An Introduction to Waistdear Waist Trainers Service

Waist training is a popular trend these days, and for good reason. It promises to help you achieve an hourglass figure by cinching your waist and training it to be smaller over time. However, not all waist trainers are created equal. That's where waistdear comes in. We offer a waist trainer service that delivers results.


Waistdear is a company that specializes in clothing manufacturing with inclusion of various kinds of shapewear. You can also purchase wholesale shapewear to resell to your customers. We have a variety of waist trainers in different styles and sizes to fit every body type. These waist trainers are made from high-quality materials that are designed to be comfortable and durable. 

Wholesale Breathable CompressionSilhouette Waist Cincher (
Wholesale Breathable Compression Silhouette Waist Cincher (

How our waist trainers service works?

The waist trainers available on our website are designed to suit your specific needs. When you place an order with your correct size or correct sizes of the waist trainers you want for your business, you'll be receiving what you need to help you achieve your desired results. When purchasing for yourself kindly take into account your body type, and usage to pick the right waist trainer that is tailored to your needs.

Is it safe?

One of the biggest concerns with waist training is safety. There are risks associated with wearing a waist trainer for extended periods of time, such as breathing difficulties, digestive issues, and back pain. However, when done correctly, waist training can be safe and effective.

Waistdear's waist trainers service is designed to be safe. All you need to do is to ensure that you're wearing the waist trainer properly and not for extended periods of time. Also, as you monitor your progress, you can adjust your waist trainer size and duration of wearing it as needed to ensure that you're not pushing yourself too hard.


The benefits of waist training are numerous. It can help you achieve an hourglass figure, improve your posture, and even reduce your appetite. However, it's important to remember that waist training is not a quick fix. It requires dedication and consistency to see results. For business owners you can also order wholesale waist trainers with logo.  

The waist trainers service offered by waistdear is designed to help you achieve your goals in an effective way. With addition of a fitness/exercise schedule, you'll be able to stay on track and make progress towards your desired results. A customized meal plan will also help you make positive changes to your lifestyle that will benefit you in the long term.

Is it worth the investment?

The waist trainers manufactured by waistdear are of great quality and durable too. The value that it provides is impressive, considering there are so many designs, colors and fabric types to choose from. If you're serious about waist training and want to achieve your desired results in a safe and effective way, in no time you will achieve that when using waistdear waist trainers. 

Choosing to buy from waistdear is worth the investment. However, it's important to remember that waist training is not a quick fix and requires dedication and consistency to see results.

Watcher duties

Currently watching: True Beauty

It's day 4 in the hospital with my sister. She had total thyroidectomy on Thursday and I've been here since Wednesday evening watching over her. I'm her designated watcher but to be honest I'm not really watching haha, more like hanging around watching KDramas and bonding with her when she has the energy to hahaha. It's my first time to watch over someone in the hospital and I damn well prepared for it. I knew my parents were gonna prepare for Terai so I focused on preparing for myself hahaha treat it like a little staycation lol. I don't like the part where I get to be away from my husband for days but I also don't like my sister left alone in the hospital. My parents are too old to be apart and there's only one companion bed and I know none of their backs would survive this tiny cot. So it's gotta be me, and I'm happy to. 😊

First thing I made sure before coming in is to check the network signal. I have to WFH so a strong signal is a must. Thankfully Smart 5G signal is super strong here at FEU Hospital so I'm able to hotspot from my phone and get things done, careful not to set any meetings cos I'm not really in a good place to engage in a call haha. My parents brought me a blanket, I brought Hedgy my flattest stuffed toy, I also bought change of clothes good for 4 days, toiletries, my V&M skin care, coffee, tea, my bigass tumbler, speakers, extension cord, my Kindle, and other gadget stuff. I'm all set hahaha.

I don't really know what to do as a watcher besides alalayan sya generally but I've come to itemize some basic things I found myself doing the past few days:

