escort service >:)

my mom got her service award this day at hyatt hotel (for being with philamlife for 25 years now) and i escorted her, for the lack of better things to do... and of course for the food. >:)

congrats mommy!
takaw tingin mode!
of course i was really hungry, i've been walking on heels all day although dinner was served early, it didn't seem like that to me. see, i got myself three plates. bwahahaha

good thing it was buffet!

"appetizers" haha
i'm a freak for these i got 2 servings each! >XD

but of course, knowing myself, i can only handle enough before my stomach bursts. >:| i was only able to finish 3/4 of plate 1... and 2nd and 3rd plates were all left overs na. tira na yang lagay na yan, if you saw the original plates they were much packed and nakakahiya haha. jusme kung makapag-sayang ng pagkain wagas! ganyan kasi pag gutom ako e, tapos buffet pa. get all you can, eat all you can, leave all you can. >X( sorry na. 

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