Oz the Great and Powerful: a special screening for Nuffnangers!

i always get extremely stoked when i get freebies or win something. kahit ano pa yan. libreng pamaypay sa mrt, libreng sakay, free taste ng noodles/gatas/chips sa supermarket, libreng ballpen sa jobfair, basta libre sige! haha which is why i was so happy when i became an active member of the nuffnang blogging community... andaming perks! i ain't like those bloggers who monetize their pages with all traffic and seriousness (cos at one point i'd like to keep this personal parin) but with what stuff i write, i'm happy that somehow i'm getting rewarded! haha

i joined one of their promos and won 4 tickets to a special screening of Oz the Great and Powerful and a raffle entry for a chance to win a Lumia 620 or 820 (didn't win tho). 

so what about the movie? it's actually a prequel of the well known Oz with Dorothy as the main cast. it talks about how the great wizard of Oz came to be after being swept by a tornado to the magical land of Oz. what i really really liked about the film is the stunning visual effects and animation. sobrang hats off talaga. eto yung movie na hindi 3D pero mapapakapit ka sa upuan mo! >XD for some reason Oz's character (played by James Franco) kindof reminded me of Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp).

anyway, here are some photos from the event! again, many thanks to Nuffnang Philippines for making this happen and of course to Nokia and Abenson Appliance for making this happener (ok. sorina haha)!

registration area for the winners! >XD
my +3: mark, dan and terai!

free popcorn + drinks!
freebies from Nokia after the film! shirt, 2gigs USB, sortalikea ref magnet and a pillow! >XD

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