Lenovo P770: soon in the Philippines?

i came to check GSM Arena earlier and found a relatively new addition to the lineup of lenovo mobile phones they have there, guys... check this out: Lenovo P770 

Quick specs:
Sim: Dual-sim (dual stand-by)
Screen: 540 x 960 pixels, 4.5 inches (~245 ppi pixel density)
Expandable memory: microSD up to 32g
Internal memory: 4g, 1g RAM
WLANWi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot
Camera5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
OSAndroid OS, v4.1 (Jelly Bean)
CPUDual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9
BatteryStandard battery, Li-Ion 3500 mAh

Dear Lord. If this comes out in the Philippines, I'll definitely buy it! It has everything I want for an upgrade: camera with flash, jelly bean, dual core and i do hope it's real though, 3500 mAH battery! that's some kind of a beefy battery. but of course, unless it has a dedicated camera key like my good 'ol P700, it's gonna be a waste (for me at least haha). and also, with my small hands i already concluded i can only handle phones up to 4 inches... but uhm, we'll see we'll see. 4.5 inches might that be too big of a difference hehe >XD and what looks like a plastic finish for the back cover is kinda unappealing. i hope they just retained the grip-friendly rubberized blah blah from the P700. i'm not sure how this is gonna fare with other manufacturers but the effort and technology lenovo is putting into their phones is pretty remarkable seeing that the brand is only starting in the mobile industry. i'm looking forward to see this for real! >:D

goodbye ahab

in this reading, perhaps one special thing to take note of is that God also allows bad things to happen in our lives. keyword here is ALLOW. there are evil spirits every where, all wanting to cause us harm and blah but no such thing will befall us unless God allows it. much like how He allowed a deceiving spirit to fall onto the 400 prophets' tongues and entice king Ahab to go into battle, saying the Lord will deliver Ramoth Gilead into his hands, when the truth it will cost him his life.

here we see how powerful our God is, that even evil spirits have to seek his permission to pester a person. hahaha so technically that means it's okay to blame God for our misfortunes since he allowed them. hahahaha

reading: 2 Chorinicles 18

@churp2ph (ChurpChurpPH) My first cash out! :D

those ads familiar? >:)
see, i'm not lying when i told you guys this thing is legit. i just got my first cash out, so what are you waiting for? join in the fun, use your social networking skills to your edge and earn just by advertising promos on your pages! :)

click on THIS LINK to register and find out more!

hurray for my first cashout!

my online statement of account reflecting my earnings
haha i was only hitting for the minimum cashout amount which is 2,000 cos i thought i won't be doing this anymore as soon as i've met the target. so as soon as i hit it, i immediately cashed out my earnings. after quite a month of waiting... my net earnings was transferred to my account! >:D

mail from google: try adwords

was surprised to find this yesterday when i got home. got a mail from google encouraging me to try adwords, and even promising to turn my 500 worth of expenses to 2500 if blah conditions are met. i really don't know how it works but basically i'm going to pay google an amount in exchange for my website to appear in their top searches for certain keywords. 

well, i don't really do business so i hardly care about traffic. imma stick to adsense and nuffnang instead. :D

but you see, my heart leapt when i saw their envelope lying on my table. the first time i received a mail from google was when they sent me my adsense pin. and i was expecting it cos they told me to. but this one was kinda surprising... i almost thought it's a recruitment letter and an invitiation for interview! hahaha lol

a simple message

i think for the entire book of Chronicles, one particular message God wants to impart to us is this: we shall never withdraw our trust in him, specially in times of difficulties. for in those times when we feel weakest, only God can support us and help bring us back to our feet. <3

reading: 2 Chronicles 17

#amalayer trends on twitter: YOU BE THE JUDGE(mental)

watch THIS VIDEO to see why or simply search "amalayer" or "paula jamie salvosa" at youtube, if you're interested. i don't want to look like i'm gathering more haters for her but i'm pretty sure it can't be helped! after all, nakiki-trending lang din ako. :)

so according to the video, ms. paula was was throwing OA fits at the lady guard at LRT santolan. reason? here's a quote from a statement by the LRTA: "Based on investigation LG Casinas (lady guard Sharon Mae Casinas) requested the female passenger to put her bag at the conveyor of the x-ray machine for scanning but the latter somehow missed the procedure and hurriedly entered the station."

