for someone who's obsessed with leaking out too much crap in the web, this layout is too serious. now i'm looking for something to rip-off. something plainer. hehe

i've been lurking around here, reading my archives, hating myself for hating too much specially during highschool, then hating myself more for excessively bastardizing the two languages i speak (then and now).

it's been too boring. after my power siesta, i rushed to the tv to see if i can still catch up on heart and jc, but found out they're done for the day. i tuned in to maxene and glaiza, and bud brothers instead -- airing simultaneously on rival channels. i'm having a hard time remembering the program titles cos they sound all too similar. and they're too cheesy, but i watch them because i admire the antagonists. glaiza outshines maxene in every way, she's prettier and has more spunk (some call it character). maxene always looks sick and she has bad angles. arci has more appeal than heart. hahaha to jc de vera and patrick garcia, wish you were taller. oh and wendy (whose wig sucks) as a nerd psychologist tops.

no plans for tomorrow.


i need a reason to go to LB. yung mabigat! uh, refund? hindi e, deposit lang katapat non. T_T; haaay, i miss you LB. LB lang! hindi UPLB. hahaha

ayoko talaga mag-uniform e

just got home from my cousin's 18th birthday celebration! grabe, i literally threw up because of overeating. hahaha then kinuyog pa namin yung imported chocolates na regalo sa kanya... hahaha sarap! :D :D :D

i'm obsessed with my french reviews. see, i even had to consult google translate to know what my readers think about the story. :) it was overwhelming! thank you for crying! i cried writing the last chapter as well, but that was a good 3 years ago. hahaha :D it's nice to have a bunch of people grab a kleenex with your story! that's one thing i'll always be proud of! :D course, my beta gets all the credits for proofreading my hideous grammar, and my translator too --- if not for her my story wouldn't reach france, lol!! besides that, it was awesome writing for you guys! :D :D :D

till the next story! :D haha but you'll have to wait...maybe a decade till my writing mojo comes back...or till i rewatch/reread the whole harry potter series. i wasn't called for writing in the first place haha and i wasn't naturally blessed with good writing skills. :) haha next time! :D

i'm being cruel for leaving two other fics unupdated for more than 2 years now. i just don't know what to do with them anymore. LOL.

i already have my uniform! the fabric is too err thick? pre, ang init e. at parang maluwag yung pants ko. haha anyway, i hate wearing uniforms but it's one thing to save on a wardrobe update.

transformers, anyone? july na! i can go out na! haha :D :D


man, you're still in highschool and you're already clubbing like crazy! that's a bit off, for me ah, to see my multiply inbox flooded with how you wasted yourself partying at fiammas and meeting equally juvenile friends at the embassy. you fake your IDs and try hard to look collegiate for a taste of party music, booze and smoke.

seriously. study for now. save the pent up adulthood frustrations when you're of age. you're barely 18 and you show off too much skin already. doesn't pay that you're pretty, the real climb to the peak of the social ladder begins at college (or maybe even after), not in highschool. because how well you do in highschool determines where you're going to in college. and where you're going to in college determines the kinds of places you will spend the rest your social life in. believe me, it's all about stereotypes. the status quo starts shedding itself off when you leave highschool. don't waste you're beda education.

so dear friend, don't party too much. at least not in places where everyone will think you're a social climber (like i do). a too-young-to-be-peer-pressured social climber at that. >__>;

i'm speaking out of the tradition that highschool girls should stay in their houses for the most part of their nene lives. that's what my lola taught me. that's what i did back then. if i'm not studying i'm most probably in front the computer, typing furiously about a new found OTP, making stories, ranting about fandoms. sometimes reading fics, reading stories, reading articles. most of my highschool life i spent reading and drawing and writing and playing minesweeper and pinball...such that when i came to college, i was overwhelmed at the amount of freedom i was given... that i instantly became a slave of vicious vices... academic delinquency and sometimes alcohol. i'm not saying you should spend highschool like i did. that would be extremely intolerable. haha i'm just saying that you should keep your studies at high priority, at least habang highschool ka pa. :)

right! i take back everything i've said on the first 2 paragraphs. you should, indeed, party while you're still young so you won't be surprised on how things go way wilder in college. right. roight. haha diba?

hahaha of course, it's the devil talking. i give the worst advices ever. come to me when you're drunk (or if you want to)! :) to yan? di ko nagets yun. HAHAHAHA minsan talaga kahit sarili ko di ko maintindihan bwahaha. ganun daw talga mga henyo sabi ni jay, kakarampot lang ang nakaka-intindi --- minsan nga wala pa. haha


school, hospital, megamall, birthday. :)

school - ok lang. haha. eto na, nagsisimula na kong magsawa. nanlumo ako kanina dahil kala ko eto na ang simula ng pagkatalo ko sa reci (tambak!) hahahaha, pero hindi parin. naks. HAHA

hospital - ok lang din. got a flu shot. :) duty si cousin! haha nakatipid kmi sa vaccine. while in the hospital, i received a text msg from the school paper blah blah blah blah. meeting daw at 3pm. short-notice! so nevermind. pero yehey, ibig sabihin pasok ako? :D

megamall - para ipaayos ang laptop ni daddy. antok na antok ako nito, power nap time ko dapat e. nothing much, just looked at some paintings, nainspire ng kaunti. natuwa sa abstract vs. abstract exhibit sa art center. hahaha. astig talaga mga utak ng abstract artists, di ko masundan. tapos nakatulog na ko sa hagdan. XD

birthday - dapat di na ko pupunta. haha wala kong gift e! at inuubo ako. :) pero natuloy parin. hanep pala sa slice n' dice eh, perfect pang-inuman! :) next time, next time. hehe

how could i fail so much doing something i like?

my other classmates have already been notified that they passed the test! :( i haven't received anything yet. which sucks because i was hoping to get in and finally have something better to do than sleep the whole afternoon and spend every night online. oh well.

i miss meg cabot and her hillariously dumb writing. i didn't mean dumb as bane. as you can see, i like writing dumb... excessively at that. and apparently, school isn't as interesting as they were during the first few weeks. it's becoming dragging. i wish i had something better to do than listen to teachers who can't keep their math (and english) straight.

i miss talking sense. i've always been a lover of nonsense but i try to keep my sanity intact by talking to at least one person whom i regard to as wise and mature. i had my eyes on someone, but he totally proved me wrong. now i'm all about leeching on Paulo Coelho's online newsletter. pathetic.

experience still tops the hunt.

i wish i was back in UPLB.

nightlife sa LB, netlife sa QC

taena. typing maniac on facebook is super frustrating. T_T;


