online NBI clearance application is back!

hay sa wakas! starting January 24, 2014 you may now register via

i haven't tried this yet but according to some of my friends who opted for this process BEFORE (the old online application), it was a breeze. you fill out the online form, pay the amount specified via gcash (amount depends on purpose), and go to NBI Main Office at UN Ave. for the biometrics and releasing. there's a dedicated lane for e-clearance applicants at the main office and since the payment and encoding steps were already done, 15 minutes tops and they're out with their clearances (except of course if you got a hit)!

because of this, this easily becomes the best and fastest way to get your NBI clearance accomplished!


at the last part of the press release it says that after accomplishing the online form, you may go to any of their satellite offices nationwide for payment and biometrics. hmm, there was no mention of GCASH payment and dedicated lanes at the main office like before.

anyway, if they're gonna have us pay at the satellite office instead, i hope they put a dedicated lane for e-applicants. and and, i also hope they put in more payment options like GCash, SmartMoney, online banking, paypal... this will totally complete the online application process.

so far right now, i tried accomplishing the form. mejo mabagal ang system nila in fairness ah, pero mapapatawad naman given na tomorrow pa talaga magsstart yung online application. but then they put the link live eh so.... haha >XD redirects to
just fill out the fields completely and accurately, then click on submit.

* i came into this error A LOT OF TIMES i don't know why. haha siguro kasi hindi pa talaga live ung system? sorina. atat ako eh. let's see tomorrow haha

* after a loooooot of tries i finally got this popup dialog with my registration code, and a link to print my application.

* when i clicked on the 'Print Application' button, mejo nagloko pa ata sya at error page ang lumabas sa browser ko. in which case i just kept of refreshing the page. eventually you'll get directed to the print page panel where you can print or save your application form.

and that's the end of it. the next step is to visit any NBI clearance center for payment and biometrics. no other payment instructions were given. :)

like i said, it would've been better if they preserved the GCash payment mode at least but for now let's see (the news haha) how it fares in making the NBI clearance application process FASTER and less irritating for everyone. hehe


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