the cheater that i am

[CGN Diet] - Week 1 Day 4

i'm out of stocks! no more pineapple juice, lettuce, soya milk, chicken hahaha so i believe i kinda ate less today. every supermarket we saw on the way was closed... i just had to note this though,  North EDSA looked so dark when SM is closed. hahaha >XD so tomorrow, i'm off to bit of grocery shopping. i really don't have any money with me so i'll just buy a few items huhu

breakfast: chauchard tea, chicken, choco oatmeal, soymilk, lettuce/pipino/tomato caesar salad
lunch: lettuce/raddish/kamatis caesar salad, chicken, pineapple, chauchard tea, brownies (just one), dark choco (oh sorry)
snack:  none cos i already ate my dark choco for lunch and i have no peanuts at home hehe
dinner: fish, pineapple juice, saging na saba with cheese


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