@ - went to school to try out as illustrator for the school paper. hope to get in, i'm dying to do something productive this term. please. :( they made us draw anything about FERN. you know what's the problem with that? EVERYTHING. anything is already to too broad, and 'anything about FERN' didn't strike any of my creative nerves. so i ended up doing the usual crap that i do, with the school's unofficial logo as base and my favorite abstract randomness. i doubt anyone would get it. T_T;

@ - i sat beside the jeepney driver awhile ago. at first i thought it was a bad idea cos not a minute after he started the engine, he started talking and commenting about this beggar who asked for money to buy her sick child some medicine. he said if only the beggar presented proof like a doctor's prescription, he would've given her 100 pesos wholeheartedly. i wasn't in the mood to talk, but i listened. until he came to this story where he gave 1,000 pesos to a father and his child who's rushing to the hospital because his wife is under labor... nagising ako bigla, "ISANG LIBO?!?!" and the driver laughed. "natutulog ka na kasi eh, mahirap sa driver yung may katabing tulog. bka makatulog din ako..."

what the fck, kuya. i'm on bloody crap right now, i want to sleep. >___<;


sa totoo lang, ayoko ng araw na to. :P
hindi parin ako fully recovered e, papunta pa lang don. i need to spend more time with you para masabi ko sa sarili ko na, "finally!"

e pano??? nasa QC ako!! tae. kung pwede lang lumipad dyan e. sa totoo lang, mas sumama yta ako nung lumipat ako. natuto akong mag-yosi. pota. BI kung BI. ang mahalaga, pumapasa. wala nito sa LB, BI o hindi bagsak lahat. edi magpaka-BI ka na lang. masaya ka pa. kasama mo buong mundo.

and you know what, sa mga ganitong pagkakataon ko tlga gustong makasama ang mga kaibigang naiwan ko sa UPLB. wala akong nightlife dito. net-life lang.

ano ba. FEU-fern is sucking up all my youth and i hate it. ~__~;

kelangan ko ng crush. -_____-;

yahoo purple hunt - camera #4

got it! :D woooh. hard-earned!

research kung research! it's the first time i got the answer correctly with only 3 image clues out. the purple crew tip didn't help at aaaall. or maybe i just don't know how to use this freakin clue:

"It's located near to a university on a street beginning with D"

and people keep on saying use yahoo! search for it. for the record, yahoo search hasn't helped me in any of my pursuits yet. haha and i don't think this yahoo purple hunt will ever divert people from the google search engine bandwagon. :\

what helped me most are the comments on flickr. maybe you should check it out, gogogo!

i can help you out! just don't ask me for the answer. haha :)
(comment here with your email or anything i can use to get back to you asap)

answer format, still the same:

1234 dandelion street

good luck :)


pen, ink, watercolor, photoshop.

ang boring dito grabe. ~__~

pasok ako bukas! haha :D :D

still purple hunting

and i thought i already quit last week. hahaha e kasi naman, i can't help figuring out the answers. :) so far i've registered completely for all 3 camera locations. mejo illogical pa nga eh, they want us to "Guess the Location of the Canon Digital IXUS Camera and Stand a Chance to Win It!" when in fact, the camera is not there. loose concept. ~_~;;

and because i only have one yahoo account i had to use other people's emails to have more chances of winning. 5 accounts so far, kay daddy, mommy, ate ko, pati secretary ni mommy. email mo na lang wala! :) peram ng email! :D :D :D ako naman sasagot e! :D :D

and because the submission of answers for the first two cameras has already ended, i guess it's safe to give the answers na.

camera #1: 2nd level greenbelt mall 1
camera #2: 1142 g masangkay street santa cruz manila

really, just by leeching out on flickr comments and the yahoo groups -- you won't go wrong.

good luck.

ETA: to those who stumbled upon this entry via google/yahoo search (accdg to stats), i won't put your mouse click in vain. i can help you out if you're having trouble with the clues or with the way things are running at the purple hunt. heck, i can even give you the answer -- kay, that was being too generous, BUT i will help. just PM me (y!m is best: ulquiorra_murcielago), or leave me with your email add or something so i can get back to you asap. :)

old fashioned

'love at first sight' is not love at all. most (like 100%) of the time it's just a crush, or a serious one at that. and people have a hard time distinguishing between the two, because the fluttery feeling of crushing on someone is truly blinding and downright confusing. but eventually, the attraction will dim down and fade away; that's one way of knowing if it's only a crush. never confuse crush for love, because crush is a fatal attraction for someone you don't know and love speaks otherwise. it is, of course, very possible to fall in love with your crush, if you give it enough time you might actually realize you're finally in love. keyword: time, it's the best gauge.

bottom line is, you can't fall in love with someone you don't know. lest your claim lacks rigidity. get to know the person first before you can finally say you're in love. most relationships fail because of premature confession. quoting someone from yahoo!answers ---
a "crush" is what initially draws people togehter, love is something that develops over time.

what the fuck, right?!

PS: this entry is major OOC (out of character) for me. e hinaharass ako ng kapitbahay namin e. in love na daw sya. sabi ko, maniwala ka sakin --- hindi pa love yan. makulit din sila, bakit daw wala pa kong boyfriend? sabi ko naman, e i don't give them the chance e hahaha! o at least di nangba-basted. :) mas na-eenjoy ko ang friendship! :) ako pa! :D :D in short, kung di ko mahal, nevermind! ayoko ng commitments. at least not yet. mas gusto ko ng bestfriend! yung pwedeng hatakin kung saan saan. hahaha

if it's the least i could do to help

cge go lang. meetings dito, seminars doon...exam bukas. shet.

parang 38.8 ako kanina. parang tanga talaga, sana di na ko pumasok. absent naman pala si sir.

ang daming may sakit. wtf.

eto for real na talaga.
hindi na ko lalabas. uwi na ko agad after class. whew. :\


:D :D :D

yeheeey! :D
dapat cguro walang pasok bukas no?
birthday na ba ni rizal?

fair enough

this day, after a three-hour recharge after lunch, i came with my parents somewhere in project 2. after the unsuccessful trip, we headed to trinoma to look for clothes. i was supposed to get my 2 friends their yahoo purple shirt already but there were no more sizes available except for men's large. so i decided to just come back tomorrow. so tomorrow, i'll be back at trinoma, with my friend dan who wants to try purple hunting. haha

btw, freakin cool day cos my friend above brought his car to school so after class i was able to get a free ride, along with 2 other classmates. haha thanks bro. :D cool, that's a first for guy.

bragging rights yet again. i topped the reci and quiz! yay :D

tomorrow. irdk.

full sched ahead.
my parents already filled my whole friday afternoon and my whole saturday for this meeting, this seminar and this licensure exam.

the only thing i like about it is that i get to go out, which is very shallow. oh, i also like dressing up like a working lady! :) suits me well cos i already look older that i do biologically.

