ADVENTURE TIME: Iron Man 3 @ Newport Cinema, Resorts World

i was so excited when nuffnang announced a contest to win 2 tickets for a special screening of Iron man 3 this friday at Newport Cinema, Resorts World! nakakatawa pa cos i was in the middle of debugging some shiz at work when i received the email. stressed na ko non kasi mega delayed na ung project na yon, tas biglang ung contest pala ay for first 80 bloggers lang! lalo akong nastress! 

i was connected to the internet naman pero with restrictions (in short, blogger is blocked!) so uhm, in short... just to make sure that i get into the first 80, i disconnected from work... FOR AWHILE. it wasn't so hard for me to boast about sun cell postpaid naman cos i'm a subscriber as well! anyway, to make (the first part of) the long story short, i won!

it's actually a pretty cool week for me, aside from winning free iron man 3 tickets, i also won a buffet meal at Vikings from so the plan was to bring jeckie to iron man, and bring terai to Vikings. para well distributed ang blessings! haha

unfortunately, jeckie can't make it to iron man 3 with me that night. so in such a short notice, i called my sister to meet me at our office in makati so we could both ride Resort World's FREE SHUTTLE!!! hahaha mega research talaga ko ng ways to commute to Resorts World, eventually i found na they have free shuttles naman pala at various points in the metro! it was very late na, mga 6:30pm and we're planning to catch the 6:45 shuttle at Paseo Center. kaso when we got there, PUNO NA!!!

oh my. registration closes at 7:45 and all the taxis are full. take note that it's also a friday night haha. sa kakalakad namin pabalik kung san most probably may vacant taxi pa, umabot kami sa McDonald's Valero where there's another RW shuttle scheduled to leave at 7:15. when i got there, di pa full! so lucky! but when i asked the driver, may priority seating pala! members first policy. huhu and since we're not members, we were asked to wait until 5 mins before departure at kung may vacant pa, gorabels kami.

and by God, 5 minutes before leaving, may vacant pa nga!!! KASO ISA LANG!!! oh no. BUTI NA LANG the last group of passengers have 2 kids with them so naki-usap na lang ako (with the driver's permission shempre) if they could kandong kahit isang kid lang so we could all fit. buti na lang the member was really kind sabi nya, "okay lang basta makasakay kami lahat". so go! i told the driver na pumayag na yung isang family so finally, he let us sign dun sa log sheet.

but that's not the end of the story pa, pasakay na kami ng van when suddenly 3 more members came, all wanting to get a ride of course. and what's worse is they have VOUCHERS (apparently more powerful than a membership card) pa! also, meron pala silang isang kasama na nasa loob na, just waiting for them.

we were so nervous. i thought mapapaalis pa kami. buti na lang and super thank God kasi in the end, the one passenger waiting for them inside got out the van and joined them na lang (na mag taxi). so now, dahil may umalis na isa, kasya na kaming lahat with the kids and all. no kandong needed! yeheyy! hahaha ang galing lang ni Lord! >XD the ride was super fast and peaceful kasi ba naman nag skyway! hihi

eh first time namin ni terai sa Resorts World so mejo ala promdi kami. wow dito wow doon. i mean, honestly there's nothing really architecturally impressive about Resorts World but that's until we got inside the mall! sobrang posh lang! hahaha

at dahil dyan, iron man 3!

terai and i under a well lit mejo secluded area para di obvious ang vanity. haha
cinema 2! popcorn and drinks all set for everyone!
after the show i was like, "so, how do we get home?"

haha i checked online for the shuttle schedule bound to McDo Q.Ave, and found that it's leaving by 11pm and next ride is at 12mn. eh kakalabas lang namin ng 11. so we took the chance to register as RW members para libre na sa shuttle haha. free registration naman sila aaaand agad agad mabibigay ung ID as long as you presented a valid gov't ID (i didn't so temp ID lang sakin) so, we waited until 12mn for the shuttle! kahit na matagal, libre naman! >XD i also learned from one of the drivers there that the VOUCHER is given to those who played at the casino. kaya naman pala high priority sa shuttle hehe. so in order of priority: voucher, member, non-member (chance passenger).

