thesis, smart and pointwest technologies

THESIS IT! We've finally submitted our thesis (last april 17), our last and final requirement for college! this time i could really say hello to graduation! anyway, we had this book-bound at UP as a RUSH project and look at what they freakin did. The original title was, "Development of Computer Aided Instruction on Spelling", and look at how they pressed the letters. kayo na bahala tumingin, nakakatawa lang! hahaha at least naman they did a better job than those at FCM, ugly letter pressing, covering and binding haha weh.

april 19 was truly a blessing, i got 3 interview calls that i had to reschedule the other one. the first one is from smart communications, inc. (priority employer, Lord! have them call me back please!!!), the second is from Pointwest Technologies and the other, Askuserv Philippines. the latter is located at Greenhills and the rest at Makati so i prioritized the Makati located ones first. 

i stayed up late trying to locate the two on Google maps and also trying to plot my walking adventure based on the map. Smart is walking distance from the MRT station as Pointwest is to Smart so i figured i'd just walk forever hahaha grabe lang, i'm not used to makati and i know it's not a jaywalker friendly district so all my walks and turns have to be exact hahaha

so there:

@ Smart

the interview was fine. i just hope they call me back. please please, Lord? thank you! i could really feel the competition, feeling ko all the shortlisted applicants they invited for interview have strong resumes! one guy on my table is a top performer in his class and the other one whom he was talking with has had years of experience on software engineering. hay ewan. >X'(

@ Pointwest Technologies

i arrived there at around 11:30 and opted to take the exam already even though it would cost me lunch time. their exam was freaking hard, in fact they call it "The Hardvard Test" haha luckily, i passed! and so i kind of moved on to level 2 and was given ANOTHER TEST which was way harder. ewan ko ba, gutom na gutom na ko nun! i thought it was over after the 2nd test but while waiting for the interviewer, they made us write an ESSAY! haha then ayon interview and blah. after that they scheduled me for a final interview with their software engineer 4 chuva, supposedly head of the team where they're putting me in. some kind of microsoft business analysis and quality assurance chuvaness team nakalimutan ko amp but it sounds a lot easier than the software development chuva team hahaha joke. they asked me to come back the next day for that final interview BUT ARGHHHH that's the start of the 3-day leadership summit i was supposed to attend at ateneo so sabi ko i can't make it, next week pa ako available, ayon so they'll just call me na lang daw and probably get me in another team (the softdev team) kasi the microsoft chuva team will be starting on friday already. argh talaga argh. sayang job opportunity. lechugaaaaassss. i finished there at 6:30pm imagine hahaha

ang pinaka-ayoko pa naman na sinasabi ng interviewer ay, WE'LL CALL YOU. because chances are, THEY WON'T! >:'(

i'll try to blog about the Youth Leaders' Summit for Good Governance SOOOOOOON when i have time lol kasi super dami kong sasabihin tinatamad lang ako hehehe

basta ang pinaka-nakakainis lang dun sa summit ay, I MISSED THE CALL FROM EMERSON because my phone was on silent!!!!! sobrang devastating kasi peg na peg ko na yun eh, i mean, so far sa mga na-applyan ko, shempre priority smart, tas pangalawa yun, emerson! nako nako nako Lord. hay...

how did i know it was from emerson ba? i called back shempre! good thing it wasn't a dummy phone number, unfortunately it's their customer service who answered and they're not capable of tracking who called me so they advised me to just wait for their call again. ayan nanaman, maghihintay nanaman ako ng tawag. hay. hay. hay. e dati pa naman when i missed a call from east west, they didn't call back! anyway, yun naman ay rejected call hindi missed call so whatever haha


my (unoffial) grad pic!
 bought raw from the studio and edited via photoshop >:D
I CAN SRSLY FEEL IT! May 12, come closer! Argh. I'm downing all hopes of getting a laude, but if God permits and by some miracle (i.e. a change in policy, WHICH ISN'T IMPOSSIBLE SINCE THEY ALWAYS DO IT HAHAHA) they decide not to dig through my grades at UPLB, dear Lord, I will be the happiest graduate aloive! 

one of my creative shots
i didn't select this one, though i think it would be funny, just so i wouldn't "offend" anyone in the admin and blah IF it does look even a bit offensive in any way haha. i stayed at UPLB the same amount of years i did at FEU FERN naman so it's fair! yun lang, i didn't finish my studies there, and if i did.... then this post may be a decade too early.  my loyalty is 50-50, i'm half maroon half tamaraw. BUT, Dear Lord, if i graduate with the highest honors (emphasis on the "highest" please), then my loyalty will be 100% on FEU HAHAHAHAHA shempre doh. >:)

i need to lose weight!

before the holiday ended, terai and i renewed our membership at fitness first. and going through their complimentary body mass analyzer, i get to realize how much i have to lose weight like crazy. lol

look at this
BMI - 23.3 (Overweight)
BMR - 5367 KJ
Fat % - 32.7% (Desirable range: 17-24%)
Fat Mass - 42.4 lbs (Desirable range: 17.8-27.6 lbs)

Target weight - 109.0 lbs
Fat to lose - 20.6 lbs

i may be exaggerating cos i don't always look fat but that's probably because of my color. i'm fat like a crazy insecure teenage girl suffering from peer pressure. first world problem, yeah.