giiiirl. i don't know what's up with you but i hope my assumptions are wrong. but damn for the record, i've never been wrong when it comes to matters like these. i hope he's not the one. being on denial proves something. i hope you don't like him like that. cos i like him! and it's making me jealous. :(


hanging out is different from dating right? yeah, that must be cleared. cos hanging out is going out with a friend and dating is going out with someone you like, or likes you, or vice versa. it doesn't have to be a mutal thing though, haha dating isn't exclusive only to people who like each other. it's for people who want to try out if something's gonna work out with the two of them. at least one of them must have professed his/her intentions before calling it a date. otherwise, you're simply hanging out, fools.

giving up on the purple hunt

the first item was the one i was looking forward on winning but i guess, may nakakuha na! :( dahil dyan, i won't play anymore! haha besides, it's slowing up this pc like hell. the page takes gazillion years to load! and quite honestly, the whole purple project doesn't seem popular enough for me.

and the yahoo purple hunt group is flooding my mailbox like crazy! buti na lang it was helpful leeching out on their entries, i found the exact location of the canon digicam but nothing happens when i click "claim your prize!" k, fine!

fuck the wait!
major minus points for cursing and smoking and being overly outdoors like i have no life.
really, i'm doing this because of you so get your ass moving and talk to me! utang na loob.

whew. be calm, yan. be calm. lol

yosi. kape. dyaryo

since class was utterly uneventful awhile ago, i came with my sister to greenhills. interview nanaman! haha. so while she's at it, i went to greenhills shopping center muna. wait, i was with my dad...pero i left him! haha ayoko nga ng may kasama. hehe. bantay sarado, ^%$#@!$%!

anyway. for the first time in more than x years...i smoked. just for the heck of it, cos the place is a smokers' pit and i found myself trembling in the cold. i was walking outside the mall when i found fitness first, nagsisi ako. edi sana nagkape na lang ako! ~_~; so there, i finished the stick outside the gym and bought a mouthwash! lol, patay lang naman ako sa tatay ko pag amoy yosi ako diba? may nakisindi pa ngang lasalista sakin eh, shempre ako naman, sure! (na may halong kaba...swine flu?! haha greenhills nga pla, tange).

clearly. curiosity builds the worst habit.
i remember, my roommate back in the dorm also smokes. but hers has a pleasant strawberry smell kaya naman kahit bagong gising ako at mausok sa kwarto, ok naman. haha

tomorrow...trinoma! haha secret lang! i have to get my 2 friends their purple hunt tshirt. hahaha

go go go! tara? :) la pa kong kasama! :D

no metal fan

hindi ako palabiro but i hate people who can't take a joke (or two?). ~_~;
today was effin boring, our teacher didn't come to school so we all left. while waiting for my dad i hung out with some of my classmates.

i just don't get it.
magkakaiba kami ng trip. :\ most of the time, i'd rather be alone than try to fit in.
especially with this guy who loves metal. i kinda pissed him off when i said i thought ac/dc means anti christ devil's child. he was insulted. well, sorry! that was the first thing i read about it, it's not like it's super popular here. maybe i'll read the storyline of DMC to make it up to you. not the manga please. and gawd, you don't have to say you hate me and almost wanted to curse at me for being judgmental. do you even know what that means?!?! i was being ignorant, not judgmental. jerk! ang sakit mo magsalita!

i was mentally racking my brain for possible explanations, clearly, i've never met a guy like you. ehem. that was a bit petty, i know. sensitive eh.

metal and classical music clash like hell.

i don't think i'll ever make it big in the social ladder. ftw, i only enjoy talking to 1 person, or 2...okay, 3. either simultaneously or whatever. i'm too old to be too friendly. i'm not even naturally friendly. i just hate being alone but i don't like to be in big groups. just one friend is enough for me. just one! (or 2? sige, 3.) ~_~;

i won't talk from now on.
silent mode! heh

oh right, will be at greenhills later.
i mean, now na. bye :D



please! i need to know ASAP!!!
text nyo ko!!! PLEAAASE!!!

tell me, why am i still awake?

i can't seem to sleep early. maybe i'll try medicating on sleepasil! hahaha :D

kaba by toosie guevarra ------ nakakmiss! haha!
di makatulog sa gabi sa kaiisip
sa diwa ko ikaw ang aking panaginip
o bakit ba ikaw ang siyang laging laman ng isip ko

sa bawat sandali ay nais kang makita
kapag tumitig na sa akin ay ligaya
anong hiwaga ang nadarama
anong kaba

sakto e.

haha, thanks for reminding me of this song, anne.

awhile ago, greenhills then galle. nothing much.

new found fetish: black jackets. i swear, if i only had money awhile ago...i would have bought that cool black jacket from the dept store! hay. but it's a good thing na rin na hindi ako napagastos today. haha

ang corny talaga, pero he's all i think about :)

yahoo purple hunt tour (or more appropriately, yahoo CHALK MAG hunt tour)

pictures at my multiply :)

ang aga namin sa trinoma tapos when i got to the cinema area, nawindang ako sa dami ng tao! parang, 'watda?! ganito ka-sikat ang purple hunt?'

tapos biglang, "kordero ng Diyoooos, na nag-aaaliiiiis...."

bobo. may misa pala.

i thought the yahoo purple crew will be at trinoma today but noooo, bobong bata, hindi binabasa yung email. they're still at glorietta! hanggang bukas sila don.

kaya naman...for the second time this week... i went to ayala. -____-;; super fast lang nung yahoo purple go there with your printed purple ticket (or register on the spot--they have laptops there), get your freebies (a purplized krispy kreme donut and a rubix cube. if you registered via mobile phone, you get a lanyard instead + the donut parin) and participate in any of the activities they have! :)

we did all of them (xept for the Surf and Lounge Laptop Station... onti lang naman un eh)

* Find Purple Game Wall - madali lang naman. you just have to look for some items dun sa game wall in 30 secs. prizes: 1 item found = notepad, 2= highlighter, 3 = tote bag and 4=usb fan. i won a tote bag, terai got a highlighter. akin na yun pareho. hahaha

* Purplize Yourself Photo Booth - eto fun! you get to have your picture taken in front of the purple backdrop by a pro photog. you can wear their purple stuff and accessories... tapos ipprint nila right there yung pic and they'll give it to you...they'll also upload it to flickr. pero dahil hindi pa nila nauupload, i scanned the pic na lang (overlaid via ps7). haha atat.

* Purple Graffiti Wall - here's a place where you can write/draw whatever. graffiti nga o. e katya lang yun eh! tapos parang crayola lang yung marker. hahaha si kuya tlga, dakilang assumero.

