Kadayawan Banner

7ft (approx.) Kadayawan themed banner

yesterday the IT department held its annual RnR (rewards and recognition) program. this year it's festival themed and one task is to create a banner design for the group. i was one of those tasked to do it, and well, that's how the picture above came about.

it was really stressful. the contest was announced last week, but they took it back on friday. come monday, the contest is up again. and well, it's due the next day! without any solid planning in mind we thought of just covering the whole plank of wood with festive colors and whatnots about kadayawan (which is basically fruits and harvest and a splash of colors). so i took 6 cartolinas, drew a head on each of them, and painted with mon and ricky.

painting was the hard, well exhausting, part. we started 9am and the program will be at 2pm so the banner has to be up before that, and we still need to eat lunch yknow. so we ended up laying down all 6 heads on the floor to paint them simultaneously, one color at a time. i thought it could save us quite some bathroom trips to refill the water bowl (yknow what i mean?), and also the brushes (yknow when... basta).

for the most part it was extremely tiring! yknow... having to bend over painting for hoooours! by the time we're done my back was hurting so bad and i feel super haggard to the bones! >XS

sorry, but i was actually expecting to win. so i kindof feel bitter that we didn't haha i felt really proud (inside) of that work. it was literally on the spot. and despite the short notice it did turn out quite nice naman diba? haha grr

this morning i wake up with a really really bad muscle pain. it's funny cos all i did was paint. it can't be that physical, can it? haha my entire back, thighs and arms hurt. HAHA beats me why my body hurts like i just had a heavy workout argh. >:S

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