Friday's 10 Happy Things // 1

First time I'm posting with regard to Philippine time (ie. not late) since I came here. Decided to join in this weekly link-up by Helga because I've been getting random bouts of homesickness lately and it saps what little optimism I have in life. Char. Figured it'll be good to sit and think of happy things that transpired this week, no matter how small, to remind myself to thank God for His generosity.

1. Won a pair of shoes from Adidas worth $120

Just by answering a feedback survey from one of their receipts. Holy moley didn't expect to win. A month ago they sent me an email congratulating me for being selected as a "potential winner". Much as I wanted to celebrate the "potential prize" I won that day, I kept my cool and sent my details to see how much potential I had at actually scoring new shoes haha. May have taken a month but yay for potential new kicks lol.

2. JoyC's lemon bars

My housemate makes awesome food so expect our menu to turn up in this list every week lol.

3. Fixed a defect in this blog

In which untitled posts are not being displayed correctly because the function that makes it so is throwing an error because the title is nonexistent. Handled by putting a default title on untitled entries. I suddenly miss bug fixing. Kidding.

4. 23 days til home :)

5. I'm coming home to this

Photo from Awesome in Manila
A super pretty planner by June Digan that I won from Awesome in Manila!

6. And this

This means I have to kayod harder and raket pa more. Plus adult points for getting an extra bill every month, yes? Chos.

7. Biked 2.6kms this afternoon

Which further validated my current state of weakness but is nonetheless a happy thing! How many times I have sweat in the past 4 months I can count with my fingers, so this is definitely a break from my glorious sedentary life.

I was headed home after a mile though, figuring I took the wrong turns and was riding towards a main road. Such cars. Much scare.

8. OTWOL is ending today

I'm so ready to marathon you!!!

9. The background on my leaderboard ad

I love CSS. Isn't it awesome how it offers design solutions without resorting to using an image? Google+ red and LinkedIn blue are such nice shades. Visible on desktop mostly cos I'm hiding it when browser screen falls short of 806px.

10. Finally watched Deadpool

And laughed so hard! Props to Buzfeed Ashly's tiny hand's cameo HAHA

Yeyy! Thank you Lord! Happy Friday goys!

The Sunday Currently (vol. 22)

Haler! As usual, posting this a little over Sunday here hehe.


I started with Me Before You a couple of weeks ago but I was diverted with something more interesting for me, God is Disappointed in You, so I want to finish that first haha. It's a modern retelling of Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation in a style that's disturbingly hilarious, I had to pause and ask myself if it's okay to laugh at Adam and Eve's banishment! Well, it's really the writing style that caught me so I'm putting it first. hehe


Nothing hehe


To this on loop


About the small things I want to buy for our new car like a phone mount, USB chargers, etc. OMG we have a new car! YEYY! Our 15 years old SUV is already showing signs of retirement so the family thought we should replace it already. It was hard, cos we're not really making much as a whole and getting a new car entails expenses here and there but God is good! Yeyy!

Sooooo, I need to learn to drive ASAP. haha


Warm air from the vent


I had pumped the bike tires as early as I knew I had an inflator I can borrow. Could've taken it around earlier! Haha

I adjusted the seats but the lowest setting is still too high for me (arg). It's a pretty cool bike, it has gear shifters I don't know how to use, and a nice frame. <3


Hoodie and pajamas


Coinstar! It's a kiosk where you can cash in your loose change. Recently I learned I can also exchange my coins for eGift cards instead to avoid paying the processing fee of 11% so that's what I'm gonna do! I'm eyeing on more Amazon funds! <3


To buy all the pretty decors and kitchen items at Michael's earlier but figured I don't have enough luxury to ship a FOREX box (aka Balikbayan) LOL.


To convince myself of  a stricter weight loss agenda. Right now I'm just skipping rice but hello potatoes and bagels and pasta and craaaap. My portions didn't change! How do I live with smaller portions?! Aaaargh.


