ui.. thursday!

hahaha wala akong magawa... tsk panu ba yan, tatlong buwan pa kong mabubulok dito sa kalalaba. hmmm... sa saturday, gateway with barkada! wuhooo... sa wakas, makakalabas din ako, although i have to stick with window shopping kasi arcade, pagkain at pamasahe lang ang gagastusan ko. bwahahahaaa... i'm not yet insane to go into a major shopping galore in gateway. unless i get to be princess of brunei.

tomorrow is Chynna's birthday! ok! Happy Birthday! yeheesss, dalaga naaa!

ahahahaaa... believe it or not, i just read the Bible. now, that's new. i even took notes. that's newer. and i realized a lot of things. haha, yan newest.
nasa Genesis palang naman ako... it was enlightening reading the Bible. enlightening sa mga aspects irregardles of morality issues. ayoko kasi maging super conservative. ever since i took a semester off to chill at home, i found it necessary to get closer to God. ngayon ko lang sha napakinggan ng maigi. i don't want this to sound cheesy with my life changing testimonies so i won't delve into that any further.

whew. i realized na dalawa pala ang puno sa gitna ng Eden. the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. both are forbidded for man to eat. unfortunately nga diba, kumain si Adan at Eba sa Puno ng Karunungan ng Tama at Mali and hereditarily speaking we now possess Knowledge of Good and Evil... thus, the gift of descernment.

After getting banished from the garden, God sent out Cherubims with flaming swords to guard the remaining tree untouched by men, the Tree of Life. So, imagine if the serpent duped Eve to eat on the Tree of Life instead? Lahat tayo immortal!!! hmmm... now think about it.

sa Genesis din natin makikita na talagang superior ang men over women. having Eve banished from Eden explains why childbearing is painful. kaparusahan nya iyon sa pagsuway kay Lord. And man was cursed to toil over the ground for food. si Adan ang nagpangalan kay Eba.

the great flood happened because God got angry that his men are abusing the tradition of faithful marriage. marrying one woman after another and another and another. it wasn't clear kung ang tinutukoy dito ay angel-man relationship pero in the later verses binanggit na ang mga offspring nila ay mga extraordinary people. yung tipong higante, mala hercules ang lakas and blah...

bago magpalabas si Noah ng dove, nagpalabas muna suya ng Raven. and in fact, mas mahirap yung ginawa ng raven kumpara sa dove, kasi pinalipad sya ng pinalipad, pabalik balik hanggang mag dry up yung land. at malamang lamang, nung napagod na sya tsaka na pinalabas yung Dove, na nagbalik ng olive leaf kay noah, pero after nun iniwan na rin sha nung dove at di na bumalik.

after the flood, God made a covenant to Noah never to destroy the whole Earth and his creatures again. He also promised that no flood will ever again destroy the whole world. implication na kung magugunaw man ang mundo, it's definitely not out of water. e diba scary yun? panu kung fire? wind? earth?
the Rainbow - serves as a sign to this covenant. now that's explains it.

i'm thinking, maybe there's no END OF THE WORLD. it doesn't exist kasi nagpromise si Lord. if people think that the 2nd coming of Christ will be the destruction of humankind, they're wrong. according to Revelations, when Jesus comes back, he will take with him those who stayed faithful to him to heaven. and yung mga hindi, maiiwan dito sa earth under the reign of Satan for a whole lot of millenuims. when i reach revelations ma-eexplain ko na to pero dear, genesis muna ha. =)

eto naman ang na isip kong reason kung bakit iba iba ang language ng mga tao sa iba't ibang regions ng mundo.
the tower of babel
during this time, men share a common speech. they tried to built a city with a brick tower in it that would reach the heavens so that they can make a name for themselves and not be scattered over the face of the earth. nagalit si Lord, abot langit na tore? heh! kung ito ang dulot ng pagkakaroon nila ng isang similar language, then i might as well confuse their tongues.
indeed, dahil kinonfuse ni Lord and kanilang language, hindi na sila nagkaintindihan. di nabuo ang city at ang tower at nag sama sama ang lahat ng magkakapareho ang language and nagsikalat sa buong mundo!!

