so freaking much to do in the house!

helper-less for almost a week now. my parents have work, terai has classes (which just ended yesterday so yehey!!!) so i'm kinda left to tend to the entire house. i don't like house chores, and i know everybody does. i don't like washing the dishes and doing the laundry because i'm allergic to the smell of detergent. i don't like cleaning the house because i'm allergic to dust. i don't hate cooking but i don't like preparing the ingredients and cleaning the mess afterwards. hahahaha i hate house chores, but not really in a spoiled brat kind of way. and i'm not really complaining hahaha ang arte arte e no. >:P it's part of life! one day i'm gonna be doing all these out of good will and pure concern for the household. right now i'm just being a good daughter by obeying my mother. >:)

andamidamidamidamidamidami talagang kelangan gawin! >XO


3 hours to goooo!!!

before i officially say goodbye to NGCP (not entirely though cos i still have to come back for my stipend hehe)! anyway, yes. i almost got late but thanks to my superdupermegacutiepatootie of a boyfriend, i woke up 45 minutes before my estimated departure time so yesss, i was able to take a bath hihihi. aaaand that means i only have to work until 12 noon today! hello vacation! i've been woiting like croizy!

anyhow! i have plans for the day! i kinda typed a line and recalled that this blog is kinda jinxed so i'll just update you whenever lolzzz >:D

"can i open this?"

yesterday i met with an ebay buyer at sm north the block. after the transaction, i went to fully booked to check for gifts for my baby this tuesday (bts christmas party at ding's). i was looking at the journals section when i heard someone say, "can i open this?" in quite a high pitched voice. i looked at her and instantly turned around and walked out of the store in fright. it was someone from highschool. someone i didn't want to see... me looking like... a girl. argh. i knew i looked okay, i knew i looked good! i just took a bath when i came there! lol but i was wearing a mini dress and a black jacket and i have eyeliner on too. i could've faced her in denims for some reason. hahaha i dunno but i didn't want people from highschool seeing me like that. like so much has changed. like i actually bloomed hahahaha. she wasn't even a close friend, she was part of what i would favorably call the mean girls faction at school. too engrossed in make-up and too busy criticizing people's faces. i dunno if she has changed. i couldn't care less? i was headed to the main building when i realized that she sounded different so i could be wrong. and i don't think she's into books either but of course, i saw her at the journals table so she could be a journal or planner person. uhm. hahaha. so i went back to check for real. and believe me, i was mentally laughing at myself. why the hell am i hiding from my higschool-mate?! but i really want to check out the journals so i took some courage to come back at the table. i took a glance at her and it was really her. though i was just looking at her left side and it was only a quick glance. it made me want to leave immediately again. hahahaha ewan. but her voice was really different, her voice was paosin eh not that trying hard high pitched a-list konyo voice. hahahaha

i don't know why things like this bother me. people change! she could be a saint now for all i know. college may have molded her into a kind and appreciative high-pitched angel. i shouldn't be worrying right? i'm entitled to change too! to wear dresses and make-up and all? HAHAHA ang arte arte lang hahahahah

10 minutes to go before we sign off for today's duty! i'm so excited to get over my OJT (read: STIPEND!) hahahaha real vacation for me starts on the 27th! >XD can't wait!

yesterday , i bought a lot of snacks... a pack of rebisco crackers (my favorite plain crackers!!!), a pack of sunflower pizza flavored crackers (trial mode!) and a pack of lemon square cheescake cupcakes. i dunno why but i thought i could use them for my eat-often-but-in-small-portions-diet i'm officially starting as soon as i receive this fat burning diet capsules from Nutrex called Lipo 6 Black Hers. HAHAHAHA Dear Lord, i may have posted my plans here so i'm putting a prayer to break off the jinx. >XD

countdown to 1 minute. i will be shutting down this pc now. >:D

Final Notification Text from Philippine Prudential



Date: December 19, 2011
Time: 11:20am
From: +639228111536

FINAL NOTIFICATION: Good day! This is Ms. JANINE MOSQUEDA from PHIL. PRUDENTAL. Your 3 EXCLUSIVE REWARDS and PRIVILEGES For Free are still here in our office. You need to Claim and Activate TODAY. We are finalizing all the records of our recipients who did not claim their rewards. For your claiming code that you will need to present upon claiming; you may call exclusively our Makati office from: 9am to 5pm for further information.
Tel. (02)7551532 upon receipt of this message. Many Thanks and GodBless! (DISREGARD IF CLAIMED)