that's all. thank you. bow. >XD

Sun Cellular, The Good Choice in Postpaid

i've been a loyal postpaid subscriber of Sun Cellular for more than a year now, and i might say that their services have been particularly helpful in ensuring that me and my loved one (read: jeckie! <3) are always connected. and because being with Sun Cellular has saved me a looot of money through their very cheap call/text promos, i encouraged the whole family to come with the sun too haha. and now, all four of us are always in the loop, all thanks to sun!

true enough, Sun Cellular has made communication a very accessible feat by making it very affordable to all. this time around, i couldn't get more excited to announce that Sun Cell is offering two exciting postpaid plans featuring Alcatel's thinnest and slimmest phones yet!

with the new Sun Plan 600, you get:
Free Alcatel One Touch Idol
unlimited sun-to-sun calls and texts
Php 250 pesos consumable load
350 free texts to other networks

Alcatel One Touch Idol specs are as follows:
Android 4.1 Jelly bean OS
4.7 inch IPS capacitive touchscreen
1GHz dual core processor
512 RAM
4gigs (up to 32gigs)internal storage
8 Megapixel camera / 2MP front
1800mAh battery

if you ask me personally, the plan 600 is already more than enough for me. although i'd say the 350 free texts to other networks will probably come short, that's what you have the 250 consumable for. you can register it to other prepaid promos as you wish so you can maximize your extra-net transactions. 

with the new Sun Plan 999, you get:
Free Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra
Unlimited mobile internet
Unlimited Sun texts
4 hours Sun calls

Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra specs are as follows:
Android 4.1 Jelly bean OS
4.7 inch (720x1280 resolution)
1.2GHz dual core processor
16GB internal storage
8 Megapixel camera / 1.3 MP front
1800mAh battery

for a phone this big and beautiful, the plan 999 is just perfect. if you really want to maximize the use of this phone, i'd say you go unli data! and that's just what this plan offers. you might be shocked that it lacks so much on the call/text feats but i say that unli mobile doesn't usually come in cheap. and to be able to get it at 999 only? that's a pretty steal! after all, in this generation, being connected is almost synonymous to being online all  the time! tip? you can actually use your mobile internet on your laptops/PC! just hook it via USB tethering, or go wireless by making your phone into a wifi hotspot (alcatel one touch ultra has that feature).

So what are you waiting for? Get hold of these plans and experience postpaid like never before!



in fairness naka-alala ako ng panaginip! kanina lang to eh, i dreamt about someone i know (sa office yata). sa panaginip ko, kasama ko sya somewhere, shopping ata not sure then while walking he kissed me on my left cheek! hindi ko tinanong kung bakit pero gusto kong tanungin na, "pre, yung totoo, may gusto ka ba sakin?"  pero shempre hindi ko tinanong. inassume ko na lang haha. hindi ko na maalala yung nangyari after pero may naalala ako na he hugged me from behind. answett naman. di ko na rin maalala ung ibang detalye. nakakakilig naman. at yung suot nya sa panaginip ko yun din yung suot nya nung huli ko syang nakita so mejo vivid yung dream. HAHA

pero napaisip ako dun sa taong yon, bakit sya? crush ko ba sya subconsciously? mejo attractive naman tong tao na to per hindi ganun eh? dahil ba naasar ako sa kanya nung huli kaming nagkita? kaya hanggang panaginip nang-aasar? T_T;

anyway, who cares! i loooove my boyfriend forever and ever! yeyyy! <3 <3 <3

when all fingers point to one

the boston marathon explosion.
i bet they're going to put all the blame on the arabs again. >:(
warning: conspiracy theory ahead

so i just heard of this conspiracy, thanks to my boss, about the US's economy centering majorly and secretly on manufacturing weapons. tough business right? seems like something only a tony stark can handle. and just how is an ammo business profitable when there's no war? it's not! so for it to sell out, there's a need to create an environment were weapons are a necessity. war. it's a hype that will never go out of season, because there's a country to make sure their weapons industry remain steady.

and just like that, our world will be on a never ending war, thanks to those who profit from it. i was so close to believing that this is all about the US wanting to conquer the middle east to get everything they need to rule the world. i was so close to believing that the middle east is actually the victim of all this terrorist attacks because the US planted them for their nation to take the blame. so they could have all the reasons to aim nukes and ship soldiers to die and hunt for some osama bin laden as a front, then kill sadam hussein behind the scenes. i was so close to believing how it seemed so plausible that it's the US responsible for creating conflict around the world, so they would have a means to sell their weapons and wreak havoc, all while appearing to be the hero who stands beside the poor countries when they're being bullied. they would  lend their soldiers, loan their weapons, then take your land out of a debt they know you can't pay.