  • Wheel the IV stand whenever she needs to pee. Easy enough cos the night leading to her operation she's on a fast so she didn't pee much, and after the operation she couldn't eat properly so yeah, not much as far as her bladder is concerned. Oh wait it actually became concerning that she couldn't drink anything and kept on choking post-op but it eased up on the following days as her throat muscles start to heal (she was intubated with anesthesia). By the time she can eat and drink properly she's off the suero so she can handle herself hehehe
  • Assist in changing clothes. Easy too cos di naman sya naliligo wahahahaha
  • Bring stuff upstairs. Easy enough except that the elevator here is programmed to stop at every freaking level so that's a bummer. And my parents like to bring stuff over lol like soup and fruit juices and water, anything we request actually since they just live nearby. So convenient! They brought us comforters cos the AC here in so freaking cold. Grabe ang sarap matulog with comforter very hayahay hahaha. Anyway. I had to go downstairs a lot. I hate walking cos my left knee still isn't a-ok but it's fine hehe.
  • Be present when the doctor needs me. Which never really happened because Terai is a grown ass ahjumma and the operation didn't really damage her comprehension haha so she can take the grown up talk by herself hahaha. Howeverrrr, during her operation I was summoned to the operating room because the doctor wants to talk to the companion daw. I was so groggy and alarmed at the same time because isn't this the part where they say something went wrong and shit?! So I came down to the OR and asked for my sister. They told me they already talked to someone and I was like huhh but I'm the only companion, so they made me repeat the patient's surname, they had it checked, and as it turns out they called the wrong number and the patient in question has a similar sounding surname, and that my sister is still on the table and I should go back to sleep. What the fuck right? Way to traumatize me on my first stint? (Not that I want more)
  • Assist in discharging procedures? I'm guessing I have to do some paperwork to get us out tomorrow so yeah.
  • Pack up and carry everything. They have a trolley we can request for and our parents are picking us up so no biggie.

All of those things I kinda expected but I didn't realize that the brunt of being a watcher goes to not getting enough sleep from all the doctors and nurses coming in an out every few hours to check on the patient. It's easy enough to drag the IV stand whenever Terai needs to pee but to be awaken ever so often when her vitals need checking, it's become annoying. Thank God they told us we can request for vitals to get checked during waking hours only so that's a relief! The visits lessened. Hope they suggested it earlier though haha. But still, I think we're still being visited at least 5x throughout the day lol

Anyway. Post-op was the worst. She was wheeled out 8am and came back around 5pm? She couldn't eat nor drink. Her neck, shoulders, and throat hurt. She chokes on anything she tries to ingest, and she's been coughing incessantly, spitting out saliva and phlegm that's been building up in her swollen throat. She had trouble breathing so she was nebulized a few rounds. She also got a fever which is why we extended for a day. It's day 2 post-op and she's feeling a lot better now, she's eaten normal food and junk food hehe so hopefully we're out tomorrow!

Please pray for my sister's speedy recovery! 🙏


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Just a random photo in the house

I've been dreaming of a Honda CR-V a lot lately. Specifically the 7-seater Diesel Turbo version.

I want a CR-V mostly because I want something bigger that would fit my entire family comfortably. And I love how it looks, specially before I came to the price haha. I mean we're just five people (me, Jeckie, mommy, daddy, and Terai) but I want to give my mom a lot of room for her things and my sister a whole backseat row whenever we go out of town (which is the dream) haha. Thing is, we can't really afford it. Uhh maybe we can but it would come at the cost of slashing our allowance in half, and selling our current car. I actually prefer the 2018 model but I don't think I can still get it brand new these days. 

It's nice to dream. Jeckie and I told ourselves that if we have to get a bigger car might as well get one with more capacity, otherwise our trusty Vios is more than good enough. Anyway, when it all comes down to it we can't possibly maintain a CR-V lol. Comprehensive insurance costs 3x what we pay for our sedan, not to mention other costs of maintenance like PMS, tires, and other expensive parts.

It's not just a car I'm dreaming of lately. I also want our own home. A 2-3 bedroom pet friendly east facing condo with a spacious balcony and accessible parking in a central area like where we live now or somewhere less dusty, equally urban, quiet, with lots of green spaces and hole in the walls. Hahahaha how specific.

It just came to mind when I was looking at Fitness First Greenhills on Google street view (by the way, our home gym is closing down so we're transferring our membership to Greenhills branch). It's located at the commercial area of The Viridian and I thought how nice would it be to have the gym so near? Hahaha So I checked the rental rates at Viridian, got dreamy for a while, but then immediately filed it under "Keep dreaming". Just like with the CR-V.

Still, a girl can dream!


Recovery logs

In light of my recent injury, here's how I've been coping so far...

Week 1

• Jan 15 - Date of injury (left knee). Took Advil, applied ice pack. Pain level 7/10. Couldn't walk properly. I can drive though. Was able to shower alone too. Can't bend nor straighten. Slept with a knee support and a pillow underneath.

• Jan 16 - I'm taking pain relievers 3x a day. Icing it too at least 3x a day. Can shower alone but cautious of steps. Can't stand for long. Knee support all day; pillow when I sleep.