Good thing I googled this first before trying to call. i confirmed from this site that this is indeed a scam.
There you go, for your information! >:)


last night, my parents invited the homebuilder's ministry from church (where they're part of) to bless our house cos we're finally out of debt (for the house at least haha)! yehey! what they did after a short sermon was bless each part of the house with olive oil and blah blah blah so they went to all parts of our house then suddenly some the members felt chills at the rooftop so we prayed over it and arg i really don't know what's wrong but it was scary cos 3 of them felt err bad vibrations and pastor mike felt goosebumps too. we ended up surrendering suspicious items for inspection. by suspicious i mean occult looking stuff and blah.

items raided were:
1. pyramid hat - daddy bought this from ernie baron's store years back and told us to wear it every time we study cos it helps. lol idek know why, it's uncomfortable on the head. it has been stored upstairs for years too. hehe
2. pikachu pen holder - because pikachu is a symbol of the devil and all and yeah, it's a pocket monster. haha
3. quantum pendant - see? i told you i didn't want this piece of jewelry on my neck! but since my parents told me to wear it everyday cos there's nothing to lose anyway, i went for it out obedience lol. but lookitdaaat, it could be a stronghold of evil spirits at it makes you think you'd be stronger wearing it and blaaaah. bro. something (sry, i forgot his name) hammered it and it shattered to pieced, he got a headache and a super bad vibration. salfkhasldsalj scary scary night. then we prayed over him.

blah blah blah

4. most of our excel stuff (scalar energy stuff) got raided too. that's 10,000++ "lost" already.
5. paintings with chinese symbols and patterns on it.
6. essence oil burner with a bagua and yinyang symbol on it.

i don't know what else is in this house that we could destroy to prevent the evil from getting in or something. minsan nga naisip ko if they're being too paranoid. putting meaning on everything they see, but err, it's totally okay for me. hahahaha >:)

oh wow

i  missed reading fanfics! this afternoon i was suddenly reminded that if i was too lazy to grab a real book, i could get my dose of words via reading fanfics. hahahaha >XD and i am right now! >XD yehey! yehey! for awhile i thought about resurrecting my long lost writing track at cos i have two years-unupdated considered-dead fics but i figured, i would be sinning writing M-rated stuff, and much more having 2 guys in it.

segway! terai just brought in a box of First Baker sylvannas. i was hyped up about it but errr, not as good as Red Ribbon's >;D

so there. it never fails to flatter me checking my profile and seeing the huge number of people who reviewed my works. waley lang! >XD hihihihihi but then, not enough for me to go back writing err stuff. like. that. haha

ETA: my stories have more traffic than this blog. lol >X))


i dunno if it was a nightmare or something but as soon as i lay down to sleep last night at around 4.30am, i immediately got super groggy and the noise around me became unpleasant. the sound of the ruffling leaves and the grass and dried leaves being stepped on became points of paranoia to me. i suddenly trembled with fear, there was a man trying to get on my window with a gun and i could sense it. grabe yung trauma. the first thing i thought was to get up and rescue terai from the other room, thinking that the bad guy would want to assault her too but dammit my limbs were glued to the bed. srsly. i was too scared to get up. i tried to wake up by opening my eyes but the atmosphere didn't change, it's as if the guy is still waiting for a chance to kill me. i wanted to run to terai's room and sleep there but my fear tied me down my bed. >:'( my prayers didn't work either. it's none of those dreams where you know it's from a bad spirit because any attempt to mention Jesus' name would render you speechless, you know they were trying to stop you from calling God for help. but this one is too different, i say 'in Jesus' name' and was surprised to have said it too easily, like no evil force is restraining me to do it. super scary. >:'(

politics blah

high on toffee nut mocha latte!

one of the few times i'm actually looking forward TO STUDY! as in bend my head over my notes and meditate on them! however! with the way i'm blogging right now, i don't think i'm starting in a few! hehehe

anyhow, my thoughts on impeaching chief justice corona:

the media is crazy over this politics blah! and it's because of this that i learned to understand PNoy more, and his rather "low" productivity rating. you see, i hear a lot of people complaining that our president isn't doing anything about our slumping economy, or that ever since he sat down, nothing has changed, and that the best he can do to reduce the number of poor people in the country is to lower the poverty threshold. hahaha

when my parents heard the news about the impeachment thing, they were so happy! i couldn't see what's to be so happy about it but i realized, heyyyy it's big news aright and while i believe that there are other news out there that deserve as much public spectacle and sensationalism as such, news like this is pretty encouraging for us! his impeachment would mean one less evil official in the government and that's already a milestone for the Philippines. considering that you have to put your life on the line if you ever wanted to purge the government of corrupt people.