"aba o! kaliwete o! pag mga kaliwete magagaling magdrawing! ayan o, o! o! galing o! Y palang yan o!"

talaga naman kuya! hindi ako maka-bwelo sayo eh. haha whatever.


hindi donut ang pinunta ko dun. hindi rin yung tote bag, highlighter, rubix cube, sticker, not even the picture. yung SHIRT (yahoo purple hunt limited edition shirt DAW) tlga yung pinunta ko don. then i found out na i have to buy the june 09 edition of chalk mag (bianca, marielle, and toni on cover) in oder to get the coupon inside which will entitle me to the shirt. so i went to look for the magazine.

my gaaaaahd!!! chalk is nowhere to be found in that area! sobrang inaswang yung paa ko sa kakahanap ng bookstore/mag stalls na meron. haha tough luck! sold out lahaaaaaat! galing na ko sa filbars, nbs, fully booked, powerbooks, magnet...naikot ko na buong sm, glorietta, landmark, greenbelt pero wala parin.

eh desperada na ko. so i rode the mrt back to SHAW, kasi yung pinakamalapit at pinakafamiliar na place na pwede kong huntingan ng chalk mag. of all mags, why chalk??? pwede naman T3 or PC buyers guide? why chaaaaalk?!?! heh.

buti na lang, i was able to find one at nbs - shang plaza. nakow, LAST ONE on stock mga mare. haha chalk yta yung may limited edition eh, hindi yung shirt.

tapusin ko na kya to no? in short...nakuha ko yun shirt!


to know more about the Yahoo Purple Hunt, go to
Yahoo Philippines and click the purple hunt banner on top OR
read this entry here

ehem. grounded na ko for reaaal, pare! ayaw na ko payagan lumabas unless kasama sila parents. haha ok cge. sama ko bukas sa greenhills. lol


tapos na pala French Open.

Soderling lost to Federer. :(

6-1. 7-6. 6-4.


anyway, even though i haven't finished a single telecast of the FO, congrats to Federer. at least nka Grandslam na si Soderling :)

next: Wimbledon
june 22 to july 5 at London, England.
men's defending champion: Rafael Nadal

looking forward

watda! i ironed out my sister's hair for almost an hour! my arms hurt. -__-;; hello hagrid?
anyway, ok laaaang cos she promised to go purple hunting with me tomorrow at trinoma. wanna? tara tara! :D i still have no idea what to do there, but i don't care! i'll learn when i get there! haha i want the frkn purple donut eh. and the purple shirt (kung sswertehin). haha

most probably, well be there as early as 10am! haha my parents are gonna drop us off at the mall after church (na nasa harap lng ng sm north lol)

ahahaha, hindi ko favorite ang purple. :) i just want to try how it works!

i feel bad for purple nga eh. now that yahoo has given it ultra special attention and promotion, tiyak it'll be everyone's favorite color soon. tsk tsk. nako, i hate the bandwagon.

so far...

kanina we went to the gym. nako talaga, i'm hopeless. i just did a short round at the treadmill (15 mins, FTW) tapos nagkape na lang ako and preoccupied myself with the newspaper. in fairness, i checked my weight and i already lost 3lbs. ironic. sobra. bka sira ung scale or someone calibrated it the wrong way. haha incredible, bro.

sana...SANA masaya bukas! :D

as requested

o yan na! haha :) di ka ba naman maloka sa higanteng maki at dalandan as kalamansi? wth. :D

sonata strings

i forgot to mention that i recorded 4 songs from last night's mini concert. :) grabe, i can just sit here all day and listen to them even with the mall noise. they played my valentine, one sunny day at the street, perdido and something else. yeah, i was peeking behind the music sheets. galing nga eh, one piece per page lang yung book nila pero mga 4minutes yung performance. haha memorize hahaha.

:) too bad cos they don't have an album. i also learned that the guy who plays the violin also plays the cello. cool. and the pianist works with strings too. eh malamang. i want to learn the violin! lol

babalik ako don! hoping na kahit wla na cla don eh at least bka may ibang banda naman. hahaha :D
i bookmarked that place (kc hindi ko kabisado trinoma, sino ba?), sa gitna ng Zara, Beauty Bar and Lacoste. yay.

terai, ang tagal moooo. bulok na bulok na ko dito. ~__~;;

gusto ko na umalis. hmp =\


will SMF later.
will trinoma tomorrow. mkki-purple hunt! hahaha :D sana free yun!

for now, will fix my sister's hair kasi mgppapicture sya. wth o, ayoko tlga syang ayusan eh hahahaha LOL. her head is in a big mess of unmaintained rebonded hair. hirap nun a.

kk, patience.

goose fraba


tagged by RA at facebook pero dito na lang lol


10. salamat kahapon. :) next time ulit! haha
9. i missed talking to you because you're one of the few people in this world i can freely talk sense with.
8. i want us 6 to meet kahit once lang. asan na ba si chav?
7. sorry dahil natarayan kita nung, hmm di ko maalala, thursday last week ba un? sorry tlga. sama ng dating mo sakin eh, honestly. haha sana hndi ka galit sakin :)
6. ang landi mo. hindi kita kaya.
5. dude! miss na kita! malapit na mag july! :D
4. carrot!!! i super miss you! invite me sa inyong apt-warming party. magddala ako ng sakristan haha
3. patatas? haha miss na rin kita! hahah :D PS. yung ref ko! lol
2. kumusta naman at maga-arkitorture ka na. blita ko break na kayo? wth happened??
1. nasayo pa yung libro ko. :) pero ok lang. sana magkita tayo someday :)


9. i like drawing/doodling
8. mahilig ako sa mga nakasalamin :D
7. i ship HPDM
6. mahilig ako maki-joyride at gumala gala
5. i love classical music
4. parati akong online, lalo pag gabi
3. i bite my nails
2. di ako marunong magbike. heh loser. pero gusto ko matuto
1. i love swimming! chka tennis cge.


8. be my friend
7. make me laugh
6. may sense kausap. yung pwede mong kausapin about ideas...kasi di ako pala-kwento abt experiences e. haha
5. + pts kung may common factor tayo...arts, classical music, anime, sports, books blaaah
4. pakatotoo ka lang. :)
3. adventure! yung pwedeng kasama kahit san, kahit kelan...kahit biglaan.
2. be a gentleman
1. be a Christian. :)

hahaha dpat pla 8 ways to win my superfriendship lang to, hindi heart. haha


7. uhh him? lol
6. net?
5. save money daw cge
4. papayat! onga onga cge na nga...
3. him ulit!
2. isa pang him!
1. future


6. maka-hack ng isang super secured internet facility and terrorize them haha
5. get lost backpacking
4. develop a stalking program. talaga naman o. para sa mga may nawawalang kamag-anak! or para sa mga taong ang tanging ikinabubuhay ay ang maging updated sa mga crush nila
3. win an olympic gold in swimming! or maggrandslam sa lahat ng tennis opens. oha. stupid tlga! di naman ako marunong eh hahaha
2. bumangga sa isang platform 9 3/4 at mapunta sa wizarding world. shoot!
1. travel the whooooole world.


