3-day juice detox (with Sly Diet)

naks jumu-juice diet. :)

the reason why i wanted to try this out is because i've been hearing good reviews about the effects of detoxifying/cleansing via juice diet. and you know, a lot of celebrities are vouching on this healthy habit too and knowing their vanity, it has to be effective.

nakiki-uso lang talaga ko. LOL. but kidding aside, i thought this is a good jumpstart to eating clean and healthy. kung pwede lang mabuhay na ganito lang but that's gonna be so expensive. hahaha

so let's start! madaming sikat dyan and endorsed by celebrities, i personally wanted to try Detoxify Bar but they don't deliver to our place at QC, and you have to reserve at least 1 day to have your juice processed. same goes with Skinny Juicery and Fitness Potions. you have to reserve at least a day before your planned diet, and they have very limited delivery areas too.

that's when i found Sly Diet! actually di ko alam kung pano ko nahagilap to, i think i was just browsing fb pages offering juice diets and i came across it! :D Fortunately, they deliver at fairview area so ang saya ko lang! haha anyway,

Sly Diet has 5 flavors available and they're numbered too so i took them in that order for the entire day hehe

1. Power Trip
spinach, parsley, celery, brocolli, sweet potato, apple and ginger
i liked the taste of this soo much cos it reeks majorly of celery and i love celery!

2. Alkaline Divine
lemon, pink grapefruit, melon, cayenne, honey and alkaline water
this one's really spicy yet refreshing. i love how the melon tasted in this! hehe

3. True Love
red grapes, beet, lychee, apple
i loooove lychee and grapes, and together they're true love haha.

4. Berry Brilliance
goji, cranberry, cherry, pure coconut juice
this is probably the clearest drink. no residual stuff and bits. i also like how this tastes, pwede inumin ng derecho perfect pang quench ng uhaw! >XD

5. Vanity Affair
carrot, apple, cucumber, ginger, honey
i love carrots so i definitely loved how this tastes! 

they didn't really provide me with a "program" on how to take them so i just followed the number in the bottles. haha i drank them in this order

6am - upon waking - tea (para warm hehe)
8am - breakfast - (1) Power Trip
10am - morning snack - (2) Alkaline Divine
12nn - lunch - (3) True Love
3pm - afternoon snack - (4) Berry Brilliance
5pm - early dinner - (5) Vanity Affair
8pm - dinner - green tea (i drink lipton green tea with mint)

but hey i didn't really follow the strictly no solid food diet haha whenever i crave for something solid i eat crackers. hehe i also eat oatmeal raisin cookies along with my nighttime tea para masaya.

and in fairness! i hardly felt hungry throughout the days. as in! sapat na ung maka-4 crackers a day ako! hoy 640 calories din yun sa isang araw, mukang mabigat, but it helped ease the psychological hunger. but really, during my day 1 i only ate 3 cookies during the night. i never craved for anything during the day, i felt full but not bloated.

it was a very refreshing experience!

orayt, on to their prices (which are, of course, subject to change):

Small - 250mL - Php 175
Medium - 350mL - Php 220
Large - 500mL - Php 340

they deliver for free (at least for now?) and one thing to note is that they don't have insulated bags hehe they put the bottles in paper bags hehe so i suggest you buy your own bag if you want to bring it to the office (i had my juices delivered in the office so no hassle derecho sa ref hehe)

a day of full cleansing costs Php 1,320 hehe
for optimum results you may do it for 3 days straight. i did it for the first time and i felt better and lighter. some (dalawa lang actually hahaha) people say na mejo pumayat na nga ko. haha but the point is really to jumpstart a clean eating habit and this program definitely launched me for a good start!

you can opt for a full day cleanse like what i did, or for beginners, you can start by replacing your meals with Power Trip at least twice a day. just carry on with the smell, i'm sure that for those who are not used to eating greens they'll find everything disgusting. so sanayan lang din!

for more details you may reach them at www.slydiet.com

how about you, have you tried or are you planning to try juice detox? share your thoughts! :)

God has better plans for me

i'm finding it hard to accept that i just lost a job offer at a company i've wanted to work for for so long. i've been waiting for this opportunity since ever. now i don't know where to go, how to continue working. i've lost my programming mojo long ago and it's gonna be tough to gather it all back. it's like torn to pieces and scattered all over argh. i don't even want it back to be honest.

