemy begins feeling the way she does. if i'm angry, i want you to be angry too otherwise there's no use arguing with you and you'll hurt my pride really bad then i'll hate you even more that i'll continue provoking you or even start plotting for your death with or without you knowing it. HAHAHA

we hate being ignored. we hate the feeling victims because all they display is fake goodness and pacuteness and fucking tears. it's true that i believe everyone has a good side, but i'm not interested in that cos it's a default disposition. we were always told to be good and behave when we we're young. how do you think a child would act if you told him to be bad instead? haha wala lang. anyway, i'd say, the only time i can gauge a person's personality is when i've seen how he/she is in evil mode.

yeah right.
i feel so evil right now.
i've been playing all day.

according to this scorpio website, we hate being analyzed. true. i hate it when people appear to claim they know me, by getting ahead of my decisions like, "ah, i know you'd act this way because blah"...
 it's okay if it's "i know you'll like this cos it's red so i'll buy you this" haha or something like
"i got you this instead cos i know you hate spicy food" that's okay...

but when it gets, "you won't do that. you're not that kind of person..." oh really? just how well do you know me? basically, i hate it when people think i'm too good (uuuugh) because i'm really not. it only adds to the amount of expectations i have to meet. can't you at least let me be evil whenever i WANT to? i'm not a fucking saint. so don't stop me from changing faces once in a while. it's hard to get people who'll listen to both your good and bad sides nowadays. people are soooo dumbstruck with just a single side of you that they'll reject you once they learn something bad. come on, stop fantasizing already. you wouldn't know what's good without evil. aye. aye.

Day 10 - Discuss your first love

First love never dies!!!! jusme. napaka-echos netong entry na to. mamaya iiyak nanaman ako. >:|
i've already mentioned him hundreds and hundreds of times in this blog already.

my first love was a tragedy LOL. yun lang. bow. ayoko umiyak e.

the moment i realized i loved him, he's already in love with someone else. sayang nomon. if i realized it sooner, i could've played with his advances and became his girlfriend but no. i can't 'play' hahaha. more so, the pre-courting or pano ba yun, pre-confessing timeframe is too awkward. too friggin awkward. or maybe i was too busy not to realize he was already crossing the line. i never realize stuff like that. not with super close friends yknow, which he was. it's always fun fun fun fun and no hidden desires in between. i don't think i'm dense either but i always have to be reminded, or given a low blow for me turn my 'sensitivity' radar on. after which it can't be turned off HAHAHA problematic sya in fairness.

and i thought i could give you a decent post about it but i guess i'm wrong.

hay love. but yknow seriously. i hope one day i'll be able to make it up to him. to patch things up. because honestly, i couldn't imagine myself with anyone else. he's like the most comfortable guy to be with (next to my daddy shempre haha). he was my favorite guy. this is how it sucks falling in love with your best friend, and letting your pride win. or more fittingly, this is how it sucks realizing you're in love too late.

pero shempre joke lang yan. move on. let go. past is past. on with the future. better yet, on with who's here.


goodbye latin honor!
i have halos mga 10 subjects pala na super baba sa LB omgehhhhh. yoko na. kawalang gana naman o.

hulaan tayo ngayon

a social experiment with two subjects
what are you gonna do if you found out i was backstabbing you?
i have a suggestion
quit being friends with me
or cry in the corner like you always do
or go tell your boyfriends how i'm such a bitch
but of course you won't do that
you're such a "Christian" so you won't do that
yknow, i should never have learned about your IP address.
it's annoying how you're still reading this.
it's funny.
sometimes i think i'm bipolar.

Day 9 - How you hope your future will be like

great health and wealth! you could also jump back to Day 2, i'm pretty much gonna say the same thing anyway. >:)

nakakapagod tong araw na to sobra. lakas pala makadrain ng energy ang pagsusulat ng article. >:| tas ang daming lakaran. whew. gusto ko ng matulog. nalulungkot ako dun sa walong subjects kong mabababa sa LB.

on the other hand,
thank you Lord dahil

1. street food trip with terai! we were supposed to go grocery shopping kaso wala pa palang sweldo e gutom na sya so bumili sya ng tinapay, ako bumili ng kung ano ano sa tabi ng FCM. >XD leeg ng manok FTW! sarrraaaappppp.