5. emo, hiphop
4. mayabang na know-it-all
3. mabisyo. smoking, drinking, cursing... (look who's talking!)
2. earrings/peircings/tatoo.
1. playboy


4. intelligent at may sense
3. matangkaaaaaaad!
2. athletic
1. naka-salamin! haha hindi sya turn-on e, weakness! haha


3. :)
2. :D
1. =))


2. ano nga ba..
1. ewan

nbsb ako. confession pb to? haha e ayoko ng bf eh (sa ngayon). close close lang. :)



An art assemblage exhibit at SM Megamall
hehe forgot to blog about this...nung monday pa to eh. :)

sobrang galing kasi super symbolic at napapanahon ng mga gawa nya. hahaha :)

Wounded Spirit
by Oca Villamiel

eto ung mga paborito ko from the exhibit... :D

ewan ko kung ano title nito. hehe terracota pinoys na naka-gapos ang mga kamay at nakaluhod... crumpled lotto tickets ung nasa harap nila. go figure. natuwa ako dito.

maganda rin to.
title: Seat of Power
mixed media assemblage on canvass
using confiscated deadly weapons from Bilibid prison.

may mga pistol guns dyan eh...sana pansin nyo db haha

eto di ko rin nabasa title. haha baka 'Baga'. lol
natawa ko dito, iniisip ko kung pano nakaipon si kuya ng ganito karaming upos ng sigarilyo. adik sya no?

malapit ko na nga syang sambahin eh

eto pa!

close up...

title: Prayer
di ko alam kung masama tong ginawa pages kasi yan eh. or not? tsk.

whew. someday, bblik ako sa arts. hahaha


haha lakwatserang bata.

after lunch i met with anne at glorietta. ang layoooo, pare. pero kaya nga may MRT diba? eh miss ko na sya eh, bat ba? and besides, i'm always aching to go out kahit walang pera. haha

happy independence day nga pala. :)

so yun. we met at sm makati then crossed to glorietta. stroll stroll. bonding bonding! ice cream! thank you sa DQ anne! ftw, naka-tatlong 12oz na strawberry banana na ko this week! haha at wala kong balak mag-gym. nakakatamad! which reminds me, i haven't saved up for this month's bill. that's why... iq-quarantine ko muna sarili ko starting tuesday next week until the end of the month, para iwas gastos. haha why tuesday???

eh, my lakad pa ko sa monday eh! dinner with barkada at technohub! huling hirit. sorry daddy. haha asar na sha e oh, labas daw ako ng labas kung kelan my virus outbreak.

ok, back to glorietta. it was super fun!! wala nga akong ginastos eh (maliban sa isang iced tea) bwahaha, so yun libot libot.

oh look,

from yahoo phils. astig. ano ba kasi yang yahoo purple hunt na yan?

actually, ngayon lang ulit ako nakapag-glorieta. i think highschool pa ko nung huli kong punta don...and i've never really stepped on sm makati before. haha alam ko lang kung pano pumunta. hahaha kaya nga mahal ko MRT eh.

at dahil mahal din nya ko, LIBRE MRT KANINA FROM 5-7pm. oha. regalo nya sa pilipinas. ang bait. haha

so 430 pm, naghiwalay na kmi ni anne kasi uwi pa cla ng dad nya sa sta rosa. eh 430 pa lang (hinihintay ko ung libreng sakay) so i decided to go mall hopping muna.

so from sm makati (na super panget ng building layout ano ba yan), to glorietta tapos landmark tapos greenbelt. hello greenbelt. i don't usually go there (di nmn ako tga makati in the first place) pero naappreciate ko ang katahimikan don. :)

around 6pm, i went back to the MRT station na...for the joyride! kaso magisa lang ako. at para akong tanga, nasa ayala na nga ko, dumeretso pa kong taft! for what? di ko rin alam. wala naman ng kwenta ung mga stations na yun eh. hahaha adventure daw. at least maluwag na pagdating sa taft, so nakaupo pa ko haha :) mas masaya kung may kasama, pero masaya naman magisa... nagoobserve nnman ako ng mga tao. kkaibang hobby. tapos...from taft...hanggang north ave. shet, sinulit ko tlga.

at dahil dyan...trinoma nanaman. ~_~; haha
hey, i saw a lot of celebrities! haha i saw eugene domingo haha tapos nung pauwi na ko i saw ENCHONG DEE. wtf. he's with 3 other boys na mukang celeb din, jomi yta un from fear factor chka...ewan. di ko na kilala ung iba.

crush ko si enchong kasi swimmer sha. hahahaha pero nung nakita ko sha in person ayoko na. he's hotter in bench than he is in person! and he's too...err.. short! cguro kung 5'2'' ako, mga 5'6'' lang un. parepareho silang magbabarkada. camera trick nga naman o. lakas manloko.

onga pla...i stayed too long at trinoma because i was listening to this duo perform classical pieces awhile ago
nakaka-inlove, sobra! :) teka, i took their calling card. Sonata Strings pala. yun. :) ang ganda, sobrang relaxing nung music. plus the violinist was good looking (hirap lng tingnan na pic pero cool yan). astig tlga sobra. major +++ points tlga pag marunong ng isang classical instrument. will ask if they have an album, pero mukang wala.

anyway, kung magising ako ng maaga. San Pablo naman ako bukas. wth. hehe

magsalamin ka muna

wag papadala sa masamang impluwensya

i dreamt that i was smoking last night. as in marunong ako takte. ~_~ but nooo, kahit ilang vendors na tinitigan ko sa daan, hindi ko parin papatulan ang isang stick. self-control. self-control. goooose frabaaaa.

ang landi ni kuya. hindi ko kinaya.
bka ibang tao yon.

kachat ko rin si anne kagabi.
sana matuloy ngayon! di na umuulan o! :)
mall hopping na tayo please!!! :D
i have so many kwento.

plus plus plus. ayoko na maghintay. i left UPLB for good. nasasad ako kasi di ko na mkkta yung isang taong sana naka-bonding ko pa ng mas matagal. namimiss ko na nga sha eh. someday, sige someday. kung tlgang totoo yang fate na yan, magkikita parin naman tayo diba???? keep your glasses. :) you know how much i like guys who wear them. heh

T___T;; khit mejo diverted utak ko ngayon. i can't believe na deep inside, ikaw parin. :(

gustong gusto ko talaga lumabas pero epal ang panahon.

copy this line 3 times (do not just type it)

haha panalo si kuya. hanggang ngayon di ako maka-get over. this is even funnier than the "area of the square" debate (which is so stupidly funny).


