Juice Cleanse/Detox: a list of providers/shops :)

if you're looking for a list of cold-pressed juice sellers for detox or cleansing in the philippines (particularly servicing to metro manila), you're at the right place! >XD

this is more of a note-to-self, since i'm going to try juicing again sometime later (pag may pera na haha). it's hard to keep tabs of the many cold-pressed juice sellers i follow on instagram so here's a list for easy reference instead. i've added in remarks about prices and stuff of those i've researched on but take note that they're all subject to change. to be sure, just visit their respective social media accounts also provided below :)

if you'd like to add more to the list, feel free to comment on this entry so i'll have more to consider in the future! onga pala, if you're gonna suggest a shop, make sure it services metro manila at least hehe.

disclaimer: all photos are from the shops' respective accounts. :)

1. Detoxify Bar


Php 1,350.00 / 1 day package (5 juices, 2 organic tea bags, 1 thermal bag)
Php 220.00 / 330mL bottle

2nd flr, Techno Plaza 2, Eastwood City, QC
GF Bldg. 3, Tuscany Private Estates, Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifactio, Taguig City (soon to open)

2. The Skinny Juicery


Php 1,700.00 / 1 day package (6 juices, 2 yogi tea bags, 1 thermal bag)
Php 200.00 / 350mL bottle

3. Sly Diet


Php 1,750.00 / 6 x 350mL bottles
Php 1,575.00 / 5 x 350mL bottles

My experience:

4. Squice Ph


Php 150.00 / 250mL bottle
Php 200.00 / 350mL bottle

5. Juice Ko Jo


Php 1,000.00 / 1 day package (5 juices, 2 yogi tea bags)
Php 150.00 / 250mL bottle
Php 200.00 / 350mL bottle

6. Juicing with Kristal


Php 250.00 / 350mL bottle
Php 190.00 / 250mL bottle

7. Coco Green Co.


Php 300.00 / 380mL

8. Sweet Earth Extracts (formerly Fitness Potions)


Php 125.00 / 250mL bottle
Php 1,300.00 / 1 day package (6 juices, thermal bag, detox plan)

9. Juice Bomb



10. Juju Cleanse


Php 2,500.00 / 1 day package (initial order - 6 juices)
Php 2,300.00 / 1 day package (next order - 6 juices)
Php 1,350.00 / solo kit (6 x 250mL juices, cooler bag, ice pack)
Php 300.00 / 350mL bottle

11. The Health Potion


Php 1,500.00 / 1 day package (6 juices, 2 tea bags, thermal bag)
Php 180.00 / 350mL bottle

12. Spruce Cold Pressed Juices


Php 250.00 / 350mL bottle

13. Detoxiholic


Php 215.00 / 350mL bottle

14. The Juice Barista


Php 168.00 / 250mL bottle
Php 268.00 / 350mL bottle
Php 368.00 / 500mL bottle

15. Nadine Tengco's Detox in a Bottle


Php 2,500.00 / 1 day weight loss package (6 juices, 1 cleansing soup, 1 enzyme tablet, 5g ground fiber)
Php 2,000.00 / 1 day cleanse package (6 juices, 1 cleansing soup, 1 enzyme tablet, 5g ground fiber)

16. Juice Jab


Php 1,100.00 / 1 day package (initial order - 6 x 250mL juices)
Php 900.00 / 1 day package (next order - 6 x 250mL juices)
Php 160.00 / 250mL bottle
Php 260.00 / 500mL bottle

17. Jus Bar


Php 1,500.00 / 1 day package (8 x 250mL bottles)
Php 3,000.00 / 2 day package (16 x 250mL bottles)
Php 4,000.00 / 3 day package (24 x 250mL bottles)

18. You are what you drink


Php 150.00 / 350mL bottle
Php 1,300.00 / 1 day package (6 x 350mL bottles, 1 whole lemon, yogi tea)
Php 2,600.00 / 2 day package (12 x 350mL bottles, 2 whole lemon, 2 yogi teas)

19. Juice Hut


Php 120.00 / 250mL bottle
Php 720.00 / 6 x 250mL bottles
Php 1,400.00 / 12 x 250mL bottles
Php 2,100.00 / 18 x 250mL bottles
Php 3,500.00 / 30 x 250mL bottles

if you happen to be a seller, i appreciate it better if you post your prices online, makes it easier for us! hehe

so my suggestion is:
place your prices where it can easily be seen and updated.

