got a new phone! =)

so.. here's what happened.

sunday: (events after my last post) my mom and dad went malling (who said this thing has nothin to do with adults?). nagpa-facial c mommy.. hehe tapos nagtampo pa kasi di naman na pansin ung changes sa muka nya.. e hello lng naman no.. makinis na yung face nya tps ngaun kumintab pa... ^^; anyway... edi yn.. she bought my dad new sports shoes and got his phone g-planned...shempre my free phone and they picked the motorolla E398 w/c has a camera! yey! at last.. nakahwak din ako ng mejo modern kind of stuff.. lam nyo nman d2 sa haus...napag iwanan na.. seasons before i often call our family 'the family 51' coz all our phones are 5110! LoL

monday: now here's the exhausting part. this was our linggo ng wika celeration day.. hmm..turned out fun naman... yun nga lang... there were classes on the first two period and we ad a quiz on ap! that sucks.. but i passed.. thank GOD. so there we were.. sitting on them onoblock chairs waiting for the program to finish. at first it was really exciting but then it turned out boring when we were witnessing presentations which i consider not so creatively-planned. but they won anyway.. what can i do? ... so un.. afternoon.. all we did was play games.. i was part of the dodge ball thing... and that made my lungs almost explode! grabe kaya...-_- takbo di takbo doon... LoL.. this must be the feeling of being in a stampede! pero proud ako dahil tumagal naman ako kahit pano.. and patam won! hehe.. so un na un... ^^;;

till next tym...

layout editing mania...

saturday: (events after my previous post)i searched for tony pics, (to be used in my on-going project, my tony layout.. hehe) and managed to find customizeable layouts in blogskins (i tell you, it's a great syt!). then went to the rooftop, stargazing... but unfortunately, the stars didn't brighten up my night coz they look so few and so weather stricken. so.. i decided just to draw, but i got lazy so i just watch as my sister desperately paints a farm landscape w/ the size of 6 manila papers! -_- but anyway, she can do it, i believe in her.

sunday: mom wakes us up at 6, we dressed, then zoomed off to church, got there at quarter to 7 (i know, we're always late), finished the service at 8, bought pugon baked pandesal at 'pan de pugon', went to ate banding for my mom's weekly nail maintenance (cleaning, polishing etc...)then, at long last.... went home. lunch. internet... hmm.. so there it is.


guess what. i spent p200 for food!!! majority pa chocolates... gutom na gutom na kasi ako eh... -_-... pero oks lng.. share naman kami ni terai eh.. hehe.. sha pinaglinis ko ng sahig! hahahaha... hmmm... balak ko gumawa ng tony layout... hmmm.. kaya lang pansin ko.. i change layouts so often so dapat malessen yon.. ryt? e hello.. wala namang masama ah.. yun nga lang... kktamad... hehe...

pluggies:----> BLOGSKINS

yan isang napaka cool na site na may isang malaking gallery ng blog templates... available as blogger, xanga or movable type. dyan ko nakuha ung past layout ko... na mejo boring kasi.. black na lang lagi ang bg ko.. so i changed. there i learned how to create my own layout... by examining the codes. ^^.

un lang. gising pa ko maaga tomorrow. church service's at 6 am. o.O


hehehe... masaya na ko ngaun... naibuhos ko na lahat ng kahihiyan ko sa aking previous post!... anyway... di naman big deal eh?

sa kabilang banda. maraming salamat at maganda ang mga feedback nyo tungkol sa aking layout... kaso may problema... tanong naman o... naka align ba ng maayos lahat ng tables? kasi dito sa pc ni daddy, nasa left lang ung header image... e dapat nasa gitna ehh!!! grr...

magkaganun man. wala na akong ibang masabi.. my topak nnman ung laptop... di ko magamit.. huwaaaah...-_-

harharhar... kanina nakita ko ung diskette ko na puno ng pictures ni tony!!! *drools* hahahahahaha... sa kasamaang palad, nang sinaksak ko sa drive a... hindi raw formatted! leche... -_-... kawawa naman si tony dear.... -_-... search na lng ulit ako!

tony! tony! tony! tony! tony! tony! tony! tony! tony! tony! tony!



awhile ago at skul... i saw my 'old' crush... don't bother asking... -_-. she was standing right outside the window.. beside my chair. of course i'm sitting there... i'm far away copying notes from another seat. after copying, i went to my place and contained myself from the outburst of excitement... -.-

i went out to return my books to the locker, i passed by our neighbor classroom and tried to look for karla there... but unfortunately she's gone. the next thing i resorted on doing was to tell michi how happy i am that i saw her again. and i did. -_-. needless to say... she was just behind me... -_-, i dunno if she heard everything. just try to understand how i feel. LoL

hehehe... oh well. looks like i'm luckiest spotter on earth...