i all looked so real to me. except that it's just a game, ever heard of Metal Gear?

oh dearie

i still feel bad about it but i figured i'm the only one with the problem here. i just keep putting the blame on someone else who doesn't even know how bad she turns me. when we started i thought we could be really good friends, but it came to a point where i can't bear with her anymore. because of her (ok now i'm blaming), i keep looking down on myself. so what? then i just have to work hard right? study more? pray (for) more (patience)? or probably summon the dark one to increase my brain aptitude at the cost of my soul? no. not worth it (the dark one, i mean). there's the blue fairy for that haha

i'm sorry, that's all! i want everything to be comfortable between us. i still want to be friends! i don't want to shut anyone off with my earphones anymore (except on a really good OST), simply because i couldn't bear the air of isolation. i don't want to be in. i just want to get rid of this insecurity. i don't want to feel useless and a burden and a total waste of investment.

i won't fight. i'll be nice. i'll quit being sarcastic and uhm, i'll be a good friend! i know we're both good people and it won't be hard to come to terms. yeah, specially when only one has to. after all, YOU DON'T KNOW (or not).

this is how i cater to my paranoia. i feed it!

bat ka nagpapastress diyan? :P

a pretty casual question but coming from someone i admire so much i guess it kinda rattled me. oo nga naman, bakit ako nagpapastress dito (work)? why can't i work happily? 

you see, i have an unfinished task that was due yesterday but i wasn't able to finish it because i couldn't get some bastarded blocks of code to work, that or i didn't know the right code to use (most probably). it was depressing, you know, not being able to beat a deadline. not being able to deliver. being judged indirectly for your lack of skills. although i admit it's more of paranoia, the latter part, i can't help but be reassured everyday of my shortcomings. i just have to look to my side. literally. 

i just can't go on knowing that at this point, i haven't learned enough to say i deserve my job. maybe i just need a change of environment. or a change of seats. not again? haha kidding. 

weekend diet fail

argh. i always fail my diet during the weekends but now, i'm not going to repeat week 1, i'm gonna continue with week 2 even though i downed 8 blocks of dark choco, 2 bowls of champorado, a cup of rice, 1 jco donut and a cup of ice cream this saturday and sunday. the guideline says we could have a joker (aka cheat food) once in a while. apparently once in a while is every saturday and sunday to me! haha

i don't really feel bad. right now i'm not anymore counting on the diet to slim myself down, i'm just gonna use it to start a healthy and balanced eating habit! did you know that i've never eaten this much vegetables in my lifetime? i kinda got addicted to lettuce, pipino and kamatis salad hahaha >XD i eat like 2 plates a day. it's just so ozom. >8D

on other news, i'm getting irritated having to answer people's questions about the yearbook distribution. oh you have all the right to take me wrongly cos here i'm gonna admit that i was really ticked off by SOME. in case you're sensitive, i made it all caps. most of the time i try to be polite, but uhm. yeah. these days, a lot of things get to me easily. my patience has turned volatile due to climate change. but i'm not blaming the weather either, let's just say i wanna quit being nice all the time. no, kidding. haha i'm generally a nice person *chokes*. and i try my best not to judge people by their questions. i too have my own shortcomings of course.

work. uhm, i was supposed to be productive last friday but i kinda got caught up chatting with my boss. HAHA he probably thinks i'm not working na since it's past office hours, but honestly boss... that's actually the time my brain is starting to just fire up. huhu >XD no really.

oh my gym+pool hunt. would you believe i'm actually considering joining at DFit gym at Dusit Thani Makati? HAHAHA ang yaman ko lechugas! that's 40k a year (one time payment darlings). and their pool closes at 9pm, the gym is well maintained (well compared to gold's intercon!), and i feel like it's more private there hahaha but my wellness loan is already approved and they're gonna release just the amount i need to join Gold's gym intercon, which is 12.5k haha >XD so i asked jeckie for input and he said that as long as it serves the purpose you want from it, don't look anywhere else na! non-verbatim but it really helped! gusto ko pa kasi yung maganda at comfy eh no. ang loser kasi talaga ng gold's sa intercon HAHA sorinaaaa. at least may pool? yeah? YEAH! sobrang inet kasiii grrrr



