the way of the fool

"Live in the present and trust in your own abilities - this is the way of the Fool." -- quoted from a facebook app result

maybe i've been living the way of the fool for quite a time now (mabye four years). i've been gambling on my future and maxing out my parents' money, not knowing what i really want to do in life. i live the present without regretting the past and relying on my own intuition. it's not the most practical thing to do. and it's also most characteristic of a fool.

hmm. sometimes, you never really get what you want, no matter how much you strain the universe to conspire for it. it's either you don't want it hard enough to move the gears propelling the universe's movement, or at worst, an immortal diety says you can't have it, period. the fool knows he won't always get what he wants, bringing him to take on a different path, to take risks exploring undiscovered pastures. a fool's life is full of gambles. he lives an undetermined future, plans on the spot with very little consideration of wasted elements. he doesn't know where he's headed, he only knows the path but not his destination.

that's a pretty exciting life. i personally prefer spontaniety. :) maybe i do look like a fool now.

off topic. well at least, off the fool thing. hehe

you know one thing i want? i want a guy friend! or a guy bestfriend! i figured it would be entirely different to see things on a guy's point of view. the last last time i was able to talk to a guy seriously was two years ago with leonard. we would spend early dismissals together waiting for our next class and talking randomly about life and our plans. i want to relive those moments!

i wish i could also make a lot of friends now but that would be hard being the oldest girl in the class. and somehow, i think i'm losing my social skills. -__-;

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