2. i was able to save a paper bill this day! HAHAHA achievement much! i kinda promised myself to just bring enough to school, and put the rest of what's left in my piggy banksssss when i get home. no unnecessary spending because the times are so hard ampotek. we have to help each other out at home!

3. i want to be healthy now more than ever! i watched gma news awhile ago was shocked at this 9 year old boy with type 1 diabetes! jusme! 9 years old ampoteekkkkk he has to be injected thrice a day with insulin omgehhh e magkano per turok yon ha?! ha?! libo libooooo shemaaayyy ayoko humantong don. ayoko humantong si daddy don. i don't want anyone in this family to get sick kasi iiyak ako.... sa gastusin huhu >:''(

4. dahil dyan. i (WILL TRY TO) see to it that i follow mommy's healthy eating habit everyday. she's a freakin organic junkie kasi and i'm thankful for that!

-a tablespoon of blended garlic+honey+kalamansi downed with malunggay tea every morning... masarap yun kaso hindi pwede sumobra sa garlic concoction kasi gumuguhit sa bituka. yung malunggay tea homemade din ni mommy, pinatuyong dahon lng naman hehe madali lang hihi ngayon ko lang to naappreciate. mommy wakes us up for this every day!

-aloe vera gel salad. kederehhhh talaga to. i super appreciate it that mommy has gone through all the effort of growing aloe in the rooftop. umabot na nga sa apat na paso e, kaso kederehhh talaga e. mabantot yung lasa ughhhh. pang buhok lang talaga. pero i believe it's a powerful health remedy. that's why hinahalo ni mommy sa salad, hoping na hindi umangat yung lasa kaso ugh. fail parin eh. >X|

-squash soup. a eto ok naman. pero nung bata talaga ako pahirapan to eh. makikipag-sagutan pa ko wag lang ako kumain neto. kasi naman kapaklaaaaa, tipong blended squash na pinakulo't inasinan lang! thankfully, my mom was introduced to canned milk and cream of mushroom kaya favorite ko na to ngayon. haha

-tapos shempre yung iba pa: vitamin c, fruits and veggies and lots of water and water alone! i was kindof naadik pa naman sa smart C. pero nothing beats water parin.

anyway. i'm beat and deym tired so imma sleep now! >:D good night!

Day 8 - A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life

that would be when i started getting high grades in college, which started 2009! >:) which made me realize i have to work super duper extra hard this year because i have 8 freaking subjects that are most likely to rob me of a latin honor, those are credited units from UPLB and they're so dang low. >:| if i had the choice, i would love to repeat them all. >:|

ay oo, another of the most satisfying moments in my life, is earning my harry potter fanfiction 200+ reviews, and a french translation hehe. i know i've mentioned this a lot of times but haha lemme say the same thing again. it's heartwarming for an author to continue getting reviews 3 years after the final update. even if it's just 1 or 2 reviews a month, the fact that it's still getting comments means it's well appreciated! the french version is also doing great. >XD haha

whew dilemma. i have to take 24 units this coming tri. andame non ampotek! >XD i still have to work yknow! ilang oras na lang matitira sakin non so SA?! no waaayyy no friggin way. >_<;  kelangan ko ng pera! dahil dyan, kailangan mag-sacrifice ng isang subject. hay. haaaayyyyy. >X|

Day 7 - Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

i'm scorpio and i grew up knowing it was the best sign ever (read: bias). there's a time in everyone's life when they learn about their signs and its characteristics, and get amazed at how it suits their personality very well, even though at that point (11-12 y/o) i could hardly assume anyone has a concrete idea of his/her personality LOL. i didn't miss that part. when i learned i was scorpio, i got semi-obsessed with scorpio stuff. i got myself a mug, a book mark and gave myself an alias of scorpion_princess04 on yahoo chat. my favorite color was actually taken from my sign. hahaha i was 11-ish, so i believed my mug when it read scorpios are jealous, possessive, loyal and persistent. whenever i felt jealous, i felt like i was living up to my sign so that's a good thing hahahahaha. reading about other signs convinced me more that i'm on the right group because, apparently, none of their listed characteristics apply to me... at least i know that's what i was thinking years ago. but of course, eventually, i learned that the zodiac is bull and that everything was schemingly put together by chinese astrologers major in superstitious psychiatry.... and that if i was introduced to the wrong sign in the first place, i would've felt the same belongingness. i could get a scorpio who's more of a leo or something like that. personality traits aren't something to be generalized by zodiac sign.