[CGN Diet] Week 1 Day 4

- 100g chicken fillet marinated in pineapple juice
- 2 tbsp australian harvest instant oatmeal
- 1 glass (approx 250ml) soy milk
- lettuce, pipino, kamatis salad w/ caesar dressing
- chauchard tea

- 120g pan seared chicken fillet marinated in lemon and rosemary
- 1 glass (approx 250ml) malee vegetable juice
- 40g bbq flavored almonds
- chauchard tea

- 75g adobong mani spicy garlic flavor
- 2blocks dark choco
- chauchard tea

- lettuce pipino kamatis salad w/ caesar dressing
- 1 glass (approx 250ml) malee vegetable juice
- 8blocks dark choco (JOKER!)
- chauchard tea


i spent yesterday lunch with kdv, my school mate during highschool na office mate ko na ngayon.
hahaha nakakatuwa lang mag-reminisce about how the batch was just so frkn un-united before. sobrang daming clashes, ayaw, nakawan and all. even after grad, reunions would be a pit of criticisms about how it doesn't really matter cos we're never really that close. nakakatuwa rin maki-chismis kung ano na nangyari kay ganito, si ganyan naganto daw, si ganto mabait na daw, si ano malandi parin, si ano bumigay na. hahaha

ewan. nakakamiss!

kung pwede lang mag-FB backtrack to just check the people out. stalkerish, i know but sorina chismosa lang. haha

CGN Diet
Week 1 - Day 3

- 2 tbsp australian harvest instant oat meal
- 120g sauteed chicken breast fillet with tomato and onion
- 1 glass (250ml approx) soy milk
- lettuce, pipino, kamatis salad w/ caesar dip
- chauchard tea

- steamed kalabasa
- 120g ground beef patty with celery, carrots, and onions
- green tea

- 2 blocks dark choco
- 50g salted garlic peanuts (i forgot to buy apple huhu)

- lettuce, pipino, kamatis salad w/ caesar dip
- 180g canned century tuna flakes in oil
- 1 glass (250ml approx) malee vegetable juice
- 4 blocks dark choco hihi

schweeming bleh

hay ewan ko ba sa araw na to andaming trabaho andaming deadline andaming support! hahaha

anyway, have i told you i've been scouting for public lap pools near ayala ave. makati? so i could get started on my 'project swimming' chuvaness. i'm cutting my fitness first membership because it's super mahal and i'm not using it anyway. huhu

andami kong cinonsider! here's a list,

MASA (Makati Aquatic Sports Arena)
160php for non-makati residents. 30mins-1hr travel time from Ayala ave. via 2 jeepneys.
akala ko malapit lang to anlayo pala, ang mahal pa, and they close at 8pm. huhu

Makati Sports Club
it's the nearest to our office! but lechong kawali, for members, and guests of members lang pala (and also if you're enrolled in their swimming classes).
to become a member, there are many ways. one is to pay a lifetime mem fee of 300k. and pay 1,500 monthly dues. grabe diba? pag member ka na, you can use the pool for 30 pesos only. HAHAHA natawa na lang ako. at naiyak rin.

Makati Shangrila Health and Fitness Club
sorina diba ang yaman ko nga kasi. HAHA
annual membership is 80,000+ pesos, they also have semi-annual, and quarterly modes.the good thing here is that their gym is 24hrs on and their pool is open until 10pm. free and unlimited access to all of those plus their wet area (sauna, jacuzzi, showers.. the usual) and tennis court. they also have 20% discount on other amenities of the hotel. and 1hr free PT session at the gym. oo tumawag ako bat ba.

