[RAVEiew] Cyber Month Tech Sale + Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

do you still remember the first cellular phone you had? just like you (probably!), i started with the legendary nokia 3310 (my sister had the indestructible nokia 5110), then a motorola e398 that lasted almost 5 years, then a nokia 1202. when i started earning by working part-time when i was in college, i saved up for a new cellphone because somehow my 1202 has started falling apart. that's when i got myself an LG Cookie. and more importantly, that's when i found a place i consider a second home.

i never knew i had a deep fancy for technology and gadgets until i stepped into this wonderland called SM Cyberzone. it's home to the newest, and latest tech innovations that will surely rock your world, and rack your pockets. for as we all know, the newer the technology, the heftier the price. aw.

fortunately, SM Cyberzone is on a mission to connect us to the world of technology and if money's a problem, they've got us covered!

this WHOLE MONTH of August is SM Supermall's Cyber Month Tech Sale! can you believe it? a month long SALE? havey na havey! i know it's probably too late but if you were one of those who rushed in to this celebration, i'm sure you were able to get the most out of it even if you just window shopped (like me haha). and if you missed it, come on, are you sure you really missed it? doesn't SM mean SALE MONTHLY? haha you bet pakbet! there's more to come! after all, the BER months are gleaming over the horizon already!

everything we do today is dependent on technology. it has become a powerful metric of how society has improved (or not). it is a social symbol, you may not know it but you are being judged by the gadgets you use. it is a powerful marketing tool, it affects your business and how your clients perceive you. what can i say, technology is life. and not only has it shaped our needs, it also has built our identities.

there's no denying how technology has redefined the way we live, and most especially, communicate! i'm saying this because this is the part where i let technology take dibs with my brain (and wallet). gone were the days when all i needed was a basic phone that lets me call and text. now i want to be able to chat online, check and send emails, listen to music, watch videos, access my socials, take awesome pictures, and read books! and that's just my minimum requirements! oha. it still impresses me how i consider those features non-negotiables, when clearly i can live with just a basic monochrome bar phone. BUT CAN I, REALLY? uhh, nope.

which is why i'm sharing with you my favorite favorite smartphone ever (like, so far haha), the *drumroll please* Sony Xperia Z1 Compact ... because it ticked off all of the items in my list of non-negotiable features, plus offered a lot more i honestly don't know what to do with. haha i bought it over at SM Fairview Cyberzone within the month it was released to our local shores because that's how excited i was about it. haha

my Z1C w/ some englishmen
if you know me, you would know that i'm a freak for the latest mobile trends, but i'm never one to keep up cos my hands can't! literally! i have small hands so i'm always on the lookout for quality compact phones. sadly nowadays mobile phone manufacturers have frenzied over the size to specs ratio, and apparently there's no stopping them. the higher the specs, the bigger the phone. thus, nothing suitable for me. :(

fortunately, Sony was kind and smart enough to produce a compact version of the well-received Sony Xperia Z1, sensing perhaps a considerable demographics of small-handed people like me haha! the Z1 Compact is nothing short in specs compared to its parent, except for the size of course, which is why i instantly got excited when news came out early this year.

so excited, in fact, that i raved about it once in this blog as my dream phone because it has everything i wanted in a phone and much much more! and now that i finally have it, it's time to verify if it lived up to my expectations.

i'll be rounding up my top 5 favorite features below (in no particular order), and as a bonus, i'll be quoting actual mall prices so you'll have more to consider! thanks to Cyberzone!


1. 20.7mp camera w/ G sensor and a dedicated camera key

i seriously feel like a FotograFer (double F cos F na F) when i'm using this phone to take pictures. the quality is excellent specially in well lighted areas. even the 2mp front camera takes decent selfies, and feeling ko may auto-beautify sya cos i'm always GGSS when i see my shots. #pagbigyan

hashtagNoFilter! haha

2. Waterproof!

one of the reasons i enjoyed our latest barkada outing was because of this! i was able to take it with me in the water, and yeaaaahh, not a single care was given!