dismissal time. i waited for hours for my fetch to arrive, but since GOD really wants to punish me for not being so 'straight', i wasn't home yet until 6:30. -_-

then, ate theresa fetched me, we're going to commute and we don't have enough money left so we walked from skul to mapayapa 1. luckily, we spotted an empty tricycle and managed to go to short stop before having our toes swollen.


haaayy... nakauwi rin.

another series-slash-day of my life

my new layout keeps me posting several times a day. and i'm left with nothing to say...

awhile ago i answered some quizzes, but i deleted it coz some problem occured.. argh.

tomorrow is friday, i hope classes will still be suspended.

my sister is getting furious about learning a piano piece which was long ago rejected by her. i dunno what's up but she suddenly got the urge to read my notes. weird. she's getting a little too classic. tsk... better keep an eye on her.

an addition to my favorite movies: 'The Net' starring Sandra Bullock. did it ever occur to your mind why sandra always play the role of an agent? an FBI agent, undercover agent, police agent... im quite confused.. but, i still think there's a reason behind all those.

The Net is about a lady named Angela Bennett who encountered a major disaster on the internet. Her profile has been changed to some wanted criminal. And now she's struggling to bring back her true identity. All of that, because of this really important file that fell in her hands. The villain tries to claim it but... nah.. he won't get it anyway...

why i liked it? gave me a warning not to use the internet often coz some really good hacker might change my profile and turn me into some Ruth Marx, a narcotic drug pusher, has a tolerance for violence and is particularly insane about everything. Then cops will chase me, put a million US$ on my head and i'll be attracting every bounty-hunter in the world!

the program 'Mozart's Ghost'? i find it cool. the pi symbol at the bottom of the program is way cooler! when you click it, you'll be visualizing rapid changes of pages, matrix effect and flash codes... cool.

i watched in on HBO, try to catch it there. It may change your life... specifically internet junkies.

let's go with some surveys...

^_^... i think i'm in a long rest from answering such lengthy surveys like this... and besides.... is this really a survey? this one's not even acknowledged in some universally-accepted statistics....but anyway... let's get over with this... for the sake of escaping boredom...

1) pierce your nose or tongue? --none

2) be serious or be funny? --both

3) drink whole or skim milk? --whole

4) simple or complicated? --simple

* . . . D O Y O U P R E F E R . . . *> >

5) flowers or angels? --angels

6) grey or gray? either...

7) colored or black-and-white photos? either...

8) lust or love? -- love

9) SUNRISE or SUNSET? --sunset

10) M&Ms or Skittles? > -- m&ms

11) rap or rock?> --rock

12) staying up late or waking up early? --staying up l8

13) TV or radio? > --tv

15) eating apples or oranges? > -- both

* . . . A N S W E R T R U T H F U L L Y . . . *> >

16) Do you have a crush? > -- yeah

17) Who is it? -- nun of ur buzz

* . . . D O Y O U P R E F E R . . . *> >

18) being hot or cold? > -- hot

19) tall members of the opposite sex? > -- yeah

20) sun or moon? > -- moon

21) emeralds or rubies? > -- rubies

22) lefty or righty? > --lefty

23) having 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? -- 1 best friend

24) sunny or rainy?> -- sunny......

25) vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? > -- chocolate

26) green beans or carrots? > -- carrots...> >

27) boys or girls? > --any> >

28) low fat or fat free? > -- low fat> >

* . . . M I S C E L L A N E O U S . . . *> >

29) What is your biggest fear in the world?>i dunno...maybe the fear of losing someone you love...

30) Kids or no kids? > -- kids> >

31) Cat or dog? > --both

32) Half empty or half full? > stupid! parehas lang yon!--half full

33) Mustard or ketchup? > -- ketchup> >

34) Hard cover books or soft cover books? > -- any is alright> >

35) Newspaper or magazine? > -- magazines> >

36) Sandals or sneakers? > -- sneakers> >

37) Wonder or amazement? > -- amazement> >

38) Red car or white car? > -- red>>

39)Happy and poor or sad and rich? > -- can i have happy and rich???? haha... happy and poor> 40) Singing or dancing? > -- singing>>

41) Hugging or kissing? > -- hugging> >

42) Corduroy or plain? > -- plain> >

43) Happy or sad? > -- happy> >

45) Blondes, brunettes?> -- brunettes!!> >

* . . . A B O U T Y O U . . . *> >

46)What time is it? 8.15 pm>>

47)Full name? arianne grace credo birog>>

48)Nickname? r-yan, yan, yanyan, arianitas...> >

49)Names and ages of siblings? terai-15

50)Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake? 1..=(

51)Pets? none.>>

52)Height? 5'2

53)Eye color? dark brown>>

54)Hair color? black> >

55)Piercings? my ears....

at last i'm done...=)

so much for a stress relief...



the wind is horrible. It blew out the blinds in our room... grrr.... the windows are slamming... the storm is getting heavier minute by minute.... it's getting worse... do you think it's the end of the world?

