hello hello!

high on hot peppermint mocha frappe! lucky day for me! this morning, our batch met up at starbucks for our teleperformance site tour. and well, i kind of took advantage of the opportunity to get stickers from those who are not really aiming to get the planner! i got 4! thank you soooo much jof, william, jeiel and alvin (whom i have convinced to buy a christmas flavor cos i've no more space for regular drinks lol). and also! during the site tour blah, jec won a hundred peso worth of starbucks GC and gave it to mehhh BWAHAHAHA! thank you boyfriend! hihihihi more more more! nino, out of his kindness, also gave me the GC he won hahaha! i just came to him and asked him that if he's gonna buy a drink, he might want to give me the receipt so i could claim the sticker for myself! LOL but owell, he offered me the GC instead, FOR FREE!  it was really surprising how he just gave it to me like he wasn't aware of the value of the thing he's holding (relative. i know. haha)!! >XD amen! lucky lucky day. i wonder what's gonna happen next! hahaha

now now now, 7 more christmas drinks before i could get my own planner (not that i really really want it). hehehe
planner planner planner. i'm not really a planner person, i even regretted buying a moleskine planner 2 yrs ago cos i was too lazy to jot down on it. i'm more of a paper fan than a planner fan. cos well, i'm not a 'planner' per se. haha

anyhow. hm. major major worry of the day, NUMMETH PROJECT! could anyone give me a source code of a STIRLING NUMBER GENERATOR (first kind)????? we're kind of dying in here trying to encode a million values in a database which is a bad practice for a programmer (but we're not. so...) arg

hey hey hey
my current cellphone bill is 750++!!! wtf?! i'm only subscribed to plan 350 and i get this crap?! my golly. i have to watch my free texts huhuhu


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