ahahahaaa... i think i should go back to sunday school once again. i missed a hell lot.
eheheheee... ^^;

a good ten step slip

there are many ways to describe a girl who just fell on a flight of stairs. a few would laugh at it and blame it on their stupid selves for wearing slippery slippers. some would stay numb for a while, then burst in a wail complaining they broke a nail. most would definitely stay motionless for a long time and later on people will realize she just hit her head on one pointy corner of the step and passed out, with blood oozing out of her head, they rush her to the hospital and then they will discover that she's also borken a rib or two.

i'm part of the few though. i laughed a while, then i cried too. it damn hurts like hell. i'm so lucky i didn't break a rib or a nail or even hit my head on one pointy corner of the step and passed out. i'm just so damn lucky that i only got a palm sized dull violet bruise on my right thigh with several lines messily sketched on it, a couple of stray bruises on the other parts of my right thigh, and a cramp on my right hand. i was thankful for the cramp for if i didn't stick my hand upright on the floor, i wouldn't have banged my sad excuse for a head on one pointy corner of the step and passed out. i still consider my self lucky.

some wouldn't surive such a fall. blame it on the stairs, it was steep and it has no banister.
after that, as i was wrapping an ice pack on my swollen thigh, i realized how hard it is for stuntmen to fake a fall on the stairs. i would always badmouth someone i see on TV who got pushed by the villain on the stairs because as i see it, it didn't seem too severe i thought they were just overacting it with the bloody sprawled-on-the-ground scene. but i was wrong, so wrong. sorry. lesson learned.

mom is preparing a big meal for 8 guests today. but it turns out that only 4 can come. hahahahaa. at least we get to eat their share. they just missed one important part of their starving lives.

i thought cleaning the bathroom would solve my spider problems. but no, just yesterday after our mini bible study, i saw an eight legged freak flaunting it's skinny glory on my picture! my graduation piture on the wall! what a demise. was that a sign or something? gee, good thing daddy killed it before it jumped to my sister's grad pic instead.

vash stampede

it's a sunday, hooray! it's our church's 18th anniversary and all of us is celebrating. i presume we came in earlier than usual but we still ran out of chairs. it's ok though, we didn't end up standing anyway. we had a guest speaker today and i like him. he's a former cheif of police and bounty hunter (yeah!) in california. his voice was a little rash and he sounds like he has asthma, always running out of breath. but i understand, it's hard chasing after fugitives but at the same time it's cool to be a bounty hunter (yeah!). I remember trigun, my favorite police related anime because of the action, the character design and the alias - Vash Stampede.

then we went to ever to buy some grocery stuff. i love nachos with salsa. if i only know where to buy cilantro leaves then i would probably be doing a homemade one. but nooooo, have to stick with commercialized products.

weeeee, got my registration form already. classes starts at novemer 13! ira's birthday (i guess hehe)! that's 3 days before my birthday too! sadly, i don't think i'm going to enjoy my PE with a permanently injured leg. it doesn't hurt but the friggin meniscal tear is still there and it won't go away so i have to take cautious measures for a lifetime. how unfortunate, i would love to play tennis or softball, karate or arnis... but i have to stick with walking for fitness, hula/tahitian (cool!), table tennis (err?) and probably CHESS. basta no legs required. my goodness, i don't want to be seen walkin around the campus with a chess board. it's too dorky. but i'm really a dork remember? and i won a medal in chess. it doesn't hurt to play it again. besides, it's a strategic game. wahehehehee...

checking up on reviews

i'm currently reading user reviews of creative muvo txfm (256 mb) mp3 player. i was thinking of buying it since it's compact and handy. but mehn, i'm too confused. some reviewers say it easily dysfunctions after 4 months. some also say that it's better than the ipod in terms of sound quality.

ok, now what? most of its pros goes to its being gym handy since it's really small and the package includes an armband. on the other hand, most of its cons goes to short term functionality. so generally, it's not the best for me since i'm not a gym buff and i like my player to work for a long time. but then, i'm keying for the recorder. i want to have a recorder. but not a separate one.

in the end i still think i'm going to buy this. but not anytime soon since i'm still saving for a canon powershot. =)

had the Bible of my dreams at last. it's actually an old NIV one that we got refurbished so now it looks better. daddy gave it to me and he also included a dedication (after a lot of demands). i'm excited to use it! hihi, and i also provided a notebook for it so that i can jot notes and study the Word. yehey.