how the lady guard approached her must be the reason why she burst out like that.
anyway, i know this too shall pass and her fate will be just like all the others who entered stardom by unimpressive acts.

hay good luck to this issue! >:D


this is like the best thing that happened today:

in response to THIS BLOG POST which was fed to my twitter account, fuego himself replied and retweeted with this:

i'm so looking forward to it. epic way to cheer me up after getting beaten up with consecutive OTs at work haha. and look, i may have to spend the night AGAIN at the office! what a pleasant way to welcome my birthday! hahaha

Lord, let this be for reaaaal! >XD i may sound desperate but gaaaahh what is a fan to do for a fansign?! hahaha >XD

yeheyy!!! <3 <3 <3

okay, back to work. i have tons to think about. grarrrr <3 <3 <3

Writing that pays: SponsoredReviews.com

wow, i never realized i'd be earning this much for a single article! well it may not be that big for but for a 300 word article, 20 bucks exceeded by expectations. compared to my previous writing project at odesk which pays 30 bucks for 3 articles with 500 words each + 3 rewrites for each of that article with 300 words each... this is definitely a big step up! whew.

this is crazy cool haha now i regret declining the previous writing offers from SR, hay. anyhow this is just in time... why do i have a feeling i'm reaping so much blessings this month because it's my month (if you know what i mean hihi). yeheyy! thank you so much Lord! >XD

for bloggers out there who are willing to post sponsored content on their sites, feel free to check out Sponsored Reviews.

This is how it works;
- first you create an account and register your blog and wait for it to get approved
- there are two ways to get a writing project:

1. BY BIDDING: head on to the "Find Advertisers" page for a list of active projects

if you'd like to take a certain writing assignment, you have to place a bid (by clicking on the BID link) on it and indicate the amount you want to get paid for the article. the advertiser will review your bid and decide whether he'll get you or not.

when i started at SR, i bid on a lot of assignments but none of them got approved... or at least none yet. but considering the length of time i've waited, it's safe to say my bids have already been ignored. haha

2. WHEN AN ADVERTISER PURCHASES A POST ON YOUR BLOG: sometimes you'll get an email like this...
just respond to it, do the assignment, and submit the URL of the finished article to the link provided in the email. after the deadline, they'll process your payment and tada! moolaaahh $$$

that's how i got my first earning at sponsored reviews. yeheyy! >XD

from now on i won't ignore a writing opportunity online (when the price is right haha).

Dear Fuego <3

I'm not sure if you're into this kind of lunacy but for my coming birthday, can you please grant @yanbirog a fansign? it would be an honor and a turbo boost for my withering ego. i've been a big big fan of yours ever since your fateful battle with Batas. i wish i could watch more of you on youtube. you rock! and for the record, my blog post about you is still ranking number 1 in google, just do a vanity search. it's one of the keywords i always check. it's also one of the rankings i'd hate to lose or even rank second for. hahaha

so please please, i'll be celebrating my boring 22nd year this 16th and a gift from you will totally rock this year for me.


from your arguably #1 fan,
Yan :D


on full blast with @BeroccaPH

won these items over at a twitter raffle by @BeroccaPH! 
got them yesterday at mediacom office (their media advertiser) at da fort. haha adventure! 

thanks to this, i actually considered taking multivitamins instead of just vitamin c everyday. i took one effervescent tablet this morning and what can i say, i didn't have to take coffee the entire day! and was it just me, or my mind was literally on full blast? i mean, i was actively coding the entire afternoon, even after lunch when i usually feel sleepy hehe

oh well, i wouldn't jump into conclusions with the effects of berocca yet, after all it's the first time i tried it since about a decade ago i guess, and maybe the apparent mental activity could only be brought by the stress i'm feeling right now. i'm meeting a deadline haha.

so far so good. i'd say it's best to take in the morning. for the most part, i was up the entire day.
but right now i feel really sleepy. hahaha
i should go home like now naaaaa. whew. >XD

oryt! gotta go!
thanks again berocca! >:D

Starbucks 2013 Planners OUT!

it's that time of the year again where people flock over to Starbucks to lust over these planners and shell bucks upon bucks of hard earned money for... for what, exactly? 

source: google images
look. look at these gooooorgeous planners, so sleek and elegant and so damn worth your every chug of coffee. YEAH RIGHT. 

