on second thought

money isn't everything nga naman ano. when i started working, i always look forward to payday and the ice cream (or pizza) i'll take home for the family. when things are becoming stressful at work, i always look towards the coming 10th or 25th, whichever comes first, and imagine a full body massage i could pay with it. months back it seemed like money was such a big force driving me to work. a motivation and reward at the same time. it's not like i'm earning bigtime, but it sure is something that kept me going.

that was before.

now, i'm not too sure what's still keeping me at work.

if only they could reassure me better that everything will be all set, then i wouldn't have this regretful feeling that i may have said goodbye too early.

on another note, i'm watching The Heirs (starring lee min ho, kim woo bin and park shin hye) and i'm enjoying it so far, all those kilig moments and crap hahaha. but i found myself rooting for the 'other' guy more and it feels bad cos we all know how the 'other' guy is never meant for the leading girl. </3

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