suppose i didn't leave uplb, i would have been considered lucky to be given an automatic 17 units. suppose i decided to finish chemical engineering, uhm, wala...suppose lang naman,

anyway, just now... i helped 5 people. this would probably be the last time i'll be able to see my systemone account active, so i decided to do something good: i canceled every subject they gave me. i did it to save the waitlisted people from going on prerog, at least the number 1s on the list. hey, that's a freakin good deed. imagine if i just left my account unfinalized, these people would have their waitlist slots forfeited once preregistration period ends. then they would have to manually enlist on these subjects. :) so thank me! lol

ok. i'm 80% decided that i'm not going to school tomorrow.
because i'm semi-heartbroken.

hell, no. haha
there's nothing going on tomorrow. our prof cancelled our class because of the ICON orientation. then tomorrow night will be the so-called frosh night. not even an option. hello. and it was required even for transferees? haha sabi pa nila, we need a parent's letter kung di kami pupunta. what the heck. LOL

ok, dahil dyaaaan. hello super long weekend!! :D :D yehey

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