Day 3 - Your views on drugs an alcohol

On drugs - no. unless the drugs we're talking about here are drugs in general, which could be any medicine. i'm saying this out of being born in a society where drug use is illegal. i haven't tried one yet but i'm sure at some point in my life i've smelled or seen one hehehehe. i'm not even sure why it's illegal to use drugs. bakit nga ba? because they're addictive? they're hard to cultivate? haha it's unhealthy???? ewan. i need to research on this but i believe that cigarettes should be as illegal as drugs are. i really think so. it would help me and a million others.

On alcohol - what alcohol? the hard ones? i'm not even alcoholic but i guess it's okay to get drunk once in a while. given that you know who you're with and how you are when you're high. >:)

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