need for hunger games

57 of 83 on the Hunger Games! seriously, if my eyes weren't too sore from reading too much on the computer i bet i could the finish the book today (joke lang). anyway, while my eyes rest, my fury goes in to take over by playing Need For Speed - Most Wanted! eh grabe lang nakaka-adik pala to bat ngayon ko lang to naisipang idownload? >XD

also while reading, i just downloaded a cinema copy of the Hunger Games. i've been hearing snide comments about the inconsistency of the movie against the book but oh well, i'm about to find that out in a matter of days. yeah right. on the book though, so far so good! i didn't think it would be that short, 83 pages TNR 12? I dunno, maybe i download the wrong file but the story is gripping enough to pass as the real thing. haha

e kasi naman i had 1 bad experience about downloading ebooks. when i was in highschool, i downloaded an ebook of Harry Potter 3 (or 4? or 5? i couldn't remember), i forgot the title already but i finished reading the whole thing, around 200++ pages, and i was seriously hooked. i mean there was harry being friends with draco and them getting caught up in the pyramids at Egypt. the final scene was of an explosion inside which led them to scramble their way out to survive and blah. lots of desert and muggle intervention and blah blah. i was fulfilled after reading the ebook. eventually, when the real title came out, i knew i was faked. nonetheless it was a good read, for a fanfic writer it was a freakin job well done. hahaha

ayun. sige. bummer mode. hunger games and NFS lang buhay ko ngayong araw eneveh. >:P

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