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for some reason, i like checking out on jackets, bags and shoes at the department store! :) but nothing beats windows shopping and catalogue collecting at the tech zone.
hey, i just bought a new jacket this morning hahahaha. nothing much, just a simple black knitted jacket. sucks, because the weather is getting better now.  hmp

my arms are pretty sore. as a labor of love, LOL, i massaged my parents last night. yeah, that's 15 mins back massage for my dad and 1 hr. upper body massage for my mom. really, i'm a pretty good daughter when i'm in the mood. and i also prepared our lunch today. because our maid is off, i cooked something simple, light and is not heavy on the sink... tortilla wraps! slicing bell peppers and onions is sooooo tiresome! but i'm proud, cos i was able to prepare 14 rolls... so we gave some to our neighbor. hehehe

red bell peppers cost almost 300 per kilo now in supermarkets. *dies*
i also saw something cute at the vegetable area awhile ago, a yellow bell pepper! yaaay! i was excited because red + green + yellow bell peppers in a tortilla wrap looks so awesomely colorful! haha and tasty too.

michi! i love you for pic spamming me with YUNJAE last night! see, because of her, i have dedicated an entire folder to yunjae pics specifically!
i wanna go to your house! mooooaaar pics plzzzz! last night was the most kilig night i had since..err...since june...? heh

a date with karlita! :) tuesday, after lunch, sm north then trinoma! hello angels and demons at laaast!

last night i was trying to make a curriculum flowchart for my course but i gave up entirely because it's too taxing! -____-;; i'm not used to the one they gave me.

right now, i'm browsing on the uplb webpage and it has changed a lot! it's a lot better now! last time i think they were still using old school tables and div layers (i can tell because it's ugly) but now they've improved a lot especially on the aesthetic part. CEAT also has a new page. aba asenso!

kelangan talaga paabutin ng 100 years para maupdate ang layout? haha

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