congrats mommy! >:D

yeyyy! congrats mommy! the insurance and investment sales industry is a tough business, but every year you prove us wrong and make us proud. here's to your being a lifetime MDRT (million dollar round table) qualifier! thank you for introducing us to the world of financial planning (chauce!), i know one day our policies will pay off and we'll reap hundreds of k's with it (realistic yan, kasi maliit pa lang policy ko haha). i also hope that one day people will have a good understanding on why it's always best to plan ahead and invest for their futures. and of course, have someone trustworthy to help manage their wealth. oha. so anong plano mo? usap tayo! (read: implied salestalk)

but seriously, the reasons why i always look forward to this annual recognition thing are theeeeese:

1) fee hotel accommodation for 1 day! >XD this year philam life brought their awardees to makati shang last march 5! >XD

 2) foooooood! complimentary breakfast buffet omnomnomnomnomnom
say hello to my breakfast kahapon haha (na hindi ko naubos)
3) and of course!

yeyyyy! ang masaklap lang eh ambilis lang... hahaha after swimming, back to work na agad. haggard pa para mahabol ung 10:30am sched. haha >XD then again, enjoy! >:D parang panaginip lang haha

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