yesterday, the doctor confirmed that the nosy headaches i'm experiencing since i had chickenpox was due to a complication of the virus itself. she said that some of the virus has taken refuge in my nerves, causing my head to hurt. so far, it's on and off so i'm taking pain relievers as needed. the doctor also prescripted me with a month's worth of vitamin B complex, something for the nerves. anyway, there were some things i forgot to ask like,

 1. is it okay to still take multivatimins, since it also has some vitamin B in it? will i be on vitamin B overdose? haha

 2. will my headache be gone after a while? i mean, will the virus in my nerves go away after the medication? or will they just hibernate or something but not totally be out? huhu

doctor also mentioned that if the chickenpox recurs it will be more painful as the virus is acting inside my nerves. aaargh. Lord. huhu

 notes to self, yeah.

 //school 2013

i'm almost done with the series and i'm really really excited for it. you know how i dig romance series but this one got me hooked even without the kilig factor! it's such a hit! aaargh, go nam soon and park heung soo just look so good together. well, not in a yaoi way (i'm so over that). i mean, how do you explain two guys looking good together without making them seem gay? like brothers right, yeah like that. aaaargh


// maring, habagat and my chicken pox

i consider myself lucky that my sick leave was kind of extended due to the bad weather. that means i get to rest more and recover fully from chicken pox without wasting my leave credits, yehey! apparently i'm getting daily severe headaches since the onset of my fever fest, and so i rejoice at every chance i get to rest. holy!

anyway, that's not to say i'm happy because of the weather. i'm not. never will be. but it sucks seeing that nothing has changed. i'm starting to think floods are a norm whenever it rains in the philippines, which is wrong and should not be. hay. i'm not about to waste time pointing fingers though haynako. i'm gonna look for clothes to donate na lang.

// pork barrel scam

on another note, i had a very interesting read about the pork barrel scam at this blogsite. crazy large conspiracy out there, whether it's true or not. i find it hard to doubt the veracity of these anonymous commenters cos every freaking thing they say just makes full sense! that or they're too frakking creative! for the most part, i'm enraged. at the very least, i want every one involved in this scam to die be punished, who ever they are, how ever small they benefited from this crime.

// school 2013

after reply 1997 (cute and funny!) and my flower boy neighbor (interesting characters, boring/shallow storyline), i'm off to school 2013! looks promising! i thought it would be some kindof gokusen but no, i guess it's heavier and way stressful! now on ep5. we'll see... >XD

// hate list

i'm sorry if i've been hating on a looooot of things lately. things people do, not exactly the people who do it, though i haven't really cleared myself on that. i get easily irritated by all the vain and boastful stuff i see online, that's why. and i'm guilty of being very judgmental and prejudiced too. hay. sorry.

pet peeves and double standards

1. selfies

this is really mean but there are just a ton of selfies i don't appreciate, specially those with malicious clothing. and another thing, a solo picture is not a selfie unless you took it yourself. arg it also irritates me seeing people post a #selfie with 2 people in it. #gawd

2. quotes without credit/s

some people are just so fond of posting smartass lines without mentioning who the real author is. do some research will you? even anonymous is fine! or double quotes! i know most of the people who do this have no intention of stealing the quote per se, but what i'm really concerned is that some readers may think you're that smart, when in fact... oops sorry.

 3. i'm-such-a-good-person posts

i appreciate good people. really. what i don't appreciate are those who do it for the spotlight, people who do something good and post it online for the obvious reason of looking good, or feeling good knowing people think they're good. unless you're calling out to extend help, i see these kinds of posts as yet another papogi attempt to gain leverage in this never ending social elections.

4. braggers

highly technical posts about your job that's meant to show off how cool and complex your job is. main target are those who wouldn't understand, cos they tend to worship things like this. pity.

5. parinig posts

so high school. who cares about your problems, really?! this includes relationship problems and rants and blah. grr

and with that, 200+ friends down on facebook. hm.

down with chicken pox

i am so bored. i've finished watching Reply 1997 (janine will be so proud of me LOL), rewatched Kaichou wa Maid Sama (usui takumi never fails to get me flipped every frakking time), and is currently on the 9th episode of My Flower Boy Neighbor (i was curious, it was hilarious at first but... we'll see).

all i ever did since the doctor sentenced me on a 2-week lock-up was watch TV and browse my socials via phone. it's my first time to catch chicken pox by the way and it's by far the worst illness i've experienced ever. the first week is where things start to become super ugly. i was on a 5 day fever fest and every day i'm up with an increasing number of skin eruptions all over including my scalp and my mouth aaaaargggh. i couldn't eat properly cos i've also developed really crappy throat sores. haha on the good side i thought it would be a good jumpstart to my ever delayed diet program... but, err,, blah.

since august 6 i was already feeling feverish and a lot of sores have formed on my mouth and gums already. i thought it was because i kept on biting my lips in my sleep but on thurs (aug 8) i noticed a lot of rashes on my front and back already so i decided to take the day off to get a checkup. i rushed to FEU Hospital ER and got myself checked. when i was about to settle my discharge i was called at the HMO desk and was told that Smart employees weren't covered with Asian Life. i got really angry. how is it that my parents are covered but the employee is not?

after a lot of phone calls (and tears too), i learned that we're not really covered with Asian Life, but PLDT instead. and the hospital i went to isn't PLDT accredited so i have to settle the ER fee worth 700 huhu that's a lot. i never had to pay ER fees before. grrr...