source: my friend's photo of his first sticker 
same old, same old. your ticket to coolness, with a complimentary free step up the social ladder. starbucks holiday featured beverages, 9 stickers. starbucks core beverage of your choice, 8 stickers. for a total of the usual 17 precious stickers you'd shell a fraction of your payslip for! hooray!

source: starbucks ph facebook
and of course their christmas beverages, peppermint mocha, toffee nut latte and dark cherry mocha. same old.

what can i say? who's joining in the hype? will you? will I? well, despite all the sarcasm, I MOST PROBABLY WILL succumb, yet again, to this mysterious force calling me to be part of the bandwagon of people wanting to fit in the fad, be one with the crowd, and yeah... upgrade my social ranking. LOL whut.

well personally, i am a fan of starbucks. not of their coffee, but of the brand itself. i don't frequent the shop but i do have a favorite: hot cafe mocha, one of the cheapest drinks you'd earn a sticker for hehe. plus, my mother likes it that i occasionally take home a bag of coffee grounds (which are FREE btw); if they're still good she uses them as a body scrub, otherwise they go straight to the flower pots hehe. anyhow. i love starbucks, the coffee, the products, the store, the people, the brand! and for the comfort and that sosyal aura it gives, who cares about the price. hahaha

i'm not even a planner person but i'll try to get the black one. the first time i successfully earned a planner was last year and i just sold it because yeah, as i mentioned i'm not a planner person, and i didn't like how the pages were laid out. i mean, every planner person would consider how the dates and pages are arranged. and with starbucks previous roll outs, i've proven that their planners are more on the form than function.

and well you know it all boils down to being a luho. everything about starbucks is hardly a necessity, yet for the awesome feeling it gives... money is just money, baby.

PS: i'm quite broke but i'm still game for this. see? see that? that's branding and marketing, folks. at its best. 

Health is wealth, but did i ever really care?

I'm nearing my 6 month as an employee of a relatively stressful company, and in that span of time, I've watched how my health decline exponentially, and it's pretty alarming. This quarter is probably the most sickly I've gotten in my entire lifetime, seriously. I'm medicating almost every week. Fevers and allergy kicks are common to me now every weekend. And even though I'm taking Vitamin C every day, I don't seem to be getting the full blast I need to work my mind and body in sync.

Then I realized, I may not be taking care of my self very well as I ought to. A lifestyle check would confirm that no amount of Vitamin C would cover the amount of abuse my body gets daily...

1. No proper sleep - on OT nights, I get off work at around 10pm and arrive at home at 12mn. Then the next day, because I had to really stretch my timeline, I can't afford to offset a few hours to catch up on sleep. At this rate, I get only around 5 hours of sleep before I jump off my bed and head on to another 2-hour journey to makati.

2. Wrong food intake - you're in the office sitting for the most part, then you get hungry. what are you to eat? you're in a district where the most accessible types of food is junk you see at the corner. of course you eat that, junk food tastes as good... as good as much as it kills.

3. Stress - beating a deadline could only feel good when you have things planned out perfectly. but here i am, cramming my way through everything, feeling the stress pump up as the seconds go by. every time i feel stressed i feel sick and depressed and like crap.

Well I can probably adjust my lifestyle, after all it's what brought me to this state of unhealthy living. I'm not saying i'll quit my job or something, I'll just probably work on avoiding junk foods, try to get enough sleep, plan things properly and take multivitamins.

Oh and you know what, I've only considered taking multivitamins now, as I've found out that it's one of the cheapest and easiest ways to ensure that I'm properly nourished with the essential vitamins and nutrients my body needs. From an article, I learned that it combats daily stress, provides needed energy, prevents vitamin deficiency, provides mental clarity, and prevents cardiovascular diseases and cancer... that among others. I'm scouting on a few brands, looking closely on the completeness of the vitamin components and also the price.

While looking around I came across SmartyPants Vitamins, a rather odd sounding brand for a multivit. But what's interesting about it, aside from the addition of omega3 fish oil and vitamin D in its pack of multivitamins, is that it's in GUMMY CANDY FORM. It may sound like a thing for children but no, there are also gummy adult vitamins from SmartyPants that we'll come to enjoy as much as the kid's version.

Anyway, enough off the odd finds. So there, I'll probably take multivits from now on, and see where it takes me with my work problems. :)

I'll keep you posted. :)

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