but you know, THIS LINK HERE is quite accurate for some odd reason. but i'm sure it doesn't apply to all scorpios. rar bakit kaya. hahaha

BWAHAHA nakakatawa yung ibang signs!!! i was reading on the other signs and checking if it applies to the people i know with that sign. nakakatawa. nakakatawa talaga. wahahaha bakit ganon. HAHAHAHA according to the site, my parents are not romantically compatible but what the heck huh.

hm. Thank you Lord for this day because:

1. sobra sobra ang kinain ko ngayon. dalawang party pinuntahan namin! busooogggg yeheeeyyy! >XD
2. nakahanap ako ng karamay sa mga hinaing ko sa buhay. it's bad, but it felt good. salamat kay Saycee HAHAHA
3. OFFSET KO BUKAS! yess walang pasok! >XD
4. nakakaiyak si Job. literal. >:''( ramdam ko ang pagdurusa nya sa pagsesermon ni pastor. nakakaiyaaaaakkk bakit wala kang movie (or meron ba?)?! Lord, paki gawa nga po ng movie si Job! >X''(
5. nabuo gabi ko dahil kay JM. i mean, si JM na pamangkin ko HAHA ang kyot sobra. sobrang puti, tas dark grey yung mata. ampotek san nagmana yon? kidnapin na yan!
6. sorry for the foul words. >:)

good night! >:D

Day 6 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

haynako my hatest part. enumerating things about myself na para bang napakahirap kong kilalanin at kelangan pa ng ganito. sows. ang arte lang pero sige.. yaman din lamang na vanity tribute eto, osya:

andami ng 30. wag na lang. KJ amp.

Day 5 - A time you thought about ending your own life

I don't remember the reason but i remember wanting to slash my wrists with salon clips hehehe
Haynakowww i feel super duper bitter today, and also yesterday! rarrrr >:| Hindi ako pinag-SA sa graduation! nakaka-inggit na nakakainis!!! okay lang naman na hindi eh, kasi naglabas sila ng list nung thurs ng sasama sa grad e wala ako so okay lang kasi may iba rin namang wala. pero kinabukasan, i learned that even those na wala sa list... sumama sa grad practice sa morayta for i dunno what reason so sobrang sumama yung loob ko cos i was literally the only SA left sa registrar's office and it sucked so much. parang connivance ekek. so binuhos ko na lang yung galit galit ko sa pag-gghost. leche talaga. leche. ansakit ng katawan ko tuloy. >:|

chaka lumalala na rin ang kaplastikan ko. dibale sa pasukan, i'll get rid of you. sino ba ko para pagsabihan ka... ni hindi nga tropa ang tingin ko sayo eh, naki-sawsaw ka lang eh. hindi rin ako concerned sayo. guilty lang ako. kasi ayoko magmukang masama sus. kung alam mo lang.

gusto ko na grumaduate. as in. gusto ko na ng bagong crowd. bagong tao. bagong friends. ibang pinag-kaka-abalahan. chaka pera shempre.

hey i dreamt of Yeorim kagabi lang.. or kanina.
in my dream we were in an outing somewhere na may water falls basta yun masaya kami dun nagkkwentuhan blah tapos parang umalis yata kami, nagbike tapos naka-angkas ako sa kanya yun lang. hehe >:)

Day 4 - Your views on religion

my mind is in shambles.

please read the articles below...they're highly interesting.

Article #1 - the irony of Proverbs 3:5. juice in the comments >;)
Article #2 - a study which says that us tryin to discern what God is saying, is just a form of introspection. in other words, what we think God thinks is what we really think.

on to my views. i'm trying to live a Christian life. i pray, i tithe, i go to church and blah but sometimes my faith trembles... like when i read articles such as the abovementioned. i don't even know if i have one to begin with, or if i'm just bound my compliance because i was brought up this way and consequences are grave if dare swim upstream. there's karma when you're still alive, and hell otherwise. >:| i think my faith is fear driven. >:| i think i'm living a lie.

do we just leave everything to faith?

on another note, there are more stupid Christians than stupid atheists. if there's one thing i find respectable with atheists, it's their knowledge of the scripture. if there's anyone you should ask about the contents of the Bible, it's them, just don't ask them for their opinion yet cos it may set you in confusion. hehe

ugh, if i was only Bo Sanchez' godchild! >:|

Day 3 - Your views on drugs an alcohol

On drugs - no. unless the drugs we're talking about here are drugs in general, which could be any medicine. i'm saying this out of being born in a society where drug use is illegal. i haven't tried one yet but i'm sure at some point in my life i've smelled or seen one hehehehe. i'm not even sure why it's illegal to use drugs. bakit nga ba? because they're addictive? they're hard to cultivate? haha it's unhealthy???? ewan. i need to research on this but i believe that cigarettes should be as illegal as drugs are. i really think so. it would help me and a million others.

