who is that girl? :(

ashgfdfdqtwrasdfth!! dammit, distract me pleaaase! i've been wallowing on this thought the whole day. i wanna cry. err, no. but the last time i felt like this was 3 years ago. omfg. -____-;; and during that time i walked home looking so tuliro, and when i got to the dorm i just sat at the couch and stared blankly at the door.

this freakin can't happeeeeeeen. again. why oh why oh why.
i'm overreacting.

man, i knew it.
should i cut my hair?
i won't.
i wan't some ice cream. strawberry banana blizzard from DQ please.

hay ang gulogulogulogulogulogulo ko. >___>;;

haha kasi naman! i shouldn't have freakin done that. eh sorry, sadyang highly inquisitive ako pagdating sa computers eh. malay ko bang i'll be discovering something heartbreaking diba. lol

Lord, come on. i'm too old for this. i've never been rewarded in this aspect of my life. come on, give me a sign?????? -___-;; i'm too inexperienced to go on my own.

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