gusto ko lumabas.
kaka-recharge ko lang. i mean, i just woke up. hahaha :D SMF? SMF???? i wanna go out!
haba ng bakasyon ko eh.

yes! we're going out! haha game na game tlga ako eh basta may pamasahe bwahaha

really, if not for ANIME, i wouldn't have real friends.

this afternoon, i went out with ate theresa (my mom's secretary)  to commonwealth market because i badly want a new pair of jeans and that's the nearest and cheapest place i could think of, besides ever gotesco and FCM hahaha. ang dami ko kasing pera ngayon eh, poknat.

and voila! i was able to buy new pants! yehey! :D my uniform won't be out till next week, and i'm running out of pants already. i was never a fan of jeans when i was in elbi, i just wear crappy house clothes to my classes, kaya naman wa effort akong magupdate ng closet, the only time i get to buy new clothes is when my mom pities me already because of my worn out fashion sense. but anyway, after buying jeans...i accompanied her around the fish area (my parents have clients there) then, we ate! haha kakagutom magsukat ng jeans eh, tiangge tiangge lang kasi yun. kaya naman nakaubos kami ng tig-isang softdrinks, donut chaka isaw. isaw. isaaaaaaw, na i super missed! i can remember the last time i ate isaw was around elbi pa yun ha.

sobrang bitin yung isaw, takte. nasa overpass na kami nung nagsisi ako kung bakit isa lang binili ko.
tapos, while in the jeep she told me there was a store in FCM which sells old books at a very cheap price, so go go go naman ako. the store was called Family Station (2nd flr, FCM) and indeed, there were a lot of books! pero nothing caught my interest! kakaiba nga eh, the store sells the most random objects from old books to japanese dolls and old mcdonald's happy meal toys. tapos there were furnitures, appliances, stuffed toys and BAGS AND SHOES.

why caps?
because they're all signature items. well, almost all of them. i was madly checking out the shoes cos they look so great and so original (and so second hand din haha) and the bags were equally amazing. sa sobrang tuwa ko, i bought myself a new bag. hahaha, sana may brand no? kaso wala pero maganda naman...simple lang. casual. tapos, there were BOOTS too.

no, they just fascinate me but i don't really like wearing boots. hehe.

oh, and there were loooots of mini doraemon toys there, i promise to buy like 5 of them someday. hahahaha

so eto, ok naman :)

PS. i topped our itfunda reci awhile ago! yehey for the 3rd time! :D

PS2: really, if not for ANIME, i think wouldn't have friends for the entire schoolyear. hello classmates! XD (this also applies to gradeschool and highschool and well, buong buhay ko pala haha)

PS3: there's this guy in class who's really mean. ~__~ asdhjgftreqw!!! he's too racist! yeah, he was joking but who the hell cares about it? stop it with the jews dammit.

ay pangatlo na pala kita

una: after 1 sem, it just vanished.

pangalawa: after 1 sem and the whole summer. nawala rin!

pangatlo: who knows. 3 months?

it might be vague, but it's not what you're thinking about. whatever is in your mind right now, dismiss it kasi mali yon! hahaha

haynako, gusto ko ng makakausap tungkol sa bulok kong lovelife. yung bulok din.



waw. makiki-carpool ako sa kapitbahay ko bukas papuntang school. ahaha, first time!
okay, daddy hindi na kita gigisingin evaaaar.

btw, one night i dreamt that i was driving our car! as in, the xuv one tapos it felt so great to know how to maneuver finely along the streets. somehow, in that dream i felt really parang super laki nung steering wheel tapos di ko maabot yung pedal and i can't see the front of the car. lol.

third time ko na managinip na nagddrive! una yung FX namin, tapos yung kotse, tapos ngayon ung xuv na.

kelan ba ko matututo magdrive????

lakwatserang virus, nagsschool hopping

would you believe i'm actually reading my programming notes? haha
i don't either. e kaso i didn't get most of our lesson today eh haha

after class, dahil wala akong kasabay pauwi, nagpasundo na lang ako. haha buti may tao sa bahay... :D i wouldn't mind walking but i realized i have a date with my bestfriend, karla, today so i can't be late or else sagot ko ang popcorn. haha

we went to trinoma and ate lunch at world chicken. first time! big servings! cheap pa! kinda undercooked chicken pero sobrang sarap, at dami!!! super sulit lalo na kung nag-fasting ka ng tatlong araw, otherwise...hindi mo mauubos lahat. like us.

since 4pm pa yung showing ng angels and demons, we strolled around first. went here and there, walked everywhere and ate ice cream. tapos... movie time!

the movie was great! i liked it, especially the bespectacled villain and the camerlango (in short, i loved all the villains). wth, i cried! but at the end of the movie i realized that my tears were aaaaall in vain. hay.


haynako. immarathon ko muna yung harry potters 1-5 before i watch the 6th installment, sobrang limot ko na because of the fanfics i read.... chaka yung fake harry potter na nadownload ko years ago di ko makalimutan kasi maganda rin sha, so much for a fake. sobrang na-confuse tuloy ako.


i'm happy today, not just because of our movie date.

something else ♥


"i'm not saying i'm in love, but damn lately he's all i ever think about."
- my cousin's ym status
aba! can relate ako! :D :D :D pero mejo pissed off parin. i back off pag taken na eh. but i honor the friendship. i need to chill out! hmm...

sana umulan! hahahaha
i mean, sana malamig bukas.

grabe, i can summarize my year 2007 in a single statement:

haha yun at yun lang laman ng blog na to nung mga panahong yun. grabe. ang tindi pala talaga ng problema ko.

anyway, i read something really insightful today, CLICK HERE TO BE BLESSED!

medium fries

hurray for another fruit of thy boredom (+hunger+impatience+lack of self control)
awhile ago at mcdonalds, el pueblo, ortigas.

sa likod nung paper na nasa tray, the usual! :D

the smoking area at mcdonald's awhile ago was tempting.

well i didn't have any cigarette with me but if there were vendors outside, i sure would've get myself a stick.

this is probably the demon talking, cos i don't have enough issues to consider smoking. i'm not on a diet so i don't need to kill my appetite. i'm also not problematic enough to seek the comforts of nicotine. but why???

am i so curious?
until now, the interest isn't leaving me.

smoking is evil. i know.
but somehow, i wanna try.