i consumed 3 cups of mocha ice cream awhile ago and i feel faaaaaatt right now, even after exercising. bad. but i have a better idea, i once wrote here that i dream of having my own franchise of starbucks in the future but it would cost me a biiiigggg fortune that i could never save even if i started now. maybeeee, i'll just get myself a franchise of Ice Cream Corner! it should be cheaper! plus their ice cream is great and affordable, not to mention tastes just like (or even better than) consumer favorites nestle and selecta on a cheaaapper price! i just have to look for the perfect location. yehey for a new goal. hehehe

i have a new favorite radio station! 98.7 DZFE. why? because it plays classical music. before it was 101.9 because of the hits, as all radio stations are, but then i don't like all of the songs so i keep on presetting the tuner. 98.7 is a long time stop i could listen to it for an hour straight and not change the station. yeah, of course you won't agree. most of you don't fancy classical music like i do.

sidebar update!

i just added 'verse of the day' right below my profile. hihi. love it. at least whenever i visit my site i'll have something to ponder. i was actually thinking of just putting a 'word of the day' to enhance my vocabs but i thought i wouldn't be too diligent with remembering it. a bible verse works better, and personally it's easier for me to stick a thought in my mind rather than a word.

everything becomes beautiful when you are doomed

really now? okay, i won't argue with the title because achilles said that. swwwoooooonnnnssss.
i'm hopeless, i don't think i could ever stop myself from biting my nails. apparently they've gone a deal shorter, again, due to my monster habit of biting them. so i'm a monster now, and monsters don't usually explain themselves. so i'll leave it there.

i'm excited to go to school, yeah that's rare. hello? if you were quarantined for five months without anything new to learn aside from the stuff you get in tv, wouldn't you yearn to go to school, learn new and probably confusing things, earn new friends and coleagues, and meet people who are just as confused with the lessons?
i'm being a dork here. ngork ngork.

heyhey. last august 21, i just finished conceptualizing my magazine. oh yeah, it's time to make good use of my time. i've done a couple of articles already and hey, i got my own staff. my own writing team. my own layout artist. and they're all great. wanna know them? no, i won't spill them all. i like the name of my opinions writer, an italian named mr. dano ponioni... that's why i hired him. and they're all gonna work for me without charge. that's sooo kind.
we're kinda rushing it so that we'll set it debut release this september. watch out for Oh! Blimey magazine. =)

yeah yeah, a dork's gotta do what a dork's gotta do.
do you want me to feature anything in particular? we'll get you credited for it. and my feature writer Rese Tufa will take care of the details.

haha. did you actually believe that i'm putting up my own magazine? and with an italian writer?
well, you should. it's a low-budget one so i don't think most of you will see a copy of it anywhere.


what if you had a universal remote... that controlled your universe?

i feel so blessed! i don't know why, it's not often that i feel extra happy during sundays especially when there are piles of stinking dishware to wash and a basketful of stinking laundry to clean. but then, i'm enjoying life. ever since i knew that i'm actually destined to face college life anytime soon. there's nothing incredibly great to look forward to college, especially when you know it's another series of unfortunate events or grades (in my case, maybe yours too) that you have to face for the next miserable four (more or less) years. and mehn, i have to deal with it for five years.

heh. i just killed a mosquito with a super clap.

yeah, so what if i have a universal remote that controlled my universe?

we watched click last night. it was a pretty hasty decision of going to the mall that night but we enjoyed it. at least i did because i chose the movie and i can't afford to miss an adam sandler. golly, mom wouldn't allow me and my sister to go alone so she called ate theresa to be our chaperone. chaperone. chaperone. mehn, we're not kids anymore, maybe my sister is (hehe), but i'm not!! i almost felt guilty for it. ate theresa and i used our free complimentary ticket from last time and my sister used my reward card to get P10 off the ticket price.

they say it's comedy but i think i cried more than i laughed. seriously. hehehe...

i'm inspired to paint on tissue canvass! i guess i'll do it later when i see a scrap illustration board. i watched this documentary, Art From Fallen Leaves from japan video topics in IBC and i was super amazed. you should watch it.

weeee... gotta paint! gotta paint!!!

two negatives equals positive

allow me to hop around, jump around and skip around in joy because this has been one of the happiest days of my life ever since i've been receiving a lot of rejection notices from a lot of universities.

yeeheeeeeeeyyyyy!yiiihhaaaaaaaa!!yaahaaahooooO!bibidibabidibbbboooooooyyaaaaaa!!!wooooooooowwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiieeeeeee!!!yeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrzzzz!!!!yeyeyeyeyeyeayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay!!!!!!buwahahahahahahaahhaahaagagagagahahah!!!!!!!!yippeeeeeeyipeeeee!!!!! haaaaappppyyyyyyhaaappppppyyyjooooooooyyyy!!!!! jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyyyyy!