On alcohol - what alcohol? the hard ones? i'm not even alcoholic but i guess it's okay to get drunk once in a while. given that you know who you're with and how you are when you're high. >:)

Day 2 - Where you'd like to be in 10 years

i'd be 31 by then so hopefully I would be somewhere with...

1) my own car
-a cheap, cost-efficient, low maintenance car i could use to drive around the city and take to the suburbs occasionally. like the hyundai accent? i heard it runs on diesel and is pretty cheap! >:D

2) a stable career
-anywhere in the field of IT or design. with marketing side lines of course! and lots of passive income like stocks and investment.

3) my own family
- husband and kids that i will loooove forever and ever and go to church with >:)

4) and a beautiful house
- with a garden, a sturdy firewall for solo tennis bouts or a basketball ring LOL and an optional plunge pool! >XD 500 sq. meter tops HAHA ambisyosa. kelangan mag-invest sa lupa habang maaga (at meron) pa. mahal magpatayo ng bahay!

i'd be living "the" life if by 31 i've managed to acquire all those (excluding #3 cos you don't really "acquire" it haha more like earned? or uhm blessed with?). it makes me happy just thinking of it! napaka ideal! kaya halina't magdasal! >:D

not really day 2 haha but the goal is to finish with all the 30 thingies so yeah!

hey, i kind of want to try out audio blogging! for the heck of it! script writing is tough and spontaneous speaking is crazy so i ought to try it out somewhere faaaar like tumblr. HAHA didn't wanna spoil yer day with my voice >:) and buhsides, how do you upload audio here at blogger without any 3rd party hosting?

Anygma is the man

i never thought i'd find such a respectable man at a very unexpected place. this guy, Anygma, converted Grind Time to a Philippine format and called it Fliptop Battles. one youtube, one facebook, and one formspring and they grew big, became a hit, and is conquering bars, cockpits and street sides... bringing two hip hop rappers at a time to face each other in a battle of cleverly weaved insults, low kicking cusses, and offensive rhymes.

there's so much to admire with this guy. even when he probably hits the weedery every day, i doubt his brain was ever sucked out of a neuron. his words just plain got into me, the rhymes, the lyricism, the substance. it's all great. hands down!

Get your FREE Rustan's Supermaket Fresh Card this Mother's Day!

Avail of your FREE Rustan's Supermarket Fresh Card this May 8, 2011! 

I just chanced upon this promo this morning while buying drinks for this afternoon's double celebration, Mother's Day and DADDY'S 50TH! >:D hehe so there! i consider myself lucky! i've been wanting to avail one cos we live nearby and though Rustan's isn't our preferred Supermarket, it's not like we never buy there haha.

Hope this reaches you before the promo ends! >:D

Saves you 200 for the application fee >:D

So, what is a Rustan's Supermarket Fresh Card?

It lets you earn points whenever you purchase something from any Rustan's Supermarket. Works exactly like the SM Advantage Card.

How to join?
Unless you're joining this day (which is FREE) all you have to do is:
a) be at least 18 y/o
b) fill up the application form at the Customer Service Booth and present 1 valid ID with picture
c) Pay P200 application fee OR present P5,000 worth of accumulated receipts within the last 3 months.

Points Conversion?
For every Peso purchase, you get 1 point!
that's P1 = 1 POINT

For every 10,000 POINTS earned, you get the option to exchange it to P100 worth electronic gift certificate.
that's 10,000 POINTS = P100.00 worth EGC

There you go!