anyway, i also learned that i could get free medicine if i had myself checked up at an accredited hospital so we went to Capitol Medical Center to get another check up. the prescription didn't change, 5k++ worth of medicines for this darned virus. shempre i had to really fight this over with PLDT clinic because their freaking policy says that you can only get free meds in their clinic, and the nearest is at makati pa. i was advised to just buy 3 days worth of meds since the clinic is closed on holidays and weekends. i can get the remaining meds on monday raw. but what the hell hassle, i told the guy on the phone that i'm just buying a week's worth of meds and have it refunded, after all i'm under isolation. you can't expect me to travel all the way to makati just to fetch meds. haynako. to hell with that policy. i'm just so bent on having it refunded haha.

right now i'm out of the fever fest and my wounds are starting to dry up. it sucks cos i can't work at home. i wasn't able to get my laptop last friday since i have fever and i can't access it remotely as well because there's no LAN cable. add to the fact that internet access in my room is pretty unreliable because well, either there's no laptop or the wifi is weak.

hay. i can't wait to get out! >XS

PS: arg i forgot to pass my DTR. wala akong ssweldohin sa susunod huhu

finding your FLOW

i found something really interesting and refreshing in my mail today. it's from Bo Sanchez' newsletter and it's a short article about finding your FLOW. In my understanding, to be in the flow is to be caught up doing something you enjoy so much that you lose track of time. in short it's about being focused about something you enjoy doing. To help, he used an illustration by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (challenging name, i know) which perfectly describes where we could find our flow. I also found it helpful and reassuring with regards to where i stand in my job right now. haha  

applying it to the workplace, i could say that i'm standing (more like weeping) on the ANXIETY quadrant. work challenges are high and i could pretty much say that my skills are on the low level yet. and it's true! i've always ranted about how my job here is eating me alive. haha then again, if i may suggest adding a new factor to the illustration, given TIME, i believe that ANXIETY can be transformed to FLOW. and that's what i'm very very hopeful of. 

here i realized that, just because i'm facing a hard time at work because of my technical incompetencies means i should look for another job or pursue art and design and blah where i'm sure i will get my flow. God blessed me with a degree in computer science and i believe he wants me to learn further. if i'm leaving this job, i want to leave it fulfilled, knowing that i left as an asset and not someone lost who just wandered around and now wants to move elsewhere because she couldn't find her mojo. 

thank you for this wonderful message, Lord! 
i think this day is going to be cool. haha >XD

come on, money!

there's something bothering me about my life right now. yun o. naks. haha. a lot of my time is lost commuting to work and back home! if i were to sum them up, that's approximately 4-5 hours spent collectively outside. mind you, that's a lot of time! i could've used that to exercise or sleep early but obviously that's just an excuse cos even if i worked nearby i'll hardly get myself to do those still. hahaha

anyway, my sister told me that it usually takes 2-3 years for someone to master a certain skill. applying that to the work place, that means i still have hope. yehey! that's a really really big breather for me. remember how i was always complaining about feeling useless and dumb most of the time at work? LOL. maybe i just need time! yes! hay buhay. ang tagal ng 2 years! 9 months to go before i ask myself (again!) if still want to stay. ang laking factor talaga nung malapit ka lang sa bahay. huhu all this pollution is killing me. lol

anyway, since malapit na ang sweldo (containing part 2 of our 13th month pay + some OT pay hihi), it's high time for another wishlist! di ko naman bibilhin lahat to on swelday but hmmm we'll get to that someday!

1. Lenovo S720 (~Php 10000)
lol what i liked about this phone upon first glance is the presence of MOST of the physical features i needed in a phone, mainly: LED flash and dedicated camera key. talo nga lang ako sa size cos it's too big for my hands haha pero keri lang. i do hope it gets a jellybean update though! >XD i also love how it looks almost like the the HTC One haha.

Lenovo LePhone S720 Android 4.0 SmartPhone 4.5 Inch IPS QHD Screen MTK6577 Dual Core 3G GPS - White

2. office desk (~Php 2000-5000)
i want a really simple desk for my room. preferrably glass topped and rectangular. without any drawers. pretty much like this!
Office Desk

3. mobile pedestal (~Php 3500)
i like the one i have in the office HAHA parang ganto

3-Drawer Mobile Pedestal File W/ Full-Length Pull 15-7/8w x 19-1/4d Charcoal . $231.08

4. office chair (~Php 1400-6000)
i would love something like this. yung pwede mag indian sit haha. 

Black Leather Low Back Swivel Office Chair

as you can see, i want a new office system in my room. hahaha i badly want to clean up na rin cos i have lot of stuff that's only accumulating dust, and you know i'm allergic to dust. hayy thinking of selling most of my books na rin, they're not a lot, but they're really good titles. HAHA i was thinking of moving entirely to the digital format, as in pdf na lang lahat para handy! when i get that 4.5 inch phone naman i think i can bear with the size. LOOOOOL RepliGo PDF Reader is the way to go.

5. new NIV Bible (~Php 1000)
yung expensive at red leather/leatherette yung cover. ANG ARTE! pero seryoso, kelangan raw mahal para basahin mo talaga araw araw eh. sabi nga ng isang post, "the bible is bread, to be taken daily. not cake, to be taken occasionally." word.


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