... -_-... haaayyyyynaakkkuuuu..... i'm getting xited over the 'linggo ng wika' celebration but this godamn storm ruined our nationalistic mood... hehehe... -_-

a critic's mind:

hmm... ano ba nangyari... wala naman.. ay onga pala.... inaanyayahan ko kayong manood ng CINDERELLA sa GMA7 9:30 am- WEEKDAYS... maganda kaya yon!! ang gwapo nung prince... pero honestly... i don't like the way GMA and ABS competes w/ e/o.... kung hindi gayahan... agawan... if you recall... cinderella was first aired on ABS... pero seasons after it was gone... nasa GMA na ... and frankly speaking... i don't like cinderella's voice.. ang arte! bwiset... ayoko rin ng name ng prince... Charlie...e sa ABS... Leornard! mas maganda...

tska.. hmm.. ung JOYRIDE? ayoko ng story line... bakit naman ung NICOLE na yun ung bida? hindi nga maganda ung pag-arte nya eh... and the whole chinese tradition sa family nila? it sounds unrealistic! -_-...

ano pa ba...

a eto!... feeling ko lang eto ang show na hindi tumataas ang rating... feel ko lang ah.. malay ko ba kung nanonood ka nito... IKAW SA PUSO KO!!! ay.. lecheee!! h8 na h8 ko un!!! grr... cno ba designer ni nadine sa set? bat ang baduy ng outfit nyaaa???? -_-....

oi! kung my fan man sha na napadpad dito! don't flame me! bka lunurin kita!!

hmmm... ang sama ko talaga... e ano maga2wa ko... ang daming pagkukulang ng mga palabas na yon... -_-.. buti nga cnabi ko pa eh...


change topic...

-_-.... la na ko masabi.. nxt tym na lang... -_-



weee.... i'm so happy!!! ^-^ hehe... kumain lang naman kami ng spaghetti... babaw noh? e wala lang... nakakamiss kasi mom warned me not to buy spaghetti outside kasi puro daw yun preservatives!! as if naman ung spag nya naturally made!! hmmpph! pano kasi... ineLBM ako... wahahaha... nata2kot nga ako eh... ang tagal na kasi eh... delay pa period ko... -_-

anyway...good thing i had a good nap or else i'll be shouting around at anybody who blocks the tv set! hahahaha... uhm... hmmm... change topic. the harry potter 1 soundtrack was quite boring... full of instrumentals... paulit ulit lang... and oh... i love the 100% senorita soundtrack!! esp. track 16!! the piano version of wo yao ai.. blah blah.. wo yao ni de ai! ... LoL kahit na hindi ko maintindihan ung mandarin.. masaya parin ako! -_-;; yeah right...

compliment me naman o! for a job well done! first time ko gumawa ng blog layout!! yipeee.. and i'm happy it turned out well.... shempre...

honestly... i was moved to make my own layout b/c of a friend... kasi sha rin gumagawa ng layout nya... eh.. yun na yun.... haha...

kainis... 2ng suspendidong skul day na to! xited panaman ako sa filipiniana outfit ko kasi sinuot pa yun nung ate ko noon!.. hehe... big deal noh...-_-;;

haha... cge un lng po....lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala


New Layout...

o yan... bago na layout ko! heheh.. sana magusuthan nyo... ako gumawa nyan eh!

haynaku.... nevermind my previous post! naiinis lang tlga ako sa kapatid ko!!! grrr...

onga pla... suspended and classes namin 2day...edi masaya... pero sana.. bukas hindi na... -_-... bat ang daming may sore eyes? ung tito ko... classm8 ko.. chka ung nasa outreach... sana di ako mahawa... onga pla... help me with the archives section... nagtataka ako kung bat ayaw magpakita... -_-... eniwey... un lng naman... -_- kung may mai-susuggest keo para palayasin yan ad sa itaas.... please do suggest.... ^^;;

the truth is... the design of this layout is originally mine, pero... ginawa ko... kumuha ako ng isang layout tapos pinaglaruan ko na lang yung codes... tapos yun na yun!!! hoi! akin parin to no!!! at ako parin ang gumawa!!! hahahahahaha!!!


