i spent yesterday lunch with kdv, my school mate during highschool na office mate ko na ngayon.
hahaha nakakatuwa lang mag-reminisce about how the batch was just so frkn un-united before. sobrang daming clashes, ayaw, nakawan and all. even after grad, reunions would be a pit of criticisms about how it doesn't really matter cos we're never really that close. nakakatuwa rin maki-chismis kung ano na nangyari kay ganito, si ganyan naganto daw, si ganto mabait na daw, si ano malandi parin, si ano bumigay na. hahaha

ewan. nakakamiss!

kung pwede lang mag-FB backtrack to just check the people out. stalkerish, i know but sorina chismosa lang. haha

CGN Diet
Week 1 - Day 3

- 2 tbsp australian harvest instant oat meal
- 120g sauteed chicken breast fillet with tomato and onion
- 1 glass (250ml approx) soy milk
- lettuce, pipino, kamatis salad w/ caesar dip
- chauchard tea

- steamed kalabasa
- 120g ground beef patty with celery, carrots, and onions
- green tea

- 2 blocks dark choco
- 50g salted garlic peanuts (i forgot to buy apple huhu)

- lettuce, pipino, kamatis salad w/ caesar dip
- 180g canned century tuna flakes in oil
- 1 glass (250ml approx) malee vegetable juice
- 4 blocks dark choco hihi

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