yunjae ♥

i just had to post this pic michi gave me last night!
yunjae is ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

so far that's my favorite picture of them together.
they're my top 2 favorite male couple now! (course! number 1 goes to harry-draco, who else?)

uhh, did i scare you?

fyi. i like gay couples. male-male, boy-boy couples. okay? now i know it's weird but it all started when i became addicted with anime series. eventually i noticed that most of them have extremely mary sue female leads. if not, the female leads are almost always damsels in distress, AND I DIDN'T LIKE IT COS THEY IRRITATE ME TO HELL. i hated it how the guys are always out there to help them like these girls can't lift their own fingers to help themselves. it may be a bit feminist but i don't like how women are portrayed in anime series. which is why i don't think they deserve the 'heroes'. haha after all, i'm not for the girls. that's a bit twisted hehe.

thaaaaat's why i figured, "aaaah! these ugly tramps don't deserve these bishounens!!! the other guys out there are better off with them."


okay. bottom!draco is not really my thing but somehow, i have nothing against bottom!blondes. just look how jae joong, in his blonde glory, is utterly unsuitable to dominate yunho. now, i accept.

i'm meltiiiiing.
don't they look good together?!?!?

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