I danced on the devil's palm: part 1

i danced on the devil's palm: part 1

by melodia

i was behind a door so huge

locked and lonely coz they say i'm rude

but if i were to be asked, i should have said

i don't deserve this punishment, innocence fill my head

but what choice do i have against their will

i'm so weak, pathetic, and i'm starving here still

maye someday, my wish will be granted

the sun will greet me, and a new life will be started

I'm only up for one request

break my chains so i can rest

i feel exhausted, i feel overused

by a man so brutal, i wish to shut off his fuse

i hand is so powerful i can't get off his grip

i tried but failed and got whacked with his whip

he told me to do this, he forced me to do that

i can't say a thing and just follow his deeds so bad

along came the memories when i danced on the devil's palm

horrific things he made me do so i decided just to run

but like what they say you can never escape

dancing on the demon's hand, a decision you made

Now, my end is near, the light is gradually fading

My curtains of hope continues to close, darkness fills my surrounding

I close my eyes and prayed to God, " Oh Lord forgive my sins"

coz as i lay in this cold floor my soul will wander back to hades...

i'm ready to face my destiny

i'm ready to face death.


so... made out of boredom and out of... bsta... oh.. yan.. basta yun na yon.. byers

the angel and the devil... in love.

when i fall and break apart. who will pick up the pieces of me? when those pieces are scattered, away from each other, will you go and unite the broken parts?

I've come to an end, yet you didn't care. threw out everything bout me, even the sweetest memories we shared. we've been through a lot of raging experiences yet, i get abandoned. let away, killed. I was broken. like a glass i was shattered, a forceful hand punched me hard, it went through my bones, my heart, my soul. i felt the wrath of death... the pain, i lost my heart, my soul was frozen, my mind was stiff. couldn't think of anything else aside from what you did.

hades took control of my freezing brain and stoned heart. I felt scared but what was that compared to what you did. I joined him, his company, like death eaters congregating around Lord Voldy. he gave me power to control all the elements, he gave me the chance to live again, to seek revenge, that's why i'm living until now, you thought i'm dead, but i'm bloody alive and i sought to kill you. But i can't get near you, you're always inside the *****... ughh... god damn that word. fuck, what did i just say.. god.. oh my... shouldn't have said that. it's draining all my power.



nyek.. ano kaya yan.. ang wierd kaya... napaka.. unorganazed ng thoughts... gets nyo ba? i doubt it... oh the girl's not literally dead. i mean... she and her boyfriend broke up.... and her boyps did it a manner that she'll hate her... i dunno why... then... eh yun na yun! -_-

I can never forget that time.


The Perfect Woman...

the perfect woman...

by arianne...

a perfect woman, who could it be?

that even naked eyes could not see

a perfect woman, with a god-like beauty

that dances around with steps so heavenly

Who would it be, can you guess?

Choose one in a billion and you'll get stressed

Maybe i know the reason why

You can't find her below the sky

Such mysterious character unfolds

To be one of the earth's wandering Ghosts

Yet posseses what it takes

To attract almost everyone just by dancing by the lake

to be continued....

well... ^^; i can only write poems if i'm inspired by another poem.. and that poem is 'She was a Phantom of Delight' by William Wordsworth... and yeah... it's hard to understand but i was guessing that it talked about some kind of mysteriousness on a woman he calls almost perfect.

Basically, that's for my english project... another poem.. well at least it's not as boring as setting your mind on being an environmentalist and get rhymes out of that.... yes, i'm talking about our past poem... Trees by Joyce Kilmer... I'm not anti nature... but....but... you get my point. ---> .

Literature is better that studying Grammar.


helluva ordinary sunday...

after church: went home... dahsed to the cr to throw up!

before lunch: internet stuff...

after lunch: internet stuff... boring stuffs to be exact...

by now: anxious that out server is so slow...

what else?

saturdays at 6:30 pm at ETC channel... watch 'KNOCK FIRST' a very cool show! ^_^ you just gotta love it!


helluva ordinary sunday...-_-

sighh.... so... how does the layout looks like? nice? teehheee.. i find it really nice.. and i'm still not contented... what am i to say... i'm stealing other people's codes... well... not actually.. coz niether of them owns it... so... ^_^ wee... oh... hmm... after church service... we went home and i dashed to the c.r. to throw up! oh.. gross... i've been eating too much... and yet still as desperate in doing work-outs.. which i cannnot possibly do without proper discipline (something i do not have.. )

oh... by the way.. my dad brought me a harry potter poster!!! it's free in the club21 calendar poster thing... ehehe... and that means.. good bye to killua-kun's poster behind the door of my room... i don't have enough space for him coz only the back of the door was allowed to have posters sticked to it... grrr....

