yahoo purple hunt - camera #4

got it! :D woooh. hard-earned!

research kung research! it's the first time i got the answer correctly with only 3 image clues out. the purple crew tip didn't help at aaaall. or maybe i just don't know how to use this freakin clue:

"It's located near to a university on a street beginning with D"

and people keep on saying use yahoo! search for it. for the record, yahoo search hasn't helped me in any of my pursuits yet. haha and i don't think this yahoo purple hunt will ever divert people from the google search engine bandwagon. :\

what helped me most are the comments on flickr. maybe you should check it out, gogogo!

i can help you out! just don't ask me for the answer. haha :)
(comment here with your email or anything i can use to get back to you asap)

answer format, still the same:

1234 dandelion street

good luck :)

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