So heavy. HAHA

5 reasons you should come to Nuffnang's Blogopolis 4D

In which I invite you to attend a blog and social media conference happening this Saturday! Why?

1. It's their cheapest Blogopolis yet!

Regular ticket price: ₱499 ONLY
Discounted rate: ₱349 (for students and senior citizens)

For the past installments they're usually around ₱1,000 so that's a huge mark down!

You don't really need to pay though. If you're masipag or just want to score free tickets, just look up "Blogopolis 4D ticket giveaway" on Google and join any of the (still open) contests, put in some effort and hope to win haha. The sponsors, speakers, even Nuffnang itself and its talent bloggers usually give out tickets to their readers. ;)

But really, 499 is already very cheap for an afternoon of learning (and celebrity spotting, susme).

2. Stellar hosts

Sam YG, Sam Oh, and IC Mendoza

The names are getting bigger and bigger, and should I say more and more? I'm betting on 4 hosts next year haha.

3. Esteemed speakers

Notable names are Vernon Sarne of Top Gear Philippines, Congresswoman Leni Robredo, Jonathan Yabut from The Apprentice, and Internet Superstar Ramon Bautista!


4. Networking

If you're a blogger this is definitely a chance to meet-up with your blogger friends and extend your cards to sponsor exhibitors. Otherwise, you're still gonna meet new friends and learn a lot! Sosyalan ito guys, be ready with your OOTDs (char).

5. Freebies

I've never went home empty handed from any Nuffnang event (naks) so I'm sure you will too. HAHA Pero wag mag-demand ha. Poised tayo, poised.

That said, I hope I got you excited! I'm miles away so I won't be there but I'm sure it's gonna be fun and full of learning.

Teka, what's 4D ba?

Ewan ko rin LOL. You'll know when you get there! ;)

Blogopolis 4D
February 27, 2016 (Sunday)
Axon Hall, Green Sun, Makati City

Wed's up?

New layout!
Thanks VeeThemes! I'm loving it so far except that it's given me such a pain in the neck customizing the nitty-gritties. I'm 90% done tweaking this layout, all that's left is personalizing the widgets. My biggest issue with this theme (as well as most VeeThemes) was that I couldn't find the article_header section where the post title, comment counts, timestamp, labels, and author is contained.

When I installed this layout I was bothered that the post dates shown on the homepage are timestamps and not actual dates! But theeeeen, it's really just a matter of replacing post.timestamp with post.dateHeader somewhere in the codebase. After crossing my eyes enough trying to find the darned section, I realized that the tags are not explicitly visible in the XML code. I had to scour all instances of the timestamp before giving up and deciding to just change my timestamp format to a date format via Blogger Settings. It's the easiest fix but it beats the purpose of having a timestamp tag, and that irks me to hell!

On top of the timestamp issue, Blogger-Disqus integration is still on the rocks with their syncing situation, that is, the comments count on the homepage is displaying the wrong number - it's showing Blogger comments count instead of Disqus comments count. This small misunderstanding about which count to show could easily be remedied by replacing post.numComments with Disqus' proprietary identifier (post.url + #disqus_thread) but then again, the counter is housed on the missing article_header and it freaking took me two days and numerous scripting attempts to finally have the counter appear where I want it to, with the right number.

My attempts at pacifying my layout OCD resurrected the web developer in me, revisiting jQuery and learning b-tags like hell. It's only when I mess with my layout that I get in touch with the inner web designer in me (says someone who can't create her own themes :P).

Hope you guys are doing well and hope you like this layout too! :D

Bugs in my layout!!! Aaaaaarghhh


Just a warning, I'm in the middle of changing my blog template so you might see a couple of stuff flying here and there, posts missing and popping (especially if you're browsing), and an abundance of latin placeholders. Please bear with this freak as she tweaks with the layout! :D

The Sunday Currently (vol. 21)

Hey goys! It's been a while!

