5 reasons you should come to Nuffnang's Blogopolis 4D

In which I invite you to attend a blog and social media conference happening this Saturday! Why?

1. It's their cheapest Blogopolis yet!

Regular ticket price: ₱499 ONLY
Discounted rate: ₱349 (for students and senior citizens)

For the past installments they're usually around ₱1,000 so that's a huge mark down!

You don't really need to pay though. If you're masipag or just want to score free tickets, just look up "Blogopolis 4D ticket giveaway" on Google and join any of the (still open) contests, put in some effort and hope to win haha. The sponsors, speakers, even Nuffnang itself and its talent bloggers usually give out tickets to their readers. ;)

But really, 499 is already very cheap for an afternoon of learning (and celebrity spotting, susme).

2. Stellar hosts

Sam YG, Sam Oh, and IC Mendoza

The names are getting bigger and bigger, and should I say more and more? I'm betting on 4 hosts next year haha.

3. Esteemed speakers

Notable names are Vernon Sarne of Top Gear Philippines, Congresswoman Leni Robredo, Jonathan Yabut from The Apprentice, and Internet Superstar Ramon Bautista!


4. Networking

If you're a blogger this is definitely a chance to meet-up with your blogger friends and extend your cards to sponsor exhibitors. Otherwise, you're still gonna meet new friends and learn a lot! Sosyalan ito guys, be ready with your OOTDs (char).

5. Freebies

I've never went home empty handed from any Nuffnang event (naks) so I'm sure you will too. HAHA Pero wag mag-demand ha. Poised tayo, poised.

That said, I hope I got you excited! I'm miles away so I won't be there but I'm sure it's gonna be fun and full of learning.

Teka, what's 4D ba?

Ewan ko rin LOL. You'll know when you get there! ;)

Blogopolis 4D
February 27, 2016 (Sunday)
Axon Hall, Green Sun, Makati City

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