[CGN Diet] Week 1 - Day 1

i knew the program was supposed to be started on a Monday but i was too anxious to start! e kasi naman kakasweldo lang kahapon so shempre gabi na ko nag-grocery.

my first impressions of the program were: too expensive and too time consuming.

that was before i started preparing and blah. for some reason, it was kinda easy naman pala to prepare food. shempre there's ate wilma who helped me with the little dishes like poached eggs and steamed vegetables but hey! i did the major part, my lunch! my own version of their "marinated chicken skewers" (sans the skewers) blah. i bought chicken breasts from the supermarket, careful to get just the right amount cos i have trauma sa mga wet areas the supermarket eh, every gram costs a freakin lot haha eh i'm diet on a budget nga diba haha. when i got home, i marinated it with whatever citrus fruit i found in the ref (dalandan), salt, pepper, magic sarap, and mckormick turmeric chuva. in the end it smelled like curry lang naman pala kala ko kung anong pausong gourmet dish eh.

anyhow. i know some of you guys are annoyed with people who always always always update their social networking hubs with what they eat up to the last bite... like people actually care... but let it be clear that my purpose for such uhm, vanity (if i must say) is to create an abode for my so called "weight loss journal". haha

so here goes. almost all of my meals are substitutes cos i can't afford the exact stuff they want me to buy haha

breakfast: hard boiled egg, instant oatmeal, soya milk, pipino with apple cider vinegar, chauchard tea (or simply anise + rosemary + thyme tea). all the herbs are c/o mckormick haha
lunch: marinated chicken blah, steamed carrots sayote kalabasa, cheddar cheese, green tea
snack: apple, dark chocolate, green tea
dinner: take out KFC chicken caesar salad, pineapple juice, chooks-to-go chicken whites (basta walang balat huhu), chauchard tea
water: 0.8 liters

weight: 62kg as of this morning before breakfast

odiba? busog! HAHA di ko nga alam kung diet nga ba to eh. kanina napapaisip ako kung papayat ba talaga ko dito o ginogoyo lang ako. according to the person who developed this diet, it's imperative to eat the right foods at the right time and on the right intervals. his suggestion was to eat each meal set every 4 hours since breakfast. phase 1 deals with detoxification daw, so it's more on protein and vegetables and blah... then on the succeeding phases, the meal sets will be customized to gradually introduce the right food for my so called "chrono-geno-type"

what really won my "heart" with this diet is their claim that their program offers a fast, healthy and permanent way to lose weight. odiba kung di ka ba naman mabentahan ng ganyang pangako? madami na rin kasi akong na-try... specifically:

1. biofit tea aka biofit-tae
2. bigguerlai aka the bigger lie
3. maggie fitness essence tipong maggie-gising ka sa sakit ng ulo
and finally
4. lipo 6 black hers ultra concentrate aka lipo sucks black hers ultra concentrated sa hindi pagpapa-tulog sayo and ultra concentrated din ang presyo sa mahal

and well, they worked! except that totoo nga ang mga haka haka, pag tinigil mo, doble ang balik. and they weren't really the type na healthy. i remember nung kasagsagan ng addiction ko sa senna tea products (1 & 2), i suffered from acid reflux huhu

nos. 3&4 are the types to work on suppressing your appetite. which is wrong kasi hindi naman undernourishment ang habol ko kundi sexiness diba. at pag walang laman chan ko sumasakit ulo ko ng bongga hay.

okay balik sa CGN diet...

overall, i'd say it was a good start? except that i fail so much with my water intake. was supposed to eat tuna for dinner eh kaso may chicken sa bahay eh birthday kaya ni mommy andaming pagkain HUHUHU.

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