i could've done this earlier! why didn't i think of it earlierrrrrr like when there were more worthy victims around! arg. it's too late now, but it could still be useful hehehe

3 passwords sniffed.
i told you, be careful when i'm around. i have my ways.

ah. tomorrow has to be good. >:)

heeeyyy, i was contemplatin on my uhm, evil plan, then told myself to let it be for the next 10 days. it's the needed time frame to plan things out without her meddling. >:) though i can't imagine how it would be seem to act indifferent... at the setup i've established, i could've patched things up in a minute. delaying it would cause more misunderstandings.

paki ko ba? the truth cannot be misunderstood. so yeah, that's the plan. 10 more days. oryt, make use of your strength. assume all you want. you're so good at it i thought you took up bs in humble effrontery major in incognito coquetry. you rock.

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