people in the office (the 3 heads specifically) still think i'm going out with erni! apparently, it was a wrong idea to remove my relationship status change (from in a rel'p to single) from my wall. >:| i wasn't surprised to hear that they know about it since JM ♥ ♥ ♥ was probably the one who told it. anyway. i was relieved i got to clear that up with them. not that it bothered me. orlynw?

anyhow. there's a lot to be thankful for this day.

#1) i received chocolates from saycee! yehey! i don't really care if i'm getting fatter everyday. i'm gonna burn them off when school starts. or not. whatever. i'm too lazy to exercise haha >:D

#2) i'm going to try pushing through with a new saving scheme! the 10-20-70 scheme! >:D i've heard about it before but i was never a keen saver haha and it's kinda disappointing that i've been working part-time for over a year but i haven't saved anything seriously T__T. it always goes to waste on food and stuff i don't really need (but will always always lust over) like colored pens and papers and stuff i see on cyberzone and national bookstore and sometimes ebay! >:( it's really simple mommy says it works for her. 10% tithes, 20% savings, 70% everything else. >:) yosh!

#3) i laughed so much today and this is all thanks to saycee bwisiting me at school!!!! ay Lord. now i realized that during the times i feel like i need to be alone because of some overdue puberty issues... in reality i just needed a friend to divert me from emo/evil thoughts LOL! and i probably didn't realize that sooner because i was so absorbed in my overthinking that i hastily diagnosed myself bwaha. and it's not good to stay alone for so long, specially when you're pissed off. haha i miss having classes tuloy. >:|

#4) two of my bosses are out today, so we just fixed the ICs and enabled the front USBs at 302... which by the way, sapped me of so much strength and sanity because it's a hardware thingy! so we had to open aaaall the CPUs like crazy. first time we did it (while ghosting) all of my fingers were blistered and i got a bad trauma about getting grounded. so now, i came in prepared! i brought my own screw driver, a pack of band aids, and extra hanky to insulate myself from conductive forces hahaha

i like this day. >:D

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