I've been busy with a lot of things, mostly work and setting up my new laptop YEYY! I bought a refurbished HP Spectre on Amazon and I'm still in the process of feeling it out. I already have a growing list of pet peeves but they're mostly first world problems like,

1) It boots too fast I can't catch the BIOS setup, 
2) The screen is so high def and my favorite apps aren't being scaled properly (ie. photoshop and illustrator), 
3) I'm scared of scratching the aluminum casing and it bugs me when my watch's buckle taps on the surface as I type. Gaaaaahd,
and so on...

On the plus side, it looks like a Macbook Pro 13 after putting on the black keyboard protector yeyy! HAHA Laptop goals eh ano ba.




I started reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes after watching this trailer:

Well, the clip pretty much shows the entire story already but I thought it should still be worth the read hihi. I cried watching the trailer so that makes it a must read. Also, Daenerys x Finnick and their lovely accents!


Nothing in particular, I'm thinking of indulging in an OTWOL marathon once the series is finally over (LAST 3 WEEKS NA OMGEHH)


My boyfriend told me about this new band called Unit 406 where two of our friends are in. Since then, I've been playing it on loop! Seriously, their music is all original and super nakaka-LSS. Embedding here so you could listen,

PENDULUM #WalangForeverCredits to Lakbay Production for this video.
Posted by Unit 406 on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Acoustic version of our new song entitled "Kahit Na Anong Sabihin Ng Iba". Enjoy! :)#KiligSession
Posted by Unit 406 on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Unit 406 - Hahanapinsaan kaya nagtungo ang sayangdatiy umaapaw sa iyong mga mataoh wag na sana pang ipagkaitlambing at langit na bakalumipad, napadpad sa kalawakannagtatago mong pagibigsaan ko hahanapin
Posted by Unit 406 on Sunday, January 31, 2016


About how to properly manage my files so that I don't get bummed whenever I'm moving from PC to PC. I have more than a hundred gigs worth of files that I don't know where to keep, and thousands of photos I'm having a hard time sorting out! T__T It takes an era to move them completely arg.


Nothing hehe


Software is sold cheaper. It's only here in the US that I ever considered buying software cos torrent is illegal and somehow, there's a level of security I feel with using up to date apps. But then, software companies are suddenly rolling out their products in subscriptions instead of one-time purchases and I don't think I'm ready to shell out $20/mo on Adobe Photoshop alone. T__T

Right now, I've just decided to subscribe to 1 thing and that's an antivirus haha


Shirt and long johns :D


That I'm being financially helpful to my family right now. I wish this could go on forever but eventually I have to go home, and all the extra income I have saved here will be poured to renovations and investments and I'll be back to feeling poor and underpaid HAHA.


To save a lot cos I've been spending too much on Amazon lately. 


To get a cracked version of Adobe CC cos I heard it supports HD screens and Retina display. The perils of engaging in new technology agad agad. I thought it was cool that my new laptop has a super crisp and HD display but then most of the apps I use and web pages I visit aren't HD ready so it's a bummer having to see pixelated icons and scaled down views. Now I have to wait for everything to upgrade huhu. T_T


The need to step up my game in losing weight. It's already Feb! I'm going home next month and I need to recover from all the weight I gained and all the cholesterol I've happily welcomed to my arteries.

Have a great week you goys! :)

[Windows 10] How to remove live tiles from the start menu

A lot of people griped about how drastically the start menu changed on Windows 8 with the introduction of live tiles. Thankfully, Microsoft listened and tried to improve user experience by bringing back the old Windows7-esque start menu on Windows 10, but not without sitting out live tiles completely.

As you may have noticed, the start menu still has live tiles integrated on to it, with two subsections "Play and Explore" and "Life at a Glance". Now if you want to remove those, plus all of the tiles entirely... here's how:

1. Right-click on the tile and select 'Unpin from Start'.
2. Do the same for all the tiles you want removed. It will take time, but that's about the easiest way to do it haha!

3. Re-size your start menu by hovering on the sides and adjusting the width or height. 

And voila! Here's a view of my totally clean and tile-free start menu! :D

Hope this helps! :)

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