weekend diet fail

argh. i always fail my diet during the weekends but now, i'm not going to repeat week 1, i'm gonna continue with week 2 even though i downed 8 blocks of dark choco, 2 bowls of champorado, a cup of rice, 1 jco donut and a cup of ice cream this saturday and sunday. the guideline says we could have a joker (aka cheat food) once in a while. apparently once in a while is every saturday and sunday to me! haha

i don't really feel bad. right now i'm not anymore counting on the diet to slim myself down, i'm just gonna use it to start a healthy and balanced eating habit! did you know that i've never eaten this much vegetables in my lifetime? i kinda got addicted to lettuce, pipino and kamatis salad hahaha >XD i eat like 2 plates a day. it's just so ozom. >8D

on other news, i'm getting irritated having to answer people's questions about the yearbook distribution. oh you have all the right to take me wrongly cos here i'm gonna admit that i was really ticked off by SOME. in case you're sensitive, i made it all caps. most of the time i try to be polite, but uhm. yeah. these days, a lot of things get to me easily. my patience has turned volatile due to climate change. but i'm not blaming the weather either, let's just say i wanna quit being nice all the time. no, kidding. haha i'm generally a nice person *chokes*. and i try my best not to judge people by their questions. i too have my own shortcomings of course.

work. uhm, i was supposed to be productive last friday but i kinda got caught up chatting with my boss. HAHA he probably thinks i'm not working na since it's past office hours, but honestly boss... that's actually the time my brain is starting to just fire up. huhu >XD no really.

oh my gym+pool hunt. would you believe i'm actually considering joining at DFit gym at Dusit Thani Makati? HAHAHA ang yaman ko lechugas! that's 40k a year (one time payment darlings). and their pool closes at 9pm, the gym is well maintained (well compared to gold's intercon!), and i feel like it's more private there hahaha but my wellness loan is already approved and they're gonna release just the amount i need to join Gold's gym intercon, which is 12.5k haha >XD so i asked jeckie for input and he said that as long as it serves the purpose you want from it, don't look anywhere else na! non-verbatim but it really helped! gusto ko pa kasi yung maganda at comfy eh no. ang loser kasi talaga ng gold's sa intercon HAHA sorinaaaa. at least may pool? yeah? YEAH! sobrang inet kasiii grrrr

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