ETA: OK. I WILL NOT SMOKE. SUPER SORRY LORD for letting the demon talk its way here.

mega brownout

i've been waiting for my sister to finish her exam at JWS (jollibee plaza, san mig ave.) since 8am! look at the time man, it's  already 2:30pm!
i'm here at fitness first, sm megamall...nakiki-internet. haynako.
awhile ago i was at the Podium, chilling.
but before that i stayed more than 4 hours at McDonald's El Pueblo.
i'll show you another randomness i drew awhile ago! :) wait till i get home, i'll scan it.
kanina pa ko nabubulok dito.
really, waiting like this is sucking up a lot of money. kanina pa ko kain ng kain ng kain. i can't seem to stop. hmp.
now i'm dead bored and i don't know what to do.
onga pala...
i saw someone filthy rich awhile ago, mac air and two big moleskine journals! yameeeng! duh. podium!
teraaaaaiiii asan na youuuu??!?!?!?!?! 2 bars na lang phone kooooo. T_____T;;

posting excessively yet again

i'm spamming my blog with whatnots. super sorry.

awhile ago, i signed up on both plurk and twitter and in less than an hour of fumbling around the dashboard realized it's not for me.

plurk: when i first saw it, i hated it because the interface looks so cluttered. horizontal navigating is way out. the only thing i liked about it is the colors! i tried embedding it to this site because i though i can update it here (pretty much like a tagboard). but no! i still have to open to update the freakin thing.

twitter: too serious.

anyway, i'm leaving both.

btw. i want a new layout!

3 social networking sites for me is enough.


"worse is, i'm not allowed to shift courses. :("
- from this entry 3 years ago
wait a minute!!! i think i just stumbled upon something that could mean i actually signed a contract at CEAT!

haha... too late. FEU na ko eh! haha

a little pain - olivia lufkin

do you read this blog?
(is under an illusion that people actually visit this place)


i'm curious about the ip addresses i'm getting!

tomorrow: because i have nooooo classes, haha, i'll accompany my sister to an employment exam at ortigas. i dunno, i'm too bored and i'm looking for excuses to finish reading The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coehlo, i still have another pending reading after that. then after that,,,, i'm gonna buy more coelhos! i want: brida, warrior of light, witch of portobello and the winner stands alone!

i also want a drawing journal. something from fully booked. -__-;

yunjae ♥

i just had to post this pic michi gave me last night!
yunjae is ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

so far that's my favorite picture of them together.
they're my top 2 favorite male couple now! (course! number 1 goes to harry-draco, who else?)

uhh, did i scare you?

fyi. i like gay couples. male-male, boy-boy couples. okay? now i know it's weird but it all started when i became addicted with anime series. eventually i noticed that most of them have extremely mary sue female leads. if not, the female leads are almost always damsels in distress, AND I DIDN'T LIKE IT COS THEY IRRITATE ME TO HELL. i hated it how the guys are always out there to help them like these girls can't lift their own fingers to help themselves. it may be a bit feminist but i don't like how women are portrayed in anime series. which is why i don't think they deserve the 'heroes'. haha after all, i'm not for the girls. that's a bit twisted hehe.

thaaaaat's why i figured, "aaaah! these ugly tramps don't deserve these bishounens!!! the other guys out there are better off with them."


okay. bottom!draco is not really my thing but somehow, i have nothing against bottom!blondes. just look how jae joong, in his blonde glory, is utterly unsuitable to dominate yunho. now, i accept.

i'm meltiiiiing.
don't they look good together?!?!?

listening to: basingstoke assembly

for some reason, i like checking out on jackets, bags and shoes at the department store! :) but nothing beats windows shopping and catalogue collecting at the tech zone.
hey, i just bought a new jacket this morning hahahaha. nothing much, just a simple black knitted jacket. sucks, because the weather is getting better now.  hmp

my arms are pretty sore. as a labor of love, LOL, i massaged my parents last night. yeah, that's 15 mins back massage for my dad and 1 hr. upper body massage for my mom. really, i'm a pretty good daughter when i'm in the mood. and i also prepared our lunch today. because our maid is off, i cooked something simple, light and is not heavy on the sink... tortilla wraps! slicing bell peppers and onions is sooooo tiresome! but i'm proud, cos i was able to prepare 14 rolls... so we gave some to our neighbor. hehehe

red bell peppers cost almost 300 per kilo now in supermarkets. *dies*
i also saw something cute at the vegetable area awhile ago, a yellow bell pepper! yaaay! i was excited because red + green + yellow bell peppers in a tortilla wrap looks so awesomely colorful! haha and tasty too.

michi! i love you for pic spamming me with YUNJAE last night! see, because of her, i have dedicated an entire folder to yunjae pics specifically!
i wanna go to your house! mooooaaar pics plzzzz! last night was the most kilig night i had since..err...since june...? heh

a date with karlita! :) tuesday, after lunch, sm north then trinoma! hello angels and demons at laaast!

last night i was trying to make a curriculum flowchart for my course but i gave up entirely because it's too taxing! -____-;; i'm not used to the one they gave me.

right now, i'm browsing on the uplb webpage and it has changed a lot! it's a lot better now! last time i think they were still using old school tables and div layers (i can tell because it's ugly) but now they've improved a lot especially on the aesthetic part. CEAT also has a new page. aba asenso!

kelangan talaga paabutin ng 100 years para maupdate ang layout? haha

soderling vs. federer on french open finals 2009

but i dunno wheeeeere!! -___-;;

actually, i can only watch the french open telecast when i'm at the gym (cos they have cabled-tv), i don't even know the schedule but heck. wasn't really enthusiastic about it because all i hear is nadal here and federer there... they also seem to be the only games i see on tv. grrr. but when i saw a friend's status mentioning soderling, i was like "whut?!? robin soderling??? my favorite male tennis player?! *insert fangirl squeal*

ok, i will look for ways. i must watch it no matter whaaaaat!!!

the way of the fool

"Live in the present and trust in your own abilities - this is the way of the Fool." -- quoted from a facebook app result

maybe i've been living the way of the fool for quite a time now (mabye four years). i've been gambling on my future and maxing out my parents' money, not knowing what i really want to do in life. i live the present without regretting the past and relying on my own intuition. it's not the most practical thing to do. and it's also most characteristic of a fool.

hmm. sometimes, you never really get what you want, no matter how much you strain the universe to conspire for it. it's either you don't want it hard enough to move the gears propelling the universe's movement, or at worst, an immortal diety says you can't have it, period. the fool knows he won't always get what he wants, bringing him to take on a different path, to take risks exploring undiscovered pastures. a fool's life is full of gambles. he lives an undetermined future, plans on the spot with very little consideration of wasted elements. he doesn't know where he's headed, he only knows the path but not his destination.

that's a pretty exciting life. i personally prefer spontaniety. :) maybe i do look like a fool now.

off topic. well at least, off the fool thing. hehe

you know one thing i want? i want a guy friend! or a guy bestfriend! i figured it would be entirely different to see things on a guy's point of view. the last last time i was able to talk to a guy seriously was two years ago with leonard. we would spend early dismissals together waiting for our next class and talking randomly about life and our plans. i want to relive those moments!

