what have i done to my old self?

DRAFT: 5-30-2012

odiba ang arti arti! namiss ko magblog! i missed blogging about my thoughts like thoughts lang, none of what happened to me but yknow just my thoughts! hahahaha anyway, i kindof promised myself that i have to regularly update this blog about my life because it's a really really helpful tool for me to remember things i usually forget. i have an awful bad case of forgetfulness.

i can't say i'm excited to start working on friday! the entire week until the 8th is sortof orientation week. after that week we'll be deployed to our respective floors. i'll be on the 22nd floor! >XD and none of my new found friends are on the same team! waaahhhh ayoko po magisa Lord plessss give me a team mate huhu

i've successfully decluttered my shelf the other day! see i was able to gather almost 3 kilos of trash, mostly papers and blah and i think i'm about to throw another batch. >XO


UPDATE: 1-20-2013

haha, that time when i was so excited to start working. the feels man. :3


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