mail from google: try adwords

was surprised to find this yesterday when i got home. got a mail from google encouraging me to try adwords, and even promising to turn my 500 worth of expenses to 2500 if blah conditions are met. i really don't know how it works but basically i'm going to pay google an amount in exchange for my website to appear in their top searches for certain keywords. 

well, i don't really do business so i hardly care about traffic. imma stick to adsense and nuffnang instead. :D

but you see, my heart leapt when i saw their envelope lying on my table. the first time i received a mail from google was when they sent me my adsense pin. and i was expecting it cos they told me to. but this one was kinda surprising... i almost thought it's a recruitment letter and an invitiation for interview! hahaha lol

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