YMCA Makati
ang chipipay ng comments sa mga forums so i decided to check it out. 80 lang daw eh and according to my friend walking distance lang from the office. sa sobrang tuwa ko dahil sa sobrang mura at lapit nya, pagdating ko dun SARADO NA PALA. as in no more pool area forever! huhu

La Mesa Eco Park 
they have a lap pool! this is located at Fairview malapit samin so i thought okay, kung wala akong makita sa Makati, weekends na lang huhu. kaso super lapit nga, and mahal naman ng pamasahe. dalawang tryke + isang jeep. hay buhay.
50 pesos general admission (40 for QC residents) + 80 pool use = 130 pesos ++ pamasahe. lugi much kahit na twice a week lang. huhu

Ascott Hotel Makati
eto yung nasa gitna ng mga glorietta haha
in fairness mejo reasonable, they emailed me kanina... annual membership is 40k. that includes the same benefits as what Makati shang offers. odiba? pwede na rin! gym + pool na rin naman to in fairness. so lumalabas na mga 3.3k per month. keri ba? takte eh yung one time payment nga na 40k di ko maimagine eh! haha

and finally

Intercontinental Hotel Makati
sa tabi tabi lang ng Ascott. dito ako natuwa. their hotel gym is actually Gold's!!! i inquired and they're offering 25,200 for 1 year unlimited access to all branches. gym + pool na rin to. and this is different from the Gold's in glorietta. hehe and they have a lot of other options as well, like 14,500 for 144 visits for 1yr, 13,500 for 120 visits for 1yr, 12,500 for 96 visits for 1 year, etc etc etc. the usual marketing strats you'd expect from them. haha i kinda like the 12,500 for 96 visits nga eh kasi per visit sya so walang lugi factor...

then i remembered... smart employees have a 70% discount on Gold's! 12k for 13mos. unli access. iyak na ko Lord. answered prayer. >XD

*all amounts and figures mentioned in this post is subject to change. doh hehe

okay, diet details below the cut, feel free to leave!

breakfast: 7:30am
- 2 scrambled eggs with onion
- lettuce, pipino, kamatis salad w/ caesar dip
- 1 glass soy milk
- chauchard tea

lunch: 11:30am
- 120 grams beef steak
- steamed kalabasa
- 1 glass malee vegetable juice
- green tea

snack: 3:30pm
- 40g almonds (grower's almonds hickory bbq flavor)
- 2 blocks dark choco
- green tea

dinner: 7:30pm
- lettuce, pipino, kamatis w/ caesar dip

the GMAT challenge

it's time to get into business, seriously. a lot of management majors opt to take masteral courses after they earned their undergraduate degrees. but the road to become a true master is hard. let's talk about the GMAT or the Graduate Management Admission Test. it's a standard application procedure that aids a handful of institutions in their student selection process. have i mentioned it's hard? my sister is taking her masteral in business administration right now and she would always remember her GMAT exam as crazy and totally brain damaging. i'm not really sure why, it's just a couple of math, logic, grammar and time management questions right? not to mention the time management part was actually a practical test. hahaha but NO. one must not underestimate the power of GMAT, or any admission test for that matter.

the GMAT exam covers a wide array of questions from the world of math, english, ethics and blah. and as the name implies, it's a deciding factor if you're going to be admitted to the instituion you want. depending on the school, items may range from 500-1000 questions, spread over 4 hours at the suggested least with small breaks in between so you could contemplate if you still wanna pursue that shiz. haha wanna get some tips? here are sample gmat questions (you may also want to follow VeritasPrep for that!) i found around the web. >:D

anyhow, fear not cos there's the internet for you to turn to. all the resources you need are scattered around, just google GMAT and voila! you might even get a leak haha

good luck!

day 1 again haha

naiirita na ko sa sarili ko hahaha

CGN Diet
Week 1 - Day 1

breakfast: 7:00am
- 2 hard boiled eggs
- 2 tbsp instant oatmeal
- 1 glass (250ml) soymilk
- lettuce, tomato, cucumber salad w/ caesar dip
- chauchard tea

lunch: 11:00am
- 120g marinated chicken (in lemon,turmeric,salt and pepper) fried in olive oil
- steamed kalabasa
- green tea

snack: 4:00pm
- 1 pc medium sized apple
- 2 blocks of dark chocolate
- green tea

dinner: 9:30pm
- lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad w/ caesar dip
- 1 glass (250ml) malee vegetable juice
- chauchard tea

- 1 bite of kakanin around 2pm. didn't finish cos i remembered this diet! haha
- 1 serving (approx 10g) of adobong mani sa tabi tabi. i was otw home around 8pm without a chance to sit down and munch dinner. hehe

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