i feel really frkn bad! when i got the offer i felt really excited! sooo excited, but i had to wait until january to be fully available, for practical reasons. but argh the position was urgent and so, and i quote, "the managers decided to identify another candidate who can start immediately."

the tragic (tragic talaga? haha) message found its way to may mailbox first thing in the morning and i couldn't believe my eyes as they start to tear up. all my dreams! all my visions of a better life! gone! (exage ang lola nyo) gone like water receding back into the sea, leaving my legs damp and irritated by the sand. yes, kelangan may pagsasalarawan hehe. if i could only follow it to the ocean. chos.

anyway, life goes on. i can't possibly let myself wallow in misery and self-pity the entire day in the toilet (well i did for a good quarter hour haha), so with all the courage, este tissue, i could harbor, i picked up my ass and went back to my seat. sad and defeated and wanting to die. joke! hahahaha

i trust God. i know all this is for that great plan he has for me! if anything, i learned to address the very reason that brought me to resign in the first place. insecurity. that i'm not competent enough. that i'm lagging behind in knowledge base and that i can't see my worth in this company. earning a job offer in what i consider one of my dream companies to work for surely reminded me that hey arianne, you're good, you're competent and you have something to offer. point taken? good. now we're taking the offer back. !@#$%^&^%$R#E@!

ok. uwi na me!

welcome to go brainy!

don't get your hopes up! it's just an anagram. :P

i'm in the process of moving YET AGAIN. yeah. just watch out. haha

Fibr: Home’s Most Powerful Broadband

I must agree that no matter how good a device is, without a powerful internet connection, you cannot fully enjoy it. And with the growing amount of stuff we do on the internet, the demand for more speed and less network traffic has become a priority for those who take abode online.

If you're an online junkie like me i'm sure you've witnessed how internet service providers have evolved time and time again to provide better connection to its users. from prepaid cards and dial-up modems, to wireless broadband, to DSL, to wifi, i'm sure we've all had a fancy tour of the information highway with them.

But here's the deal, PLDT has released a new product that will take your online experience to the skyway away from all the hassles of traffic! you read that right, we're not cruising on the good ol' highway anymore! this time, we'll be riding on Fibr: Home's Most Powerful Broadband.

And dear folks, to take you on a virtual tour of the amazing Fibr is Fib, a superhero i designed in the image and likeness of PLDT Fibr (or more appropriately, Flash!).

meet Fib! 
And just like Fibr, Fib has as a mean bunch of skills that will surely beat anyone who dares compete!

For one, she has super speed! and that's because of fiber optic technology. it's faster than the regular metal cables and delivers data with the highest integrity. oyeah!

Next, super multitasking, Fib can do a lot of stuff simultaneously without compromising quality and without ever breaking down. Talk about Fibr, you can browse multiple websites at once and be at peace that they will all load in a snap! boom!

VIP access to ClickPlay and Cignal: not all superheroes have access to the elite world of ClickPlay and Cignal, but Fib has! with her, you are privileged to stream blockbuster movies or browse TV channels right at the comfort of your homes! talk about sosyal! and with her super speed, buffering is out of her vocabulary. oha.

So what are you waiting for? call PLDT now!

Fibr, Home's Most Powerful Broadband, allows you to seamlessly and simultaneously experience the following:

1. Browing of multiple websites

2. Stream hundreds of blockbuster movies on-demand from Clickplay
3. Watch Cignal Digital TV Channels
4. Available now in over 800 fiber-powered villages nationwide
5. Visit www.pldthome.com or call 101-FIBR (3427) for more details


on second thought

money isn't everything nga naman ano. when i started working, i always look forward to payday and the ice cream (or pizza) i'll take home for the family. when things are becoming stressful at work, i always look towards the coming 10th or 25th, whichever comes first, and imagine a full body massage i could pay with it. months back it seemed like money was such a big force driving me to work. a motivation and reward at the same time. it's not like i'm earning bigtime, but it sure is something that kept me going.

that was before.

now, i'm not too sure what's still keeping me at work.

if only they could reassure me better that everything will be all set, then i wouldn't have this regretful feeling that i may have said goodbye too early.

on another note, i'm watching The Heirs (starring lee min ho, kim woo bin and park shin hye) and i'm enjoying it so far, all those kilig moments and crap hahaha. but i found myself rooting for the 'other' guy more and it feels bad cos we all know how the 'other' guy is never meant for the leading girl. </3

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