Day 1 - Your current relationship, if single, discuss how single life is

i never really questioned why i'm still single until now. sometimes it gets frustrating, i'm turning 21 without knowing how it feels like to be a girlfriend! >:D BWAHAHA

so how is singlehood? ayun fun naman. HAHA. actually i have a loooot to say about this kaso hay ewan. mejo bothered ako ngayon. >:) so i'll probably save it for Day 10, or 26 cos they're related! HEHEHE

eto sa totoo lang. sana walang magbago. sayo. sana ako parin. kahit after 1 year. 5 years. 10 years. i know it's selfish pero sana lang naman. sana. sana. sana Lord. >:''( i'm putting my entire love story on Your hands for now kasi my two hands are full with school and work and blaaaaahhhh but if You decide to challenge me with "greater" responsibility sige go! kaya ko na (siguro) yan! >:)

btw, i've finished watching Kimi Ni Todoke and rewatching Zettai Kareshi. ayon iyak galore! >:|
91.5% on eps 1-12 of Ouran HS Host Club! >XD yehey >:)


break!!!! >:)

the trust you gave me, i don't think i deserve it! so it's time for you to know that i'm not what you expect me to be, i'm not your good friend, everything you've told me to keep, i've told somebody else. once, twice or thrice, it doesn't matter. it's a basic thing in life not to entrust something sensitive to anyone. better yet, never expect anyone to keep your secrets for too long. no matter how much you trust the person. keep your expectations low man. i'm worse than you think. >:| haha

so there. feel free to think that your secrets aren't safe with me. that i'm inquisitive not because i care, but simply because i'm curious! haha?


people in the office (the 3 heads specifically) still think i'm going out with erni! apparently, it was a wrong idea to remove my relationship status change (from in a rel'p to single) from my wall. >:| i wasn't surprised to hear that they know about it since JM ♥ ♥ ♥ was probably the one who told it. anyway. i was relieved i got to clear that up with them. not that it bothered me. orlynw?

anyhow. there's a lot to be thankful for this day.

#1) i received chocolates from saycee! yehey! i don't really care if i'm getting fatter everyday. i'm gonna burn them off when school starts. or not. whatever. i'm too lazy to exercise haha >:D

#2) i'm going to try pushing through with a new saving scheme! the 10-20-70 scheme! >:D i've heard about it before but i was never a keen saver haha and it's kinda disappointing that i've been working part-time for over a year but i haven't saved anything seriously T__T. it always goes to waste on food and stuff i don't really need (but will always always lust over) like colored pens and papers and stuff i see on cyberzone and national bookstore and sometimes ebay! >:( it's really simple mommy says it works for her. 10% tithes, 20% savings, 70% everything else. >:) yosh!

#3) i laughed so much today and this is all thanks to saycee bwisiting me at school!!!! ay Lord. now i realized that during the times i feel like i need to be alone because of some overdue puberty issues... in reality i just needed a friend to divert me from emo/evil thoughts LOL! and i probably didn't realize that sooner because i was so absorbed in my overthinking that i hastily diagnosed myself bwaha. and it's not good to stay alone for so long, specially when you're pissed off. haha i miss having classes tuloy. >:|

#4) two of my bosses are out today, so we just fixed the ICs and enabled the front USBs at 302... which by the way, sapped me of so much strength and sanity because it's a hardware thingy! so we had to open aaaall the CPUs like crazy. first time we did it (while ghosting) all of my fingers were blistered and i got a bad trauma about getting grounded. so now, i came in prepared! i brought my own screw driver, a pack of band aids, and extra hanky to insulate myself from conductive forces hahaha

i like this day. >:D

i want you to burn

yes! i discovered another post downgrade defect of this laptop. bwiset na bwiset na ko kakahanap ng solusyon. pero ayoko paring bumalik sa vista. nevahhhh >:(

Problem:  CD/DVD drive cannot burn blank DVDs! but it can read DVDs naman, and CDs too. It can also write to blank CD's. DVD lang talaga! >_< i thought my blank DVDs are dysfunctional but when i tried burning on another laptop, it worked fine! graaarrrr

o parang teenager lang. andaming issues!
peer pressure at identity crisis. bakit ngayon lang ako tinamaan neto?! >_<;

i'm so freakin late! >:D
and i'm growing slower by the day. slower in perception! humihina na utak ko shet! di na maka pick-up!
kelangan na ulit magbasa ng libro! >XD

i feel distant. wala lang. i don't feel like seeing anyone at the moment. i want to be alone. nakakatawa naman. normal ba to. hindi rin ako makapag-load. anu ba yan.

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