*on instagram, you can post a photo with the prices and put a special hashtag on it like #yourstorenamePRICING and put that hashtag on your IG description/bio (you may do this on your payment and delivery methods as well)

* on facebook, same as instagram, may tags naman na ang fb so yey. also, you can list your prices on a NOTE and in your ABOUT page.

so there you go! if you reached this point thank you for reading hehe, i hope you find this entry informative at least hehe!

chill >B)

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact - my dream phone (for now)

i'm about to tell you why i instantly fell in love with this phone, and why i'm going to save up for this no matter how long it takes hahaha

specs from gsmarena: http://www.gsmarena.com/sony_xperia_z1_compact-5753.php

and if you don't mind taking note that this is not a review entry. i just want to let out my feelings for this piece of gadget that is yet to arrive in Philippines shores. 

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

specs that won me over:

- LTE enabled
even though i'm a sun user, i'm in high hopes that sun cellular will roll out 4G signals eventually. i mean, come on!!! >XD

- 4.3" screen
it's a pity that the market is being saturated with overly large phones, and if ever a small phone did emerge, it's either entry or mid level only. it's frustrating how the size of the phone has to be in proportion with its specs. urgh. but thank you Sony, you're a genius. my small hands will definitely marvel on this masterpiece!

- hardware camera key
isn't it frustrating how you can't get a decent selfie because you have to target that elusive button on your screen?

- 20.7 MP
just imagine the quality of photos you could take with that. Exmor + G Lens, i don't even know how good these specs are, but they sound superb haha

- the color selection!
white is perfect <3

- 2300 mAH battery
my current phone (lenovo p700i) has a big and heavy 2500 mAH battery that lasts me 2 days with regular use. this 2300 mAH may fall short at some point considering the specs specially with that camera and OS, but this is already good! other manufacturers are so stingy with loading their bats with enough power so i appreciate Sony for at least breaking the 2k norm.

- waterproof!
up to 1.5 meters in freshwater for 30mins. and yes! you could take underwater shots with it! >XD just mind the limitations yo.

- the processor/OS
qualcomm snapgragon, quad-core, 2.2ghz, 2g ram, andoid 4.3 jellybean
need i say more? okay fine, maybe octa-core will oust these specs in a few quarters but, for now this is what i consider the best for myself. hihi and hey that's already very very good!

- pin hole for lanyards or charms
something that's been missing in recent phones. a small feature that fits the size of the phone just well :)

specs that made me think

- built-in battery
sorry, you can't remove it. this made me think a bit, cos i'm not used to not being able to pull out the battery when my phone hangs. hmm

- micro-sim
i know the trend is going this way and eventually i'll have to cut my sim. but yeah, reluctant as i am about punching my sim for fear that it may break, i think i'm going for it anyway. given that my phone has to be this! haha i won't cut my sim if it's not the xperia z1 compact! no! haha

hay Lord, it's been a awhile since i lusted over a smartphone like this. i mean, okay Lenovo S820 fine, but i haven't made a feature post right? so i'm not as in love with it as i am with this phone right? haha

price check:

it's already out in other countries, and as per my ebay searches, converted amounts range from a whopping Php 34,000-40,000. so freaking expensive. anyway, we have yet to learn how much it's going to be worth when it lands in the Philippines. and because i'm so interested with this product, i asked Sony Philippines via fb if there's already an SRP for it.

they didn't give a price yet but said it will be available by the end of March. :)

orayt, let the saving begin!

#GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 - A gift of reading :)

If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?

Every second of volunteering, every peso, every drop of perspiration counts.
But no matter how much we give, there is always this feeling that it does not seem enough.
There is a dream to give something bigger and to make a difference.

last year i was blessed with an opportunity to volunteer as a layout artist in this non-government organization called The Storytelling Project.

at first my intention was just so i could lend my creative skills in layouting and illustrating, but learning more about the project and getting to know better the people behind it, i came to realize how passionate this group really is in envisioning a community of Filipino children who not only knows how to read, but LOVES to read.