whew! that's one way of saying, "SA WAKAS MAY SCHOOL NA KOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

i've been waiting for the 16th of august ever since the 3rd. yesterday i checked my blood pressure and it reached 120/90 which means i'm too nervous to even blog. and as a result i cleaned our bathroom. something i don't usually do but because i'm high blooded and i don't want an eight legged freak disturbing my bathroom rituals, i cleaned. seriously, there are giant spiders ocassionaly visiting our bathroom and it's not nice even though they look super exotic with their skinny legs and tiger like complexion. i'm not scaring you, i'm scaring myself.

back to the title. i dreamed last night that i won't pass. when i woke up, ate theresa told be that she had a similar dream. but you see, i passed!!! i passed!!! after a long list of failures a record breaking pass saved my life!!

i'll be in UP los banos and i'll be taking up chemical eng'g. which means i have to lay down for a while my dream of becoming a businesswoman and focus on my new course.
unless i shift.

you see, yesterday i was thinking of college life in FEU. it was super nice. i'm near our neighborhood, i'll drive my own car and i wouldn't be facing too much pressure. i can find a lot of time to sell gano chocolates and avon cosmetics and perhaps i'll sell in sara lee and natasha too. imagine the money. and my goal then would be to create a smashing business proposal and be FEU's delegate to the annual business fair in Harvard. two years ago their delegate won first place, beat that. sounds grrreeeeaaattt! i was too excited to go to FEU and i just realized that yesterday. but now...

i cleaned my nails, which is something that - again - i don't usually do because they're too short and don't deserve a nice little push and polish. but i cleaned them so that seeing them nice and pinkish will stop me from biting them. it's time to get out of my nasty habit.

pranks and you - revenge you can do at home

Homewrecker is a very helful show. particularly the 'pranks and you' segment. i learned a pretty cool revenge using only an electrical tape. actually, i just did it awhile ago and i've had two victims already. my uncle and our MAID. yeah, our maid was my original target because we had a fight awhile ago. by fight i mean i rolled my eyes on her and in return she didn't serve me juice. haha, smaller than petty.

but now we're okay. the sink sprinkler prank was great. i thought i could do a more serious one with the eggs. haha. gotta watch more of homewrecker.

by the way, i finished reading Austere Academy, Ersatz Elevator and Vile Village a couple of days ago. just so you know, they're the 5th, 6th and 7th installment of lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events. it's an awfully amusing series. awful because as the author puts it, nothing good is and will be happening to the Baudelaire orphans and amusing becuase mr. snicket is just one of the greatest writers i've ever known.

anyhow, i don't think i should continue on with this day's dull tale. i'm in the internet cafe and i barely have money to cover the fare back home.

piracy is sublime

sometimes i say no to piracy but more often than not i support it. just in music though, not in movies. i just burned my own Amelie soundtrack and it took me 9 hours of internet time to complete it. not to mention, i made a mistake by downloading and compiling the same track twice. but whatever, i'm so glad right now. the music is good! lots of accordion medleys. eheheheheeee...

oh well, again and again... i did the laundry and woot! i had to clean my bedsheet too because i woke up with a line of ants beside me. terrible. my bad, it must've been the chocnut crumbs. grrr...

wtocher! michi shared this link to me through y!m: http://red-rahl.livejournal.com/
yeah, a must-see artist indeed. winks.

okaaaay, on to one of my favorite shows: extreme makeover home edition!

good night folks.

amelie of montamarte

a very nice french art film. audrey tautou (amelie) fits the role just fine... an unpredictable introvert whose revenges are hillariously effective.

i got my Troy vcd back! yehey! gotta watch it again later. i just feel like i'm missing a lot of brad pitt lately. oh well, nothing much happened for this day, except that i was screaming for joy over another million peso winner in game knb?! the category: international wristwatch brands. pretty easy, for me, since almost every line of expensive clothing (like prada, gucci, chanel, ck..) has launched their watches too and you just have to name them. too bad the spectacled microbiologist didn't win. i like him. and ho! kris aquino makes a good matchmaker, except that she doesn't consider if the pair looks good together. haha.

weeeeeee, it's excercise time again!

