man, you're still in highschool and you're already clubbing like crazy! that's a bit off, for me ah, to see my multiply inbox flooded with how you wasted yourself partying at fiammas and meeting equally juvenile friends at the embassy. you fake your IDs and try hard to look collegiate for a taste of party music, booze and smoke.

seriously. study for now. save the pent up adulthood frustrations when you're of age. you're barely 18 and you show off too much skin already. doesn't pay that you're pretty, the real climb to the peak of the social ladder begins at college (or maybe even after), not in highschool. because how well you do in highschool determines where you're going to in college. and where you're going to in college determines the kinds of places you will spend the rest your social life in. believe me, it's all about stereotypes. the status quo starts shedding itself off when you leave highschool. don't waste you're beda education.

so dear friend, don't party too much. at least not in places where everyone will think you're a social climber (like i do). a too-young-to-be-peer-pressured social climber at that. >__>;

i'm speaking out of the tradition that highschool girls should stay in their houses for the most part of their nene lives. that's what my lola taught me. that's what i did back then. if i'm not studying i'm most probably in front the computer, typing furiously about a new found OTP, making stories, ranting about fandoms. sometimes reading fics, reading stories, reading articles. most of my highschool life i spent reading and drawing and writing and playing minesweeper and pinball...such that when i came to college, i was overwhelmed at the amount of freedom i was given... that i instantly became a slave of vicious vices... academic delinquency and sometimes alcohol. i'm not saying you should spend highschool like i did. that would be extremely intolerable. haha i'm just saying that you should keep your studies at high priority, at least habang highschool ka pa. :)

right! i take back everything i've said on the first 2 paragraphs. you should, indeed, party while you're still young so you won't be surprised on how things go way wilder in college. right. roight. haha diba?

hahaha of course, it's the devil talking. i give the worst advices ever. come to me when you're drunk (or if you want to)! :) to yan? di ko nagets yun. HAHAHAHA minsan talaga kahit sarili ko di ko maintindihan bwahaha. ganun daw talga mga henyo sabi ni jay, kakarampot lang ang nakaka-intindi --- minsan nga wala pa. haha

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