it's quite a common act of charity to donate storybooks and build libraries. but after shelving the books, painting the walls, and cutting the ribbon, what's next? most of the time the charity ends there. but TSP's vision extends to a point where children are reached and taught storytelling and reading, by immersing into their communities and engaging them in a 3-phase program: IMAGINE. CREATE SHARE

IMAGINE - Build the kids' imagination through the 21 Day Storytelling Program and empower the community through the trainings and seminars 
CREATE - Create avenues for exploring their newfound love for reading through the TSP Library Project
SHARE - Share knowledge and experiences with the community through the TSP Book Club activities.

one of TSP's goals is to produce storybooks! as an illustrator, i've gathered a few inspirations! >XD

if #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 were to really sponsor a gift i'd like to impart to the Philippines, it would be to support this organization i'm in, and in effect be part of this social movement where we present Filipino children with a gift of reading by providing storybooks, building libraries, and immersing into their communities and teaching them how to love storytelling and reading.

to know more about this organization i'm in, please visit The Storytelling Project facebook page and read on the info section, it contains everything you need to know about this movement. :)

what about you? if there's one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift? 

share your answers by commenting on this entry! who knows if i win, you may get your wish granted, or you may just win an ipad mini 2! bongga! >XD in case i win though, since i'm no apple fan, i'll most probably sell it and give the proceeds to help fund future TSP's activities.

online NBI clearance application is back!

hay sa wakas! starting January 24, 2014 you may now register via http://www.doj.gov.ph/nbi

i haven't tried this yet but according to some of my friends who opted for this process BEFORE (the old online application), it was a breeze. you fill out the online form, pay the amount specified via gcash (amount depends on purpose), and go to NBI Main Office at UN Ave. for the biometrics and releasing. there's a dedicated lane for e-clearance applicants at the main office and since the payment and encoding steps were already done, 15 minutes tops and they're out with their clearances (except of course if you got a hit)!

because of this, this easily becomes the best and fastest way to get your NBI clearance accomplished!


at the last part of the press release it says that after accomplishing the online form, you may go to any of their satellite offices nationwide for payment and biometrics. hmm, there was no mention of GCASH payment and dedicated lanes at the main office like before.

anyway, if they're gonna have us pay at the satellite office instead, i hope they put a dedicated lane for e-applicants. and and, i also hope they put in more payment options like GCash, SmartMoney, online banking, paypal... this will totally complete the online application process.

so far right now, i tried accomplishing the form. mejo mabagal ang system nila in fairness ah, pero mapapatawad naman given na tomorrow pa talaga magsstart yung online application. but then they put the link live eh so.... haha >XD

http://www.doj.gov.ph/nbi redirects to http://nbi.njis-ph.com/
just fill out the fields completely and accurately, then click on submit.

* i came into this error A LOT OF TIMES i don't know why. haha siguro kasi hindi pa talaga live ung system? sorina. atat ako eh. let's see tomorrow haha

* after a loooooot of tries i finally got this popup dialog with my registration code, and a link to print my application.

* when i clicked on the 'Print Application' button, mejo nagloko pa ata sya at error page ang lumabas sa browser ko. in which case i just kept of refreshing the page. eventually you'll get directed to the print page panel where you can print or save your application form.

and that's the end of it. the next step is to visit any NBI clearance center for payment and biometrics. no other payment instructions were given. :)

like i said, it would've been better if they preserved the GCash payment mode at least but for now let's see (the news haha) how it fares in making the NBI clearance application process FASTER and less irritating for everyone. hehe



// Secret Garden

done watching secret garden! grabe lang! so many tears shed particularly on episode 18! i thought it was gonna stay that way, you know, souls switched and all. argh. it's now officially one of my favorite korean series because of the super kilig and kaiyak moments. i'm a sucker for romantic tragedies like that. but i'm also always looking forward to happy endings! because of this series i had a lot of trouble fixing my body clock! i would marathon all night, sleep at 5am least, wake up to my mother's brunch howler, sleep again the entire afternoon, then wake up at 5pm. that went on for quite a week din if i remember correctly. last night i had to take sleepasil just to doze off naturally, but it didn't work, i was up until 4am! placebo man, placebo. hahaha

now i'm wallowing in its OST (as usual), you know, feeling the feels man. haha

// tita wooth's birthday!

one of the reasons why i love dropping by my boyfriend's house is that they always have lots of food! if i could only take home their fridge haha! di naman ako deprived, siguro it's just the lack of snacks in our house that brought me to really marvel at the abundance present in their ref hahaha! today we celebrated his mother's 50th birthday hihihi, and you know what that means, fooooood galore! pizza, pasta and lots of caaaakes amadienao. i'm soooo full i seriously need to get this out already. kjsdhalksjsakjlhasl

oh thank you Lord for this day!