3. LTE enabled!

this feature has leveled up my browsing experience. as in. and with our local telcos aggressively pushing this technology to its limit, it'll be no time when not a nook in this metro is reached with that elusive and exclusive 4G signal.

4. Compact size at 4.3"

it's small and handy and perfect for my hands! and like i said, i was happy with the fact that they didn't cut the specs along with the size.

5. Decent 2300mAH battery

kering keri the battery. the phone lasts me 2 days without charging and with regular use (call, text, wifi). plus, the Z1C has an energy management app you could use to control how much juice is spilled from your baby. :)

that's it for my favorite features! to date, this is already my 13th cellphone, and i don't mind using it for a couple more months... unless of course if i win an LG G3! hihi >XD

kaya naman...

mwah <3

OTHER COOL FEATURES (i have yet to find an excuse to use hehe)

ever since CLOUD happened, i'm not the USB type of person anymore. still, the USB on-the-go feature of this phone could come in handy for those occasional file transfers. say you ran out of memory and wanted to free up some space without deleting stuff, you can move them to another storage device w/ the OTG cable.

Near Field Communications. i have high hopes for this technology but right now there's not much chance to exploit this. when it hits the main road, uhm, i'll hit it too. haha


WHERE? obvious ba. you have to get this at SM Cyberzone because I BET it's the nearest, cleanest, and most trustworthy gadget haven around your place. and really, is there any other place you'd want gadget shopping in? nu-uhh.

HOW MUCH? i looked around SM Fairview Cyberzone to see how much it fares 4 months after its release and here's what i found!

Xperia Kiosk
Php 22,990

Php 23,690

Techno Mobile
Php 23,350

those are the cheapest i found! and i promise you, for that price, you are not only getting sony's smallest most powerful phone, you're also investing in your future! #makesSenseYan

Get yours now at the SM Supermalls' Cyber Month Tech Sale! #31HappyCyberDays #EverythingForTheTechieInYou

i've always thought the amount of discount SM offers, is directly proportional to the amount of people it drives in further! 50% OFF? that's 50% more people in the mall! wooooh!

[RAVE + SPOILER ALERT] The Legend of Korra Book 3 Finale

yesterday before heading to the mall to watch Rorouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno, i decided to watch the last 2 episodes of Korra, Book 3 - Change. jeckie said it was super epic and i believed him so i watched with him and daaaang was i not disappointed!


super duper epic that it's the first time ever in my entire life that i was shouting and flailing all over the couch because the fight scenes were so amazing, shocking, impressive, and everything else. there's a whirlwind of emotions in my chest that i soooo cannot contain! even until now, the excitement is still overflowing. every time i remember those scenes, my heart is filled with so much regard for the story and wooooh! grabe! my awe was sustained even when Soujiro already broke Kenshin's blade. past credits and the feeling remains! WAAAAAAHH!!!

i don't know where to compare this too, but i believe this is akin to those die hard NBA fans witnessing an epic buzzer beater. i really don't know, i don't watch NBA. hahaha

now for my favorite scenes!

i have a lot! almost everything awed me, but i selected only those i would watch over and over and over again because i just can't get over the epicness. arghhhh

i did warn you about SPOILERS. so sorry. 
Bolin's lava bending

And we all thought Bolin was going to learn to metal bend eventually, with all his frustration learning it at Zaofu, but no! He was meant for something better and more epic! While escaping a collapsing cave with Asami, Mako and a heavily wounded Tenzin, it was Bolin's task to prevent them from drowning into a stream of lava raging aggressively against them, thanks to Ghazan. His earth barriers only got them as close to reaching a tunnel's end, but with the lava flowing closely behind, he has got to do something. with a deep breath,  he faced the approaching lava and bent for the last time, or not, cos he just faced the best shock of his life. the lava receded and cooled down! achievement unlocked, Bolin could lava bend!

and my super duper favorite scene...
P'Li's end

The Beifongs were faced against the notorious combustion woman, and finding that it'll be impossible to beat her, Lin decided to distract her while she sends Su to follow Korra, but not after saying "I love you" to her younger sister. not a few yards later, Su turns and sees a beaten Lin at the edge of the cliff, struggling to get up, and P'Li poised to put and end to her with that deathly beam. In a split second, Su bends her chest armor and charged it against P'Li's head, covering it and causing her combustion attack to explode against herself.