whenever i pass by articles and comments telling that PNOY isn't doing what a president ought to do, which is yknow focus dead on on the pressing economic issues our country's suffering from, and that all he ever did since the day he sat on the throne is chase gloria like crazy... i see it this way... he's just doing what's right for someone who just moved in to a new office! imagine tryna work on a desk that was left dirty by the one who used it before you, will you not clean it up before starting your work? no one wants to work on a desk full of clutter. roight?

so there, our president probably hasn't started "working" yet because he's still busy cleaning up his new desk. it's not even supposed to be given to him that way, but yeah, props to the previous admin. >;)

k. i kinda need to study now haha


hello hello!

high on hot peppermint mocha frappe! lucky day for me! this morning, our batch met up at starbucks for our teleperformance site tour. and well, i kind of took advantage of the opportunity to get stickers from those who are not really aiming to get the planner! i got 4! thank you soooo much jof, william, jeiel and alvin (whom i have convinced to buy a christmas flavor cos i've no more space for regular drinks lol). and also! during the site tour blah, jec won a hundred peso worth of starbucks GC and gave it to mehhh BWAHAHAHA! thank you boyfriend! hihihihi more more more! nino, out of his kindness, also gave me the GC he won hahaha! i just came to him and asked him that if he's gonna buy a drink, he might want to give me the receipt so i could claim the sticker for myself! LOL but owell, he offered me the GC instead, FOR FREE!  it was really surprising how he just gave it to me like he wasn't aware of the value of the thing he's holding (relative. i know. haha)!! >XD amen! lucky lucky day. i wonder what's gonna happen next! hahaha

now now now, 7 more christmas drinks before i could get my own planner (not that i really really want it). hehehe
planner planner planner. i'm not really a planner person, i even regretted buying a moleskine planner 2 yrs ago cos i was too lazy to jot down on it. i'm more of a paper fan than a planner fan. cos well, i'm not a 'planner' per se. haha

anyhow. hm. major major worry of the day, NUMMETH PROJECT! could anyone give me a source code of a STIRLING NUMBER GENERATOR (first kind)????? we're kind of dying in here trying to encode a million values in a database which is a bad practice for a programmer (but we're not. so...) arg

hey hey hey
my current cellphone bill is 750++!!! wtf?! i'm only subscribed to plan 350 and i get this crap?! my golly. i have to watch my free texts huhuhu


Career Quest 2011

my batchmates and i spent the whole day nose bleeding tryna get signatures off of 8 BPO companies for the sake of our ADEPT grade. apparently, the school invited 8 call center companies to conduct their recruitment process at school, with us being their applicants of course. and yeah, we had to be interviewed by all of them so we could get their precious sigs on this precious sheet of paper that would complete our 10 blasted days of ADEPT training! >XD

the companies who came were...

Sykes Asia
Aegis People Support****
IBM Daksh

it was a really really fun experience! i enjoyed being interviewed! yeah srsly, it's in these type of companies that i'm like 90% confident i'll get in because i only have to show off my english skills, not that i have an exemplary one but it's cool to be one of those regarded to have above average comm skills. hahaha this is one of the few days i'm actually proud of myself and extremely thankful to God cos i'm like, 'wew. it's cool to know that i won't be having a hard time looking for a job!'

but uhm, hmmmm. speaking of working in BPO's

working for a BPO company is fine. but i was reluctant with the idea of requiring us students to go through the application process FOR THE SAKE OF OUR GRADES. i mean, i completely understand the purpose of the activity and i know it's all for good. but i think even the HR reps of these companies were aware of why they were here and just probably came to (by order of importance):

1. help us put what we've learned with AdEPT into practice by engaging us in mock interviews. after all, they're BPAP members (if i'm not mistaken)
2. collect resumes for their resume banks
3. actually look for future employees

hahaha sorry but i don't think they're really gonna wait for us to graduate, THEN CALL US. hahaha

anyhow, with regards to my expectations with call centers, the only thing that excites me about it (next to the salary) is the english training! i'm a frustrated writer and yknow how i always want to better my english and blaaaah so yeah.

 **** my favorite stop cos the interviewer was pretty and engaging and asking stuff not just to check out my english. it seemed like she was interested with what i have to say (me thinks so). or maybe i just enjoyed it a lot cos i get to talk about my favorite book hahaha. she's unlike those with generic questions and generic follow-ups and generic responses and blaaah whose sole purpose is to measure your mastery of the spoken english language and blaaaahhh hehehehe

so yeah yeah, i had fun hehehe
Share: MovieCup PROMO >:D

this day i was informed via email that i won a movie ticket and a starbucks gift certificate from
apparently, i wasn't aware of this promo so it was a really cool surprise! jeckie and i came to their office at ortigas earlier to claim my prize. >:D

thanks OpenRice! >:D

i have so freaking muuuuuch to do! >XD maybe i should get started LOL

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