different time now:

golly, i'm so insufferable. i mispelled brad pitt as bratt pit. i miscalled maristel for macrise when i saw her in the grocery. and i now i'm searching the dictionary for the meaning of insufferable: an intolerable airhead whose life is a big douchebag. and what does douchebag mean anyway? a shitbag i suppose.

draco has always been the big insufferable git [1] to most writers, but i'm not most writers. [1] - is so oooovvverlyyy ussseeedd. gasgas na kung baga. i hate it.
i may be insufferable but i'm not a git... yet.

i just watched troy. i cried during the part where achilles sprained his ankle and died. i also cried when hector got a heart attack and died as well. his father, priam, got killed by backstabbing. and... patrocolus died of sore throat.

makati escapade

as planned, we accompanied ate ethel in her insurance comission test. we arrived at 730am, the test started by 930 and ate ethel came out at 1145 with the result =(. so in short, ate theresa and i waited for 4 hours and 15 minutes in front of the mirrored elevator in the 26th floor. good thing we have planned 'the outrageously diverting time wasters' which insludes playing jack en poy con sampalan, the thumb game, the first-guy-in-blue-who-steps-out-of-the-elevator-is-your-soulmate sign watching, and of course talking and eavesdropping on other people who's also waiting.

the test was nearly done when a woman arrived at the floor, complaining and complaining to her mother, that she gave the wrong direction to the building blah blah blah... it looks like she took the WRONG test and luckily, funny rather, she passed the WRONG test and got hired at the WRONG job. she accidentally took a job admission test in Coco life when she should be taking the insurance comission test for Grepa life. meehn.

ate ethel went home alone and ate theresa and i went to our 'business'.

we went to glorietta and window shopped. we have no intention of buying anything since we don't have the bucks. i fancy ths store - 'kahon' because of it's unique architecture... majorly it's just the entrance i fancy. it's slanted. then we ate in kfc.
we crossed to landmark and crossed again to greenbelt. we did nothing much but look around and check the cr's -- the only place we utilized the most because it's clean and free and modern. then we went back to glorietta to check out ASIMO!

Asimo is a robot made by Honda and the host boastfully says he can do almost anything. i'm impressed, it reacts to sounds, gestures and space... can walk forward or backward, walk up the stairs... blahblah. and he's six years old. cute, but i wouldn't rejoice over the idea of 'world robot domination'.

didn't i say it would be geeks who will dominate the world one day??? meeehn.

and oh, i saw an american boy wearing spectacles who gave me the impression of 'Harry Potter'. i wanna see him again urrggghh, only... he's blue-eyed. just perfect.

it's a game of give and take and give and take and give and give and give and lose

poker got me hooked. i never knew poker could be so much fun! now i know why gamblers bother to put their whole fortune at stake.
play flash poker here!... you could play it as long as you have enough moolas to bet so i suggest you disconnect your internet while playing. flash can be played offline, anyway.

today is not quite a daaaaaaaayyyyy. i did the laundry as usual, watched game knb?, then eat bulaga, then i exercised, and then i watched daisy siete season 12 - landas (i used to hate the sexbombers before but their show is a pretty good pastime), after that i watched the naruto marathon in studio 23, then i took a bath, then i watched dragon ball z (yeah, my all time favorite action anime!), and then i ate dinner, then i washed the dishes...

later on i will watch bituing walang ningning, followed by sa piling mo with a couple of sneaks from i luv new york, then... oh yeah, no My Girl today... ok so i'll just watch piolo pascual go bonkers in MMK.

i guess tomorrow will be quite a tomoroooooowwww. we'll leave early at 6 to accompany ate ethel to the insurance comission test in makati. then, we'll go to glorietta. wooooot.

have a nice day to me.

i don't have to be the one the battles always choose

discovered a new site. free RPG, all you need to do it create an account and you can play for free! BattleOn.com
i'm having a great time there!

free game downloads are also available at MiniClip.com. cool site.

i just came back from my interview in uplb with my parents. whew, so tiring... but what's that compared to the promising future i envision myself in? hehe, the dean asked me pretty much the same stuff as before but i made sure that this time i'll show him how determined i am. i'm desperate for the course. but hell, i was stuttering when he asked me to answer a certain question in english. nosebleeeeed. and you know what, i was half nervous with writing the essay because he seems to expect me to be good in writing because i chose journalism in the other campus. what more is that i got a disappointing 48% with my reading comprehension, and he knows that. e kumusta naman yun? but on the other hand, he said i topped the math and science category among the other interviewees. what a relief.... i'm shocked at myself. that's so not me, before the upcat results arrived i was expecting a pretty decent score with my english but noooo, the table was turned. and as a result i could only choose courses under engineering, which was so rewarding seeing that that is uplb's forte. and being its forte, they really get meticuluous with their students, and that's the tough part.

