hello 2014!

a collage of the fun times spent this 2013!
i'm soooo excited for this year! majorly because i'm finally leaving my job! haha! no i don't really hate it, i just don't feel worthy anymore, plus it's super far, so yeah there's that.

happy new year everyone! i know it's a pretty late greeting, actually this entry was sitting on my drafts for a while now, was supposed to post it on new year's eve but the connection wasn't so good (i wonder why? haha), so yeah. hehe

i know i've made a list of things that made 2013 notable for me, and might i say, it's a very very conservative list. looking through the pictures (i've imported to the pc) on my phone, here's a much longer list of highlights, some sad, but mostly happy! hehe

1. the Yearbook 2012 project was completed! and although distribution was a bit stressful, the team managed to pull it off with the help of others and also the admin, now only 5 yearbooks are left with us all tagged and ready to ship if only their owners would contact us. hehe i consider this as my proudest creative stint yet. :)

2. Red Cross Million Volunteer Run! i ran my first outdoor marathon! that 5k felt like forever! haha

3. i won my first movie screening contest from Nuffnang, which marked the beginning of more movie contests i won! malamang, eto yung taon kung kelan pinakamaraming beses akong nakapanood sa sinehan! haha

4. Jeckie's college graduation yahoo! >:3

5. mam grace's resignation. it was sad, cos i grew dependent on her a lot, but it's also a blessing cos i was given more to handle, more to learn, and more people to supervise. naks. and now i resign. HAHAHA lol.

6. pastor rutti's death. super sad. you know how's there's like a family doctor? he's like a family pastor for us. T_T

7. opportunity to illustrate! after all, #5 wasn't so bad cos in mam grace's new venture, i was invited to illustrate children's books! and although it hasn't really started yet, i'm sooo looking forward to it!

5. i enrolled in a gym, with a pool! so for awhile i was like so excited to end work so i could catch the pool before 8! then work got extra demeaning, causing me render more OTYs, therefore losing swim time. huhu

6. enchanted kingdom with jeckie! where he started to appreciate heights, finally! hahaha

7. won vikings gc! hihi

8. won a contest for most creative blog entry! we're 5 winners actually hehe but there were like hundreds who joined ok? hahaha

9. i bought a TV for my parents' anniv :D

10. my parent's silver anniversary celebration!

11. i got chickenpox for the first time. boo

12. designed stuff for The Storytelling Project's Run for Reading event! >XD

13. 2nd year anniversary with jeckie! <3 <3 <3

14. i got in to Mary Kay and sold makeup for a while hahaha because of this i learned to do my own makeup. now i always wear makeup, specially after my chickenpox left me with hideous scars on the face huhu

15. i bought a study desk. wala lang, biggest purchase ever, as in literally. hahaha

16. i ran my first 10k on a treadmil!

17. signed up and ran for nike we run manila! a 10k running event i completed in almost 2 hours haha after that day, my left leg started acting up again (past past past injury huhu). so for now i can't run. T__T and also because of that complication, i missed milo marathon huhu. sayang 500 haha

18. moved to victory nova :)

19. got into a cell group :)

20. got water baptized for the first time!

21. tried juice diet and looooved it, if only it wasn't so expensive. haha

22. applied for HP. passed and got an offer, but had to decline cos they can't wait for my availability. i cried so much over it but eventually i had to accept that it's not really for me. anyway, it's nice to know i made the cut at least. :)

23. received my christmas bonus for the first time in FULL! cos last 2012, being new regulars our bonuses were prorated. hihi much rich! so money! sadly, they're all goooone before the year ended hahaha

24. because i bought a leg massager and a laptop! enough said! haha

25. applied at Pointwest and got in! haha

26. RESIGNED! whew!

that's pretty much 2013 for me, thanks to all the pictures i took for helping me make this list! >XD looking forward to a more eventful and positive 2014! :)

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