Alberto (based on a true story)

i'm reading this super long and interesting comics right now about Alberto, a former catholic turned Christian.

there are a loooot of interesting things i found out with the comics, which yknow i'm not sure i could trust. i mean, it makes the roman catholic church look so bad. and even though there's much to learn on this one, i couldn't just share it to anyone for the fear of sounding like i'm persecuting catholics and such. after all, i came from a catholic highschool. >:| but yknow, i want their opinion too.

= iganatius de loyola being founder of illuminati is new to me! 

jusme. >:| this is so troubling. now i'm thinking all the churches out there are bent on destroying other churches! yung comics, it was pretty old, based on a true story daw that occured sometime in the 60's. so imagine if something that horrid has been happening all along. napaka-evil. adafsjgasdglsda napaka. argh. i dunno. i never put to heart anything my catholic CL teachers taught me cos it was so confusing. i even asked one my teachers to excuse me from memorizing the novena, and the many many prayers because it's kindof against what i think a real prayer should be. yknow what she told me, "it's graded." onganaman! it's graded! haynako. and i simply don't understand the confession system or whatever they call it. i was excused from that but from what my friends told me after they confessed about their sins, they were asked to do housework as penance like, wash the dishes, do the laundry, buy your mom flowers, then do 10 Hail Mary's after and blah. yeah it's totally cool to do that, but what i don't understand is if it will actually spare you of your sin. gusto ba ni Lord yung bumabawi? parang tao, pag nagkamali, babawi. yung ganon?

basahin nyo nga para may makausap ako. >:|
btw, thank you chi for the pimp! >;D

dangerous thoughts i had just now... what if, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, yknow being the largest religious sect in the world... is actually the antichrist? and that the real challenge for real Christians, is to know the truth about their doctrine and break out of it. aklsdgfawdgash okay. stop thinking!! this is unfair. sidfgasgtfaks

huhu ayoko na mag-isip. nakakaparanoid. btw... i don't like the sound of "religion", for some reason. haha
good night!


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