2017 Online Income Review

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Okay, from now on I'll quit calling myself a freelancer because technically I'm not self-employed and I pay taxes, charot. What I have are merely sidelines. And here's a report on how well (or not) I fared last year.

In summary, I made around ₱94,000 or roughly $1,800. I only started monitoring income from my sidelines early last year. That was the time we were struggling to save for our wedding, so I had to list down all of my income streams and how much I could possibly get from them. Here's a chart:

Every time I get paid, I'll add a record of it in a Google sheet. Eventually the table grew and I was able to watch my income soar and dip. It's pretty motivating. I'm clearly not earning a lot, but I'm freaking earning something and that's awesome. Coming from a millennial who has illusions of being financially challenged, being able to count your money is comforting.

June was my biggest year. I sold my prize from a blogging contest and got a regular writing job. 
October was a low month as I was terribly busy adjusting to married life.
November was the time I reached my Google Adsense threshold so that held up the numbers.

The goal is to be able to earn at least ₱10,000 a month. AND HOPEFULLY include Merch by Amazon in my income stream!

From the line graph you can see that there's no steady trend to my income. The opportunities I get are random and the only long-term client I have is the one who feeds me writing tasks, which doesn't really give much. And lately I noticed they hired a couple more writers soooooo there's my competition in getting more tasks. Sadlyffff.

Anyway. I'll strive to make a better graph this year haha.

What do I do?

Here's a donut chart to explain the type of work I do on the sides.

I have a portfolio over at www.yanbirog.com in case you want to see what I design specifically. Last year I made mostly logos and wedding invites.

I don't really go all out marketing my blog. I just accept whatever sponsored post opportunities I receive. Recently, I've started accepting guest posts too. I figured that the more terrible the writing, the higher the pay. So as much as I want to return some articles for proofreading, if it's gonna cause a delay in payment, I'll just do the dirty work myself. Yep, I'm that sell-out you guys hate! Lol.

I only have 1 client for writing and I intend to apply to some more, just to get a steady request of 1 article a day. But damn the requirements for SEO/content writers are so frkn intimidating. I've capped myself to 500 words per article but most of the listings require 1000 words per day! I don't think my brain can handle that. Hopefully I find a more manageable job description!

Looking forward to this year!

Not so quick update!

I've been working on this video application for so long now I wonder if my boss is getting pissed off already at my award winning progress. First few weeks of my fumbling through the app I can't record the darned thing. I tried different protocols. Correlated like crazy using Web/Http, dived through the browser settings of TruClient in hopes unchecking something would work, and even tried my luck with MediaPlayer protocol (which is the bomb if only the video we're recording had a single source URL). Pero waley talaga nakakaiyak. I wanted to sink from embarrassment at how long it's taking me to tackle this project. The first I'm working on individually. So you know, pressure. That is what you are. I sought help from everyone I could possibly ask, my team mates here, my team mates from my previous work, and even my lead from the US. Can you believe it. To no avail.

But what have you, just last week they shuffled our seats and suddenly I was able to record the app. What the heck right? Was it a network port thing? I have no idea why it suddenly started working. But thank God! Maybe it's because I'm seated right next to my manager now hahaha. Magic.

But of course the problem isn't over. While I'm rejoicing at finally being able to upload the script to ALM, I needed to test if we can hit 250 concurrent users with just 4 operational load generators. Truclient is a gluttonous bitch.

//More work
I have an article due tonight about hair loss shampoos. How exciting. This piece marks my 134th article to date. That's roughly 67,000 words in the past 8 months! I'm not quitting because it keeps my Paypal alive and helps me pay my credit card bills yehey. Thank you Loooord!

Actually if I don't get regularized this is my fall back. I'll apply full time and write 8 articles a day. Pero wag naman sana lol. I love being a corporate slave.

//Even more work

I just finished a logo project for a photo booth business. I enjoyed this one because I got to learn After Effects on the fly. Now I gotta add that to my skillset yeheyy. It's the first time I received a logo order with a video animation add-on. At first I didn't want to accept it, but the client gave a youtube tutorial as reference and I wanted to try it before declining the work. Needless to say it was pretty easy to execute so yehey for additional charges hahaha.

//Tons more work to come
I have a project right now that's gonna be one of my biggest design projects to date because I have to deliver so much. Logo, posters, maps, corporate giveaway designs, business cards, tarpaulin, etc. I AM SO EXCITED HUHU.

//And another
I have a wedding invitation project coming along too. Finally back to layouting!

//Last but not the least
My Merch by Amazon application just got approved. After 9 freaking months! I almost forgot about this haha. This means I have to hustle making 10 shirt designs in 3 months and upload them to the platform. It also means I have to open a Payoneer account to get a US bank account. Uuuurgh. Hassle pero grabe this is soooo freaking exciting. Just reading about Merch excites me. Off to search for trending and evergreen shirt ideas! <3

Yep. That's it for now.

5 Simple Tips for Making the Best First Impression on a Date

Disclaimer: this is a guest post.