// first day tomorrow (i mean, later)?

should i consider this my first day? i mean, it's just a half day orientation hehe. yey for work. finally. >XD


what have i done to my old self?

DRAFT: 5-30-2012

odiba ang arti arti! namiss ko magblog! i missed blogging about my thoughts like thoughts lang, none of what happened to me but yknow just my thoughts! hahahaha anyway, i kindof promised myself that i have to regularly update this blog about my life because it's a really really helpful tool for me to remember things i usually forget. i have an awful bad case of forgetfulness.

i can't say i'm excited to start working on friday! the entire week until the 8th is sortof orientation week. after that week we'll be deployed to our respective floors. i'll be on the 22nd floor! >XD and none of my new found friends are on the same team! waaahhhh ayoko po magisa Lord plessss give me a team mate huhu

i've successfully decluttered my shelf the other day! see i was able to gather almost 3 kilos of trash, mostly papers and blah and i think i'm about to throw another batch. >XO


UPDATE: 1-20-2013

haha, that time when i was so excited to start working. the feels man. :3



DRAFT: 4-7-2013

i accepted this work with the expectation that i'll get constantly pissed off by people who can't even understand a simple sentence. i'm usually careful not to blog about things like this, because i didn't want to offend anyone. but seriously! some people deserve uhm, an offense. pero joke lang yon. alam ko namang deep inside mabait akong tao and the best i can do is be "impolite" without directly hitting on their lack of.. ano ba... comprehension?! osige na, kayo na ang soooobrang busy na hindi kaya magbasa ng 5 lines ng announcement. pinaganda na nga with photoshop and all, echepwera parin. my talent is insulted. arg.

no seriously. i wish i had ludie's patience, tolerance, whatever! she's the only person i can imagine who can handle ANY type of question without getting mad or judging the person overall, for life! hahaha

argh. Lord sorry. my labor of love for this project is limited only to whatever is related to the arts. anything beyond that i do with great contempt.


UPDATE: 1-20-2013

yearbook drama

hate letter

DRAFT: 4-13-2013

an open letter to the one i'm hating right now. i wonder if you are aware of the adverse effects you have on the people around you. you turn everyone bad. you made someone leave. you made someone lose her identity. you make someone uncomfortable. and me? you make me look down on myself. every single effing day. nothing is ever good enough for you, because you're all smart and powerful and your opinion will always emerge as the best one. you don't need to listen to anyone cos you think you're good enough on your own. heck, you do everything right the first time. isn't that what this place needs? plus, you compete in everything! in making friends, in delivering punchlines, in being the all around smartypants with enough social life to boot. you'd like to have them all. you want to be there, on the top, looking down, acting good.

and well, you are good. 
and i'm the evil queen(ster). and what do evil queens do for a start?
they play nice.

so there, i'm sorry. i really am. for judging you right when you only have good intentions at hand. 


UPDATE: 1-20-2013

i guess i remember you now! but this is so old na, i know we've indirectly made up HAHAHA, i also know you've already forgiven me in your heart for being so intimidated by you. it's a relief i left knowing we're friends. yehey. all patched up. :)

some people, really.

DRAFT: 5-2-2013

i don't remember how and when it started but recently whenever i see you, i'm just filled with hate. or something more subtle than that, but nonetheless as bad. there are times when i want to work it out, be nice, engage in conversation like before, and be social, but every time i do, i feel like i'm being pushed away. tossed in a curb with a placard that says, "don't talk to us. you're not part of MY circle". i'd be damned why.

i don't understand why some people are so competitive even with being social. like it's so important to be the first to make friends with someone. to be the first one to crack the wittiest jokes. to be the first to create a social circle. and rule out anyone you didn't want in. i just don't understand why some people want to be QUEEN so much. 

i also don't understand some people who overthinks things too much. one small gesture and they exaggerate it as being oppressive. one snide look and they think they're being bullied. they always feel like the underdog whose job is to overthrow the queen. and most of the time they can't be taken seriously cos they blab too much fiction. like i do now.

some people, really.