...hmmm... i really like the show 'knock first'!!! i mean.. it's cool! they're cool! the designers... the lucky people and even the carpenters... i suddenly had the urge to look up to that profession which, previously, i regarded to as something not so classy... ehehe.. but who cares anyway... they're doing a lot of drilling and reconstruction... and whoa! even the friends who helped them had freebies too! they're sooo lucky!!!

^_^ and i like the knock first bag! i love it!!! i think i have to do something like that too! and i'll do a t-shirt with the KF logo!! weee... good luck to me and my dream to outer space... bye! ^_^


New Layout!

cool... i gotta new layout.. ^_^ i got it from... blog designs ... get yours now! ^_^

oh... i'm glad test week's over! i mean.. i glad by now.. let's see how i'm goin to react with the test results... i wish i didn't fail.. i wish.. i dream.. i hope... find the similarities.. i bet you can't cope... i dream.. i wish i hope... something quite impossible... something far from my reach...i wish i dream i hope... a bright future for myself... and also for the maltreated house-elves... i dream.. i wish.. i hope... i'm getting off topic.. so i'll have to go...

oh... a simple piece of poetry... accidentaly made on the spot.. oh well.. can't help it...

there are two things torturing me inside my mouth.. first... meron akong singaw sa gums.. ouch... it's hard to smile with equal distribution to both your cheeks.. second...a mosquito? or was it a cockroach (eewww!) bit the left part of my upper lip... now.. how am i going to smile? it's even hard to laugh... it's hard to eat!!! arrghh... frowning doesn't cause me pain.. unlike smiling... ^_-

hmmm .... i'm inthe sentimental mood... coz i'm hearing an embedded midi on a blog template (final fantasy8- fragments of memories) .. i tried tracing the source of the music.. but when i opened it.. media player encountered errors.. so i can't continue... =(...

i have downloaded lots of templates! i can't wait to use them all... but i think.. that would be hard... -_-... considering my lack of time of editing codes and htmls.. i can't even update my syt! anyway... pray for me...

oh.. and please pray for the test results to be fine...

pls.. drop me a comment of a greeting... maybe in the tagboard.. know you're all lazy to click on a comments link.. ^_~


grounded phones, fucking modems....

can't get a proper connection without that 'internet explorer experienced a problem and will need to shut down' message. grrr.... ^_^ hopefully, i got all my reflexes on that... no big deal.. piece of crap.

hmm... what happened... hmmm.. can't think of nething memorabl from the last day i updated... well... currently, i'm reading a harry potter fanfic.... ^_^ the title is Sweet Teeth... lol.. ang arte ng title noh? pero maganda naman so far... kinda sweet... i mean literally. ehehehe.... it has 30 chapters! for goodness' sake!!! pero.. hm... i'm impressed with myself... i'm not discouraged to read long chaptered stories anymore!! i fought my fears! yeheeyy! well... that's an aftermath of reading hp4 which has 37 chapters... in.. more than a month or so.. ehehehe...

bakit ganto???? walang privacy ang mga important at private information tungkol sken??? impt. nga ba?? bakit ko nakita ang full name ko sa internet? sa google???? may ful profile paa??? bakeeeettt! ang lupit ng mundoooo!!! yuck!!! kaasarrrrr!!! pero anyway... cno ba namang magsesearch ng pangalan ko sa net...^__^

ui! pucha... trying hard parin ako matuto mag gitara... kasalanan ko ba na mahilig ako maglagatok ng daliri kaya maiksi lng mga fingers ko at hindi ko kaya ang chords sa higit sa tatlo ang tabs?

buti na lng... my tabs... yey! gets ko na sha.. through internet tutorials!! pero ang hirap parin i play ng mariposa ksi ang iksi ng neck ng guitar namin... ang kapal pa ng handle.... huhuhu... -_-


hmmm... ei...i know you have problems reading the 'other links' bar in the left.. sorry bout that... forgot to change the fonts.. but anyway... bahala na kayo... ^__^

hmmm... onga pla.. i got a new sim! yey... ung 128 xl... harhar.. i'm waiting for the spiddy man freebies!! ^_^ kung meron pang promo... eh hello?! nakalimutan ko na ngang kunin ung free icecream ko sa old sim ko eh! eto pa ba palalampasin ko? di na no!!! pan banaman kse.. nag xpire ung old sim ko sa katagalang di nalagyan ng load... regrets nman ako eh.. hehe...

mmm.. no pa ba..??? wala na.. cge byeee bloggie...


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