i wish i could also make a lot of friends now but that would be hard being the oldest girl in the class. and somehow, i think i'm losing my social skills. -__-;


shet! the h1n1 virus is spreading so quickly! grabe there's already quite a number of cases in metro manila and now CALAMBA DOCTOR'S HOSPITAL has it?!?!?!? fffffuuuuck! -____-;; yes. i'm getting scared because I'M SICK too!!! though this is probably not a virus pero i'm still sick so i can't say for certain. lol

i wish i could rely on forwarded text messages, but they don't seem that credible! sana hindi totoo yung sa calamba.

this is certainly getting serious.
i mean, will this wipe out the planet earth?? LOL
disgusting. this is not how i want to see the world conquered. killing is not part of my plot for world domination. hmp

i read somewhere that the h1n1 case is already at its peak, meaning after we get over this... the next phase will be post peak, then eventually it will regress into a seaasonal epidemic or something. hehe that's good to hear.

aynako, i've been thinking of this one person for 2 days now.

hey. last night, i dreamt about erika! i asked her if she's angry at me and she said, "yes! i'm angry at you for not keeping in touch for so many years!" and i apologized and said, "but heeey, i'm always online naman! i comment on your DA but you're ignoring me!" then, i apologized more and hugged her. then, we're ok! :D

support the farmers


The farmers' hands seem to be irrelevant and insignificant to our careers, to our future. In fact, they seem to have little to do with us. They may look grubby and inconsequential, but these are the hands that feed our nation.

And they need our hands right now.

Friends, let us be bothered that by June 5, if the congress doesn't pass the amended Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program with Extension and Reform (CARPER/ HB4077), the whole CARP may be totally scrapped. These are bills that protect the Philippine farmers' basic rights, such as fair distribution and acquisition of tilled lands.

Of course, this bill is having a lot of difficulties as its beneficiaries are a social minority, while the ones who are tasked to pass and approve it include authorities who are land and hacienda owners.

Please. Let us take some minutes to all pray for the passing of this amended bill, that the Congress will not use the excuse of 'lack of time', to forever dismiss this matter.

And our farmers are certainly going through a whole lot, like:

  • Land debts
  • poverty
  • resettlement
  • landgrabbing, transforming their fields into industrialized structures
  • powerlessness
  • muted freedom of speech

It's evident that their frustrations aren't stemming from natural causes alone or agricultural problems as if those weren't enough.

Farmers from other countries also are not exempt. . (Just a few weeks ago, some 1500 farmers from India committed mass suicide due to unpaid debts by crop failure).

What can I do?


Pass. To create awareness, to battle indifference. If this can be read by people involved in government, civil, legislative, agrarian sectors, the better.

Blog. Sign Petitions. Compose. Bake. Call. Build. Paint. Put it in facebook, YM. Join initiatives. Learn more about it. Because WE CAN.

after all, these are our neighbors, our brothers who are slighted, oppressed, lightly esteemed and abused.



wassup with ym! there's something wrong with me importing contacts. hmm... everytime i open y!m, the same contact requests are popping up. paulit-ulit ko na nga ina-approve eh pero they don't appear in my list. hmph.

hello hello.


i need trabaho.
i specifically refused to add anymore subjects this sem dahil ako ang master ng petiks life. pero sobrang bummed out na ko.


This boy is a genius:


do visit his page.

onga pala...i'm planning on putting down the google adsense...temporarily. haha lang kwenta naman traffic dito eh. and ang tanga ko naman din for wanting ad clickers, when in fact, i don't want a lot of people going into this site. so yun.


suppose i didn't leave uplb, i would have been considered lucky to be given an automatic 17 units. suppose i decided to finish chemical engineering, uhm, wala...suppose lang naman,

anyway, just now... i helped 5 people. this would probably be the last time i'll be able to see my systemone account active, so i decided to do something good: i canceled every subject they gave me. i did it to save the waitlisted people from going on prerog, at least the number 1s on the list. hey, that's a freakin good deed. imagine if i just left my account unfinalized, these people would have their waitlist slots forfeited once preregistration period ends. then they would have to manually enlist on these subjects. :) so thank me! lol

ok. i'm 80% decided that i'm not going to school tomorrow.
because i'm semi-heartbroken.

hell, no. haha
there's nothing going on tomorrow. our prof cancelled our class because of the ICON orientation. then tomorrow night will be the so-called frosh night. not even an option. hello. and it was required even for transferees? haha sabi pa nila, we need a parent's letter kung di kami pupunta. what the heck. LOL

ok, dahil dyaaaan. hello super long weekend!! :D :D yehey


who is that girl? :(

ashgfdfdqtwrasdfth!! dammit, distract me pleaaase! i've been wallowing on this thought the whole day. i wanna cry. err, no. but the last time i felt like this was 3 years ago. omfg. -____-;; and during that time i walked home looking so tuliro, and when i got to the dorm i just sat at the couch and stared blankly at the door.

this freakin can't happeeeeeeen. again. why oh why oh why.
i'm overreacting.

man, i knew it.
should i cut my hair?
i won't.
i wan't some ice cream. strawberry banana blizzard from DQ please.

hay ang gulogulogulogulogulogulo ko. >___>;;

haha kasi naman! i shouldn't have freakin done that. eh sorry, sadyang highly inquisitive ako pagdating sa computers eh. malay ko bang i'll be discovering something heartbreaking diba. lol

Lord, come on. i'm too old for this. i've never been rewarded in this aspect of my life. come on, give me a sign?????? -___-;; i'm too inexperienced to go on my own.

i am legend

sorry naman! matagal na to diba? hahaha at least clear copy :)

the trailer got me in tears, especially when robert's (will smith) dog died. but as i finished the movie i was kinda disappointed! eh kasi naman i though he's going to be the only human survivor in the planet, aaaaall throughout the movie. tapos dumating yung girl and little boy. wala na. nasira yung expectations ko. well, i wanted it to have a more dramatic ending na parang during the almost final scene where the infected people are attacking him, he's going to inject the cure into his body and sacrifice himself para pag kinain na sha nung mga infected peeps, makakain rin nila yung cure then eventually gagaling sila...tapos... yun! tapos. shempre assuming na he's the only uninfected human survivor at wala yung girl and little boy. odba, mas heroic. talaga namang he is legend kung ganon.

hehe, shempre disappointing pag feeling mo mas maganda yung ending na naformulate mo on your own. hmm..

currently: doing a flowchart of the bs cs curriculum

ugh, crap, i'm bored

see? i'm not even studying!

the library is a cooool place. sucks because i have to wait till 1pm to bring the books home. >__>; hmm...

ok maybe i'll watch angels and demons na lang! then i am legend! then bleaaaach! yey

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