Emerson job interview

i was not entirely clueless about emerson when i heard from a friend that he was gonna refer me there. but i know the name emerson is not a popular brand. hehe the only thing i know about it though is that it's an engineering company, cos we walked in there at their office at libis last year to hopefully have a few companies accept our resumes for OJT ... but they rejected us. hehe

anyway,  before the interview they oriented us first on what emerson is. and from what i learned, emerson is an american owned manufacturing company that focuses on integrating technology and engineering in finding solutions that would cater to the household, networking and oil and gas industries. it's actually a really big company that owns around 60 more brand or subsidiaries, most of which are not well known in the philippines.

for the most part, emerson is what lies behind the brand who contracted them. your cellphone may be nokia but the battery is emerson made. your aircon may be condura but the compressor is emerson made. your laptop might be HP but the motherboard, emerson made. they work like that pretty much.

their core competence though is in the oil and gas industry. they make oil plants for petroleum companies like  shell and chevron. in fact, emerson was the one who built the famous offshore oil field in palawan, from the construction to the manufacturing of plant equipment, emerson put it all there. but of course, Shell paid them to so they're pretty much like a contractor you can hire, and the entire facility was branded by Shell.

okay so after the orientation, i came to admire the company even more. problem is, when i get to the interview, i learned that the position i was applying for (associate web developer) has only night and midshifts. night shift is 9pm-6am. mid shift is 1pm-10pm. and both of the schedules suck for me. >:'( here i am trying to fix my retarded sleeping schedule and the world suddenly ran out of day jobs. why?

it's like all the CS related jobs i ever looked into require us to live ala vampire. hay. Lord. please give me a high paying day job! >XD thank you, amen! >XD

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