UPDATE: 1-20-2014

ang sama ko. hindi ko na maalala kung sino to. -___-

best place to get your NBI clearance in metro manila

UPDATE 01-23-2014: 

Online NBI Clearance Application is back! Starting January 24, 2014 you may now register via http://www.doj.gov.ph/nbi

i have written a post about this announcement: check it out here!

ORIGINAL POST 01-16-2014:

i've done a bit of research online and found that the best and least crowded place to get your NBI clearance in metro manila is at ROBINSONS OTIS which is just a tricycle away from the NBI main office. so far ha, so far. who knows now that its gaining popularity, one day it'll be like those satellite centers where you have to line up at least 9pm the day before just to get a number! i get the feeling that people are pulling over at the main office more kaya naman nane-neglect yung fact na may mas maluwag na NBI center nearby hehe

the first quarter of each year is said to be the peak season for applying/renewing NBI clearances, and i think it's also because it's the peak season for getting a job (or a new one)! why?
- for some people, new year = new job! (like me!)
- octoberians are probably done job hunting and are in the 'requirements' stage already hehe
- some employees usually resign after they get their christmas bonuses, which mean they probably get new jobs within the first months of the year
- december means end-of-contract period for contractuals, so yeah, more job hunters to consider

GENERALLY, it's job hunting season and and we all know how a NBI clearance is always part of the pre-employment requirements list, so you could only imagine how busy this season is for everyone! >XD hehe

anyway, since the e-clearance and e-payment services are still offline (and it's already 4 months as per their website announcement, NBI what the heck are you doing ba?!) here's your best chance if you don't want to set camp and stay overnight just to ensure you'll reach the quota number of people served per day.

how to go to Robinsons Otis:
- ride a bus going to Quiapo and get down at NBI Main Office at UN Ave. (or take the LRT and get off at UN Ave. Station)
- cross to where mcdonalds and jollibee is
- ride an ORDINARY yellow tricycle (Php 10) at the corner of UCBP near jolibee, punuan po ito. you can opt for the SPECIAL tryke pero that's Php 60 already hehe
- get off at Robinsons Otis

what to bring:
- valid ID
- black ballpen
- php 120 pesos (php 115 clearance fee, php 5 envelope)
- snacks while waiting
- anything to keep you entertained for long hours. bring a book, or load your phone/tab with movies/series, load games, bring a powerbank too in case you run out of bat, etc.

here's a timeline:
4am - left home (fairview qc)
5am - arrived at robinsons otis, was among the first 50 people. there are chairs lined at the entrance for NBI applicants.
8am - by this time i believe the headcount has already reached 300 which is the maximum number of people nbi otis can accommodate for that day
9am - guard started distributing numbers

10am - finally ushered people inside the mall and kept them in a holding area

holding area with free mags :)

12nn - finally got my clearance! 

so you see, the process took a lengthy 2 hours still, and that's because they lack machines. 

they only have 1 cashier (which is enough b/c payment is usually a breeze), 2 encoding/biometric counters (which caused the long queue for steps 2 and 3), and only 1 printer.

so there, arrived at 5am, waited for 5hrs to get inside, then waited another 2hrs for the processing. sucks right? but that's already the best you have in the metro. if you want to be #1 in line you have to be there as early as 3am. :)

good luck!

SMART sign off :)

last monday (jan 13), i spent my last day at the office organizing stuff for the turnover, attending to my clearance requirements, packing up, and treating my officemates to pizza! hahaha

in fairness, it was a hard decision for me to treat everyone pizza being that i'm going to be poorita until my first payday at pointwest (which sadly got moved again! argh!) haha. nevertheless, it's gonna be the last time naman eh so no regrets. :)

mon, myka, sheila, me, mich, donita, and tina :)
with my farewell pizza haha

i will certainly miss smart for all the things it has taught me and most specially for the friends i've earned along the way! i will miss janine! naks ang sweet ko! hahaha i never thought i'd grow really close to this girl! she's my closest friend and teammate and i'll miss our harutans, asarans, lunchsss, and tawanans over random stuff! >X')

w/ janine
i will also miss mela and michael and all the lunches we spent tolerating each others' kacornyhan. hahaha

