day 1 again haha

naiirita na ko sa sarili ko hahaha

CGN Diet
Week 1 - Day 1

breakfast: 7:00am
- 2 hard boiled eggs
- 2 tbsp instant oatmeal
- 1 glass (250ml) soymilk
- lettuce, tomato, cucumber salad w/ caesar dip
- chauchard tea

lunch: 11:00am
- 120g marinated chicken (in lemon,turmeric,salt and pepper) fried in olive oil
- steamed kalabasa
- green tea

snack: 4:00pm
- 1 pc medium sized apple
- 2 blocks of dark chocolate
- green tea

dinner: 9:30pm
- lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad w/ caesar dip
- 1 glass (250ml) malee vegetable juice
- chauchard tea

- 1 bite of kakanin around 2pm. didn't finish cos i remembered this diet! haha
- 1 serving (approx 10g) of adobong mani sa tabi tabi. i was otw home around 8pm without a chance to sit down and munch dinner. hehe

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