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Undoubtedly, everyone searches for the universal formula in making a good first impression on a date. Finally, they find what they’ve been looking for, but there are too many people and too many different opinions about this issue. We offer you truly universal tips that can work with completely different ladies, even if you want to try dating Philippine women on pinalove. 1. Always be on time
In a modern world, we are taught to respect our time, especially if we are very busy persons. As years go by, we start to understand its immeasurable value. We make plans, arrange meetings, and keep eyes on clocks. But the rule of punctuality works everywhere, especially on dates.

What can tardiness tell about a person, if you see them the first time in your life? Surely, it is a sign of disrespect to your own time. Non-punctual people seem to be focused entirely on their own personalities. Simply put, they are egoists. The more time is passed since you’ve been waiting, the more reckless and disrespectful you will seem to your partner. Moreover, it makes a negative impression even before you see each other.

Therefore, make sure there will be no obstacles and time-consuming occupations on a day of your date. Plan everything in advance, go out a bit earlier than you need to avoid traffic jams. Just be on time – this is really the simplest thing you can do to impress her.

2. Take special care of your appearance
The way you look tells 80% of information about your personality. Laziness, creativity, lifestyle, taste – all these features can be read from your clothes and appearance.

It is not enough to dress the best clothes you have. This is, actually, the most obvious demand. They should be clean and well ironed. Prepare your clothes in advance so not to face an unpleasant surprise on a day of your date. Groom your beard and give it the best and neatest shape if it is dense. If you haven’t shaved for a week, get rid of this repulsive stubble. Also, cut your nails or get a professional manicure, take a shower, wash your hair. If you feel it’s time to have your hair cut, then visit a barbershop.

Many people claim that appearance is not the most important thing. For building a relationship, it's really not the primary person’s feature. However, when you see them first time, you cannot underestimate its power.

3. Shake hands
This tiny inconspicuous gesture has become a strong sign of good manners many years ago. There is a serious reason why shaking hands is considered mandatory in many cultures. It is a symbol of peace, a sign that two people have no evil intentions and they are open for building a relationship. Today, a rejection to shake hands is considered a huge humiliation, so you can understand the whole power of this ritual.

In many cultures, women accept shaking hands with men on a date as equals. It is more common for the western culture where women are more emancipated.

4. Avoid physical boundaries
It is very important to be close to your date, both physically (but not too much) and psychologically. Many dating coaches admit that any physical boundary between two people lowers the level of intimacy even if they meet for the first time. Such position is a certain message that explains you want to build a connection and understanding with your partner.

5. Maintain the eye contact
The most vivid sign of a confident and friendly person is the eye contact. With no words it demonstrates your openness and desire to make a connection. Moreover, you show your attention to your date. Finally, do not forget to smile also. These are the simplest steps to help you make the best impression in the very first minutes of your date.

For women: Athena and Crave Healthy by Unilab

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It seems there's no shortage of supplements specifically targeting women's needs. We have calcium supplements, iron capsules, multivitamins and so on. With all the options we have, it's hard to stick to just one type of supplement. Which is why it's important to be brand conscious and pick those that came from a trusted manufacturer.
Unilab has been in the business of providing quality healthcare products to the Filipino masses for decades. I bet you have at least one of their products sitting in your household today. Got a stack of Biogesic? Bottles of Enervon-C? Then you're in the right hands.

This year, Unilab aims to better improve the health of Filipino women by promoting two of their most effective for-women products.

No other milk understands you better.

Women like us, who are always on the go, seek to strike a balance between work and personal time to be able to enjoy life to the fullest. That is why we need to stay fit and attractive, to look good and feel good whenever we can. We have unique needs that only women like us truly understand.

Introducing Athena, the milk especially formulated to meet our special nutritional needs.

  • High Calcium essential for optimum bone health. It is also a source of Vitamins D and K, Magnesium and Phosphorus – nutrients to help maintain strong bones 
  • Low in Fat so you can enjoy this beverage without the risk of high caloric intake 
  • Source of Anti-oxidants such as Vitamins A & E and Zinc to help maintain healthy skin and promote optimum immune function.
Athena is definitely a delicious beverage made just for you.
Drink Athena today!

Athena comes in two flavors – Milk (180 grams – Php 130.00; 400 grams – Php 273.00) and Choco (180 grams – Php 130.00). It’s available online at www.athena.com.ph and in-store at Mercury Drugstore, Watsons, and Southstar.

Crave Healthy
Crave Healthy is the first snack product in the Philippines that is specifically designed for pregnant women. It's highly recommended by doctors and nutritionists.

It’s NUTRITIOUS because it contains essential nutrients – Folic Acid, Iron, and Calcium that are critical for both the mom and her growing baby. It also has reduced salt and just the right amount of calories that give the pregnant woman that extra energy she needs daily.

It’s DELICIOUS because it tastes just like her regular snack. Crave Healthy is currently available in Sweet Corn flavor and does not have any aftertaste of nutrient fortifications. It helps support the nutritional needs of pregnant women and their developing fetus.

A healthy way to satisfy hunger and food cravings of pregnant women!

A pack of Crave is worth Php 25.00 at 30 grams each. It’s available online at www.cravehealthysnacks.com, select Med Express branches, and select Robinsons Supermarket outlets.

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