 Hearing someone say I love you on a situation like that (and from Lin of all people!) was very telling of something tragic to come, and i braced myself for it. i was prepared to cry! thank goodness Su responded quickly!

woooh grabe lang that scene! sobrang aaaaarggh wooooh!! waaaah!! fjkdfhksdjhfdshfkds

yun lang naman! i just wanted to share how awesome those scenes are for me. so awesome that it keeps on distracting us while we were watching Kyoto Inferno. the movie was good but the finale of Korra is much better, so sayang di ko masyado naenjoy. hahaha >XD

goooood morning everyone and have a blessed holiday! >XD

Welcome to www.yanbirog.com!

new domain!
i finally bought my own domain! i always thought it was too expensive to get one but then it's actually very cheap naman pala! GoDaddy has an existing promo when i bought mine this week and i only paid php 824.something for 2 years subscription!

dati kasi, i thought .com websites are hosted where they bought the domain. true. and back then i wanted my blog on a .com. kaso, i was afraid i'll have to move to an entirely different blogging platform, then it'll take too much space that i had to buy the most expensive web hosting plan with unlimited storage because what if i post too much pictures and it eats up my bandwidth? SO WRONG HAHA. apparently, my posts and everything stays at blogspot naman pala! it's just being redirected to a different domain. >XD yey. haha

ang exciting. grabe. amazeballs. i've always wanted my own domain but i never really had enough reasons and resources back then. but now! thank you Lord! hahaha

this week i learned a lot of things about setting up your own domain. i see a lot of online businesses offering this type of service, and i thought it couldn't be too hard to do it myself since all i had to do was pay for the domain and set everything up, by that i mean looking into google for tutorials on how to! #easyPeasy >XD

anyway, i encountered a couple of bummers too...
1. apparently, there's a different setup when it comes to using naked domains (http://yanbirog.com without the www). somehow it feels like using the naked domain is SLOWER. that's kindof sad for me cos that's the address i want to promote. >X(

2. naturally, a new domain means new blog stats as well. no backlinks, PR, DA, PA, and all those SEO metrics i just recently learned about. AS IF naman i was ranking before no? haha echos lang yan.

i'm hopeful i'll get ranked someday! haha

a change on design perspective:

since i decided i wanted to somehow earn from this site, i had to overhaul my entire blog design to maximize ad placements without being too cluttered. i see a lot of well earning sites that aren't visually appealing and while it hurts to know that apparently, good design hardly counts where blog monetizing is involved, i still wanted my blog to reflect my OCD self at least. HAHA

content and design now hold equal weights in my scale of 'what makes a good blog'. i usually don't care about what i write cos i wanted to keep things 'personal', but it matters a lot if my site looked pretty or not. haha! or at least organized! >XD

looking back, i was all about putting my art at the front. i adored big headers displaying my drawings, graphics, and old school javascript sliders of my latest artworks and all. but now i realized they're taking too much space and page loading time that i decided to just hide them in a category and trim the header to accommodate ads. now i just have a small header, but at least i was able to affix 2 leader boards there! haha come on CTR. haha

i settled for a responsive template for one thing: MOBILE.

and look, i finally have a logo!

it's a simple monogram made from some script font i got over at dafont.com. i was supposed to draw it by hand but i thought, why bother when there are awesome fonts out there anyway! >XD haha

i'm excited to turn it into mock-up items like business cards, RESUMES, and other paraphernalia. hahaha eneveh.

i'm still pretty stoked about the whole thing. i couldn't even focus on work because i was so excited to setup my domain! haha thank you so much Lord for this gift! >XD hihi

Joined: MILO R2 APEX Running Clinic Season 9

click for source
yehey! i was so excited when i heard that MILO is holding another running clinic this year! i believe it was so successful, and the demand for another batch was too high! i was among those who asked if they could hold another, cos i missed the summer batch. huhu

so what's it about?