whew. tomorrow has to be good day! Thank you Lord! >XD

need for hunger games

57 of 83 on the Hunger Games! seriously, if my eyes weren't too sore from reading too much on the computer i bet i could the finish the book today (joke lang). anyway, while my eyes rest, my fury goes in to take over by playing Need For Speed - Most Wanted! eh grabe lang nakaka-adik pala to bat ngayon ko lang to naisipang idownload? >XD

also while reading, i just downloaded a cinema copy of the Hunger Games. i've been hearing snide comments about the inconsistency of the movie against the book but oh well, i'm about to find that out in a matter of days. yeah right. on the book though, so far so good! i didn't think it would be that short, 83 pages TNR 12? I dunno, maybe i download the wrong file but the story is gripping enough to pass as the real thing. haha

e kasi naman i had 1 bad experience about downloading ebooks. when i was in highschool, i downloaded an ebook of Harry Potter 3 (or 4? or 5? i couldn't remember), i forgot the title already but i finished reading the whole thing, around 200++ pages, and i was seriously hooked. i mean there was harry being friends with draco and them getting caught up in the pyramids at Egypt. the final scene was of an explosion inside which led them to scramble their way out to survive and blah. lots of desert and muggle intervention and blah blah. i was fulfilled after reading the ebook. eventually, when the real title came out, i knew i was faked. nonetheless it was a good read, for a fanfic writer it was a freakin job well done. hahaha

ayun. sige. bummer mode. hunger games and NFS lang buhay ko ngayong araw eneveh. >:P

youth leaders summit 2012

LOL. look what i'll be attending on the 19th until 21st! A YOUTH LEADERS SUMMIT?! Natatawa ako cos mam ruiz just pushed a selected few to apply (including me), e shempre obedient ako so i passed the requirements. nakakahiya eh. i thought it was just a seminar for student leaders chuchu so i was wondering why it has a selection process yun naman pala it will take 3 days and is kindof, idunno, big? anyway. i feel bad for not being proud of this. first of all, i could hardly call myself a leader. second, i think the event is for aspiring politicians in the future (which i am not). third, chaka ko na ididsclose hahaha baka bad eh. but of course, with the school proud (if they really are) of having a delegate there, i guess i must do my best? technically even though the said dates are already after finals week, meaning my term as president of ICON and CBS has expired, i have not graduated nor cleared myself so i'm still subject to the school's uhm, mercy? hala ewan.

sabi nga ni sir earl when i asked him if i could excuse myself on the job fair because i'm not interested in call centers he said, "do it for the school." those words actually hit me, srsly. i've grown to love FEU FERN over the years and if my simple act of attendance and participation could actually mean something for the school, then so be it. i'll do it. so what i did was, I DITCHED IT!

bitch please, we have thesis (which is exponentially more important than trying to impress call center recruiters for the sake of...see i don't even know!)

back to the summit, so i joined the yahoo group for participants and everyday i get group mails coming from some members expressing their excitement over the event, plugging their FBs and plain wanting to be friends. i wish i could be as excited as they are! i am (kindof), but you know, i'll be going solo LOL so i'll just try to befriend maybe some fellow forever alone and uhm, walk around katips? it can't be that bad!

i wasn't planning on checking in cos LOL i just live at fairview HAHAHAHAHA but it would cost me some kindof pamasahe so sayang din naman pera and they said libre accommodation and FOOD so that's really really pretty cool! hahaha

i dunno. k. hahaha

Thank you for this chance, Lord, to once again represent the school. i sooo don't think i deserve this but oh well, that's one line added to my resume! hehe

wish me luck! or friends >:)

Emerson job interview

i was not entirely clueless about emerson when i heard from a friend that he was gonna refer me there. but i know the name emerson is not a popular brand. hehe the only thing i know about it though is that it's an engineering company, cos we walked in there at their office at libis last year to hopefully have a few companies accept our resumes for OJT ... but they rejected us. hehe

anyway,  before the interview they oriented us first on what emerson is. and from what i learned, emerson is an american owned manufacturing company that focuses on integrating technology and engineering in finding solutions that would cater to the household, networking and oil and gas industries. it's actually a really big company that owns around 60 more brand or subsidiaries, most of which are not well known in the philippines.

for the most part, emerson is what lies behind the brand who contracted them. your cellphone may be nokia but the battery is emerson made. your aircon may be condura but the compressor is emerson made. your laptop might be HP but the motherboard, emerson made. they work like that pretty much.

their core competence though is in the oil and gas industry. they make oil plants for petroleum companies like  shell and chevron. in fact, emerson was the one who built the famous offshore oil field in palawan, from the construction to the manufacturing of plant equipment, emerson put it all there. but of course, Shell paid them to so they're pretty much like a contractor you can hire, and the entire facility was branded by Shell.

okay so after the orientation, i came to admire the company even more. problem is, when i get to the interview, i learned that the position i was applying for (associate web developer) has only night and midshifts. night shift is 9pm-6am. mid shift is 1pm-10pm. and both of the schedules suck for me. >:'( here i am trying to fix my retarded sleeping schedule and the world suddenly ran out of day jobs. why?

it's like all the CS related jobs i ever looked into require us to live ala vampire. hay. Lord. please give me a high paying day job! >XD thank you, amen! >XD

at last!

low grade is low but what the heck. i'm not running for laude anymore anyway, so to hell with a high grade.

bummer. seriously? if you're gonna take our NAME collectively to present something you issued only yourself and did not even bother telling us, might as well create your own awards program or nominate yourself as president, or in this case, impeach me just so you'd have the rights to sign everything you want. and for the record, secretaries don't sign. unless said document is 'minutes of the meeting' or if no higher authority is available. and by available i mean not visible regularly in the campus. k. and why did the higher ups even sign that? did they even read it? gahd.


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