w/ mela 
i will miss my first boss and supervisor, sir ken, who patiently taught me perl and gave me pep talks and trivias. he's one of those higher-ups i don't mind being corny with and i treasure all the laughter we shared together! >XD he gave me a very thoughtful parting gift (the time keeper by mitch albom), now i'm thinking of attending albom's book signing at glorietta this feb! >XD

i will miss sir arian, my fateful second sup haha, the OCest boss i've ever served. now i can assure him no one's gonna mess with his magnets anymore! hahaha also sir rio, my manager whom i look up to a freakin lot, someday i'll be like him, perceptive and reliable! >XD

and of course, sa lahat ng nakatawanan ko, mamimiss ko silang lahat specially yung mga ka-area ko. yung mga nakakatawanan ko lang talaga mamimiss ko sorry. chaka pala yung mga suki ko sa load, at sa makeup! HAHA

to my ROC and FMS team mates! i will never forget them for being so fun! >XD

teryo, sir arian, layt, fred, ben, mela, feli, ronald, me :)
 in the next picture i specifically asked them to look sad kunyari kaso si feli ano eh! grar haha

aside from the people, i will also miss the pride that goes along with being a smart employee and a makati-girl naks haha, the many many employee perks, the lobby events, promos, freebies, the CR with bidet and kitchen-towel-quality tissue, my private cr at 23rd floor haha (seryoso! i'll miss the cr! esp during the many times my stomach has waged war on me, the cr for handicapped at the 23rd proved a silent refuge HAHA), and lastly, ate's chichaken, crinkles, and sweet corn! >XD

aw. haha ang dami kong mamimiss sana may makamiss din sakin hahahaha

Ally's All-Day Breakfast Place

i've been meaning to blog about my Ally's experience pero tinatamad ako haha anyway, here it is! all-day breakfast places are becoming a trend right now, but Ally's here became known for its DIY pancakes! it's basically like ordering at BRGR Project, but pancake/waffle edition this time hehe.

when i first visited Ally's they gave out small forms with a checklist of how you want your pancake served (selections at the right part of pic below). but recently they only give out list order forms where your WRITE your orders instead. hehe mejo messy but anyway. haha

my first pancake at ally's! my all time favorite as well, blueberry creamcheeese!

classic, pancake, blueberry, cream cheese, crushed graham and maple syrup - Php 170
 my sister's order, pretty much like mine but with more toppings and sausages at the side hehe:

classic pancake, blueberry, cream cheese, nutella, crushed graham, walnuts, maple syrup - Php 240

breakfast sausages on the sides - add Php 55
 in fairness, the pancakes were big, heavy and not too sweet, allowing you to really savor your selection of toppings.

on my second visit, i tried out their Adobo Flakes for Php 120

twin sunny side up, adobo flakes, tomato salsa, rice with toasted garlic on top
the pork adobo flakes were really tasty and flavorful however it wasn't as crispy as the other adobo flakes i've tried, in fact it wasn't crispy at all, but it's still good. i love the tomato salsa but the serving was too small! anyway it's just salted chopped tomatoes and green bell pepper, very easy to make. hehe for Php 120 this is super sulit and very heavy as well! Actually, i also ordered a blueberry cream cheese pancake along with this and i wasn't able to finish it! haha

on the other side of the table, jeckie ordered banana waffle with additional sides :)

waffle, bananas, maple syrup - Php 125

scrambled eggs (php 35) and bacon (php 55) on the sides 
 in fairness to the waffles they were really big! taller than the 2 pcs pancake. i tried it at bit and it tastes just like the classic pancake hehe.

that's all we've tried so far, and YES i want you to try it out as well! Ally's main selling point is their DIY pancakes so it's must that you try them out if it's your first time. As for their set meals, they do have a large selection you can try.

the only downside with eating at Ally's is that their place is really small. The inside can probably only accommodate 20 guests (assuming all tables are full), and outside they only have 4 tables. if you're coming in groups you may want to reserve. yup, good thing they accept reservations free of charge! otherwise, you may have to wait to be seated coming in on peak lunch and dinner times. :)

here are photos of some parts of menu for your reference hehe

Ally's All-day Breakfast Place
50 Malingap st., Sikatuna Village, QC
7am - 10pm
0906 444 3878

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