Day 15 - Your favorite Tumblrs

naah. i don't have any. useless entry! haha

classes will be starting tomorrow! can't say i'm looking forward to it, i just wanna see my friends na! yun lang! i'm probably killing myself with my schedule, 24 units plus 16 hours SA. but yknow, when you start working and earning moolah yer never lettin go of it. oh material attachment is such a sinful virtue. if there's one thing i learned in economics during highschool, it's that your earnings are proportional to your expenses. when you start earning bigger, you also start spending bigger. i purchase a lot when i have a lot. ohwell. >:| peraaaa. i need you.

yesterday was extra scary, my last task for the day was to post room schedules on the doors. 4th floor was the creepiest. i was hearing a weird bird with some weird chirp so to entertain myself i imitated it by whistling and blah. for awhile it was cool until the chirp got louder and the bird actually flew in front of me like an agitated bat. it scared the hell out of me so i ran. bwisssettttt. >:|

i got home really tired and when i was about to sleep my mom asked me if i already have a special guy or if anyone's courting me. i said none yet, then she suddenly went, "bulaga!" and being the ever nerbyosa girl, i was startled like crazy and she too was shocked! parang tanga talaga, we were laughing the whole time. she did that 4 times before she finally climbed to her own bed to sleep cos i was crying her out of it already. oh, she did me a bit of pep talk too. but the only things i got were, 'LOL why the limitations?' 'that's not gonna work!' 'that's useless yer never nvr gna have a bf' 'hahahaha you know nothing' thank you mommy you're far too kind! wait til i get a latin honor and you'll be thanking me for chucking boys out of the list. >:) i know it's in our genes. i'm so sure of it. i'm soooooooooooooooo sure of it. >:)

meanwhile, i'm tryna stalk some ROMAN FUGOSO aka FUEGO of FlipTop. stuff i have to confirm tho.. number 1 is if he's really from Ateneo (super plus points. it's the Ravenclaw of Philippines whatever), and his age. he was 19 during a 2010-uploaded fliptop battle. i dunno how old that video is so whatever. haaay ♥ it's devastating having to watch him in a losing streak but my regard for him never changes. i still think he's intelligent! + + + + points! ♥ ♥ he's cute when he smiles! dsfnakdsh actually he reminds me of one of my elbi crushes, sherwin. hahaha

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