old fashioned

'love at first sight' is not love at all. most (like 100%) of the time it's just a crush, or a serious one at that. and people have a hard time distinguishing between the two, because the fluttery feeling of crushing on someone is truly blinding and downright confusing. but eventually, the attraction will dim down and fade away; that's one way of knowing if it's only a crush. never confuse crush for love, because crush is a fatal attraction for someone you don't know and love speaks otherwise. it is, of course, very possible to fall in love with your crush, if you give it enough time you might actually realize you're finally in love. keyword: time, it's the best gauge.

bottom line is, you can't fall in love with someone you don't know. lest your claim lacks rigidity. get to know the person first before you can finally say you're in love. most relationships fail because of premature confession. quoting someone from yahoo!answers ---
a "crush" is what initially draws people togehter, love is something that develops over time.

what the fuck, right?!

PS: this entry is major OOC (out of character) for me. e hinaharass ako ng kapitbahay namin e. in love na daw sya. sabi ko, maniwala ka sakin --- hindi pa love yan. makulit din sila, bakit daw wala pa kong boyfriend? sabi ko naman, e i don't give them the chance e hahaha! o at least di nangba-basted. :) mas na-eenjoy ko ang friendship! :) ako pa! :D :D in short, kung di ko mahal, nevermind! ayoko ng commitments. at least not yet. mas gusto ko ng bestfriend! yung pwedeng hatakin kung saan saan. hahaha

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