God bless to meeeee!!!
i'm so full of optimism after the interview we even bought fresh cow milk in the animal husbandry! yeah yeah, how does that link?

please check my new fic - For Always (you hpdm shippers!), you know i'm not good in narratives but your criticisms will help!
check it here!!

let the geek in the pink take a stab at it

this is a long post.

hello blog. you see, i don't see the point why i went on blog leave. it's silly you know, i've been keeping another journal, a password protected microsoft word document with a filename: atomic research logs, and i've been putting all the crap in my life there, at least for the past 2 months.

nothing extraordinary happened today, i'm just eating my favorite salted greasy peanuts from FCM which costs 10 per 35 grams. i wouldn't be surprised if my jaw hurts again tomorrow. i'm munching them like hell.

kumusta na nga ba ako?
still the same, i don't have an official alma matter yet and i'm struggling between being a chemical engineer or a business mgt. major. what the hell am i supposed to take? my golly, i've explained this depressing struggle a lot of times already and still no answer.

anyhow, i have a lot of tricks in my sleeve, i just don't know how to pull them off. this thursday i'll be going to UPLB for another interview. i've written down every possible question the dean will ask and i have made my own research about chemical engineering as well. i just have to impress him... i have a ranking to retain, i'm desperate for school.

hay dyusko.
just so you know, i missed watching My Girl today because i'm typing this ****.

my fallback is still the same though, FEU. si Henry Sy na lang tutularan ko.
oooh, speaking of Henry Sy... ate theresa got a free complimentary cinema ticket from one of my mom's clients in SM mall of asia. admit two, any sm cinema, any movie, premiere, IMAX! yahoooooo! can't wait.

love this song: a place in time - amanda abizaid. theme song of the 4400 (scifi series. thurs.7pm rpn prime shift)

'amelie' will be showing on aug.7 -730pm-rpn prime shift.

tsk. namememorize ko na ung mga commercial sa tv. grabe, wake up song ko... "good morning, good morning, dahil sa pampers, ang sleep mo ang sleep mo, mahimbing! iwas leaks iwas leaks up to 10 hours! masarap, masarap ang gising! ganadong ganado na matulog, bulaga! flying kiss! yeeeeeyyy!..."


i've realized, maybe i like harry potter more than draco malfoy. and i think i have to get over my obsession with ryan philippe and accept that he's having two kids soon. plus, i have to let go of another ryan too, he's getting married to judy ann santos. =(

everytime i read my batchmates blogs and seee their updates in multiply, i get jealous. jealous that they're having a good time in college and i don't. that i'm stuck with our stinky laundry and empty refrigerator. but then everything has a good side, i'm getting paid for doing the laundry, i'm getting thinner with bellydancing, and (seriously) i've been spending a day's time with God. somehow, even though i don't learn academically, i learn spiritually and that what i missed most when i was studying.

i read this story in 'what matters most - francis j. kong' -- a business self-help book.

-back in time (forgot the date) brothers adi and rudolph dassler created the very successful sportsgear we highly patronize today: Adidas. but there came a time when the two fought over something that caused them to go on separate ways. adi was left alone with adidas and his brother decided to venture into a new business. this led rudolph to create an equally competitive brand that aims to overtake his brother's, and it was called Puma!

-nike, on the other hand, was established in japan by an american track and field coach, bill bowerman. he developed a new set of rubbershoes which were meant for running because he noticed most of his team members get injured a lot with their shoes. phil knight, one of his students highly supported his coach's idea and even helped him market his propsal. during that time, running shoes were scarcely in demand and it wasn't until their world tour in japan that they were able to meet a shoe manufacturing company that invested in their creation. thus began the world-famous nike swoosh.

'what matters most- francis j. kong' is a good read, mainly because it contains a lot of success stories from businessmen which emerged from rags to riches. other stories include ray kroc's mc donald's, quaker's oats and the cornelius vanderbilt fortune. :D

sige, goooooooooooooood night.

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