The MILO R2 APEX Running School (MARS) is a full program scientific running camp for those who want to lose weight, be fit, and be properly equipped for their next run. it will run for 36 sessions, 3 times a week, starting September 9 until November 29. All for just Php 2,400


That Php 2,400 will already get you a long waaay! imagine, you're not just paying around 66 pesos per session to run the entire circumference of QCMC, which technically IS FREE for all, but you also get lessons on injury prevention and proper running posture, strength conditioning training, running drills, recovery tips, etc....all in the supervision of top running coaches. plus, you'll get to meet new friends!



the clinic will be held simultaneously in 3 venues:
  1. Bonifacio High Street, near 7th Avenue
  2. SM Mall of Asia, By the Bay
  3. Quezon City Memorial Circle
so you can choose which place is most convenient for you.

  1. Metafit 5K
    and for the hardcore runners...
  2. 10k
  3. 21k
  4. 42k
i joined the Metafit 5k hehe! 

Date and Schedule:

Start: September 8, 2014
End: November 29, 2014

Quezon City Memorial Circle
Monday and Wednesday - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Saturday - 5:30am to 7:30am (meet up at Abelardo Hall, UP Diliman)

SM Mall of Asia, by the bay
Monday and Wednesday -7:00pm to 9:00pm
Saturday - 5:30am to 7:30am

Bonifacio High Street
Tuesday and Thursday - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Saturday - 5:30am to 7:30am

Price and Payment:

Php 2,400.00
For payment procedures:  CLICK HERE!


Participants must register through an online from  FOUND HERE
Hurry up because they only allow 200 persons to register!

For the full and official details, CLICK HERE!

tara join! jeckie paid for my registration as an anniversary gift, because he knew how much i wanted to lose weight and run at the same time! awww <3 the original plan was that we'd join together but he works in makati and me in QC, so our schedules are kinda screwed up. huhu T___T

i signed up for the Metafit 5k group because i'm only a beginner at running, and i wanted to be able to run 5k in 30 minutes eventually. kayang kaya! haha i'll be at the QCMC site cos it's only walking distance from the office! looking forward to lose weight talaga HAHA. you know how i'm so bad at disciplining myself, so i thought i needed these types of activities to really push me to work my ass off. haha 

what about you, have you joined? >XD

see you!

down with the annual fever fest

for some reason, i always get sick at this point in time, august! as in sick with fever, cough, and colds for a good 3 days w/ a hospital visit and tons of antibiotics to boot. it's the, according to my medical history, 3rd time it happened in 3 years! and it's always around august! what's with this month? anyway, i'd like to think it's just the weather. >XD

aside from being sick i also have this horrible, horrible feeling that i will (finally) lose my job when i come back on monday. but i'm just kidding. and as usual, you can take my jokes as half-meant! kidding! now that's 1/4! whatever.

there's just so much work i left when i took a 3 day sick leave and when i come back next week, i'll only be working for 4 days because there's goes my planned vacation leave. i'm not even sure if our manager has already approved my leave request. but whatever happens, approved or not, i shall go out. even if it costs me my job. like, i hope it costs me my job! again, i'm just kidding. please.

i feel bad and stressed out for not being able to deliver. i bet my tasks are being raffled off (again) cos i won't be able to finish it as usual. in time. not even because i'm sick. just because.

and for the record, i believe i can finish my tasks naman! but in the right time? malay nyo in time. haha

i feel so nega! huhu

on the bright side, sky cable called me to confirm our address! they're installing the free 1 month access i won from their nuffnang contest! hihi exciting >XD

another bright side, there's 11 episodes of 2 Broke Girls Season 3 waiting for meeeee! >XD just the thought makes my day. what am i to do after season 3!!! aaaargghh

hm. i hope you're all doing fine this weekend! >XD

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