• Jan 17-20 - Getting better every day. Pretty much the same routine.

• Jan 21 - Was able to go to the mall. Can walk faster now but not for long. Can't sit for long too because my leg feels ngalay wen it's not elevated. In the car I'm using a cardboard box as a foot rest. Elsewhere I look for extra chairs or just step on the feet of the table, anything elevated really. Stopped taking pain relievers.

✱ Week 2

• Jan 22 - Went to the mall. Can walk faster now, as well as cross my legs! Still using a foot rest in the car. Still icing as much as I can.

• Jan 23 - Continuously recovering. Still icing. Can walk better now.

• Jan 24 - Braved the gym. Told my coach I can't do leg or knee exercises so we just focused on upper and thighs. Faced a couple of hurdles earlier: one was getting up from floor after stretching and the other was getting to the shower area where there's a huge step. I survived both! ♥

• Jan 25 - I'm able to walk faster now but my knees still feel very ngalay when sitting down for long. Went to the gym and did chest workouts. There's really not much I can do with a bad knee but we're slowly adding mobility exercises so it would recover faster.

• Jan 26 - Did shoulders today at the gym. Wore knee support on both knees. Drove to the office. Been sitting at my desk for over an hour now and my leg feels super ngalay. I need to find something to rest my feet on. Even the lowest chair setting is too high for my short legs. And our tables aren't height adjustable so it's pretty uncomfy.

✱ Week 3

• Jan 31 - Stopped icing. Can walk without knee support now, but with extreme caution, cos every time I build confidence in walking straight, eventually it's gonna click and hurt and I don't want that to happen. Went to the gym earlier and did back exercises.

• Feb 3 - RTO day today. Also went to the gym earlier. Still can't do full body workouts but we were able to do some leg exercise using resistance bands. Still can't fold my knees completely, and there's like a popping pain evert time I try to squat a little. 

✱ Week 4

• Feb 6 - it's week 4 in recovery. This is really taking a long time. Well I don't remember my previous injuries to be quick anyway. It usually takes me months to recover. Which sucks cos I'm already itching to workout and play properly. Hay.

• Feb 9 - I'm able to do planks now! As well as squats but not too low hehe

✱ Week 5

Feb 14 - Hey happy valentine's day! We're on week 5 and I'm still not a-ok. Still can't bend my leg fully and walk for too long. :)

• Feb 18 - Currently in the hospital watching over my sister. There's pain in my knee whenever it bends the wrong way. I can indian sit now but without bending my left leg too much. Can walk more lengths, still cautious about stairs, but there are times I can push my leg up without feeling pain so maybe I can build on that confidence.

✱ Week 6

Feb 23 - Went to the gym today! Recently I've been able to do a bit of cardio. Can do vipers and side planks now! 

✱ Week 7

• I have not much updates for this week except that I know my knee is still very far from healing completely. I remember Feb 28 as our last day in Fitness First. The next days we started with Anytime Fitness where I had 2 free PT sessions. I did leg presses, where I slowly learned to fold my knee, my coach knows about my injury so he made me do more on rehabilitation exercises. On day 2 e performed myofascial release therapy on me which is basically an hour of pain haha. We're working on slowly stretching my leg muscles so my knees would fold better. I'm feeling hopeful but at this point I'm worrying at the pace of my recovery. :(

✱ Week 8

• Mar 7 - I went to the gym and walked on a treadmill for an hour on 11% incline. I thought I'd do that to strengthen my knees but the following day I feel very sore.

• Mar 8 - So I thought I'd be able to walk on the treadmill again, but my left knee was so sore right so I just swam. It's pretty low impact but I'm still feeling a bit of pain whenever I kick. And feet started hurting as well from compensating from my lack of kicking power. You know what, it's week 8, I should be a lot better now but I feel very far from that. I should probably go to the doctor.

✱ Week 9

• Mar 17 - wow, I'm still recovering. No notable improvement. Can workout but I avoid the knee. I've been following Caroline Girvan's 1hr abs and upper body workout, but eventually I have to let my upper body recover so during those days I don't know what to do? haha Promised myself I'll go check with the doctor but I haven't really scheduled anything. Please pray for my healing 🙏.

✱ Week 10

• Mar 24 - BACK TO SQUARE ONE. I may have overworked my knees too much as soon as I can walk straight. It's because I walked an hour on the treadmill two weeks ago. My fault. Went to the doctor to get checked, was advised to get an MRI, so that's what I'm waiting for next. I have a schedule in a few weeks at VRP. Hope it's nothing serious. Hay.


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