how to get POLICE CLEARANCE at QC City Hall

based on my experience earlier :)

what to bring:

1. photocopy of a valid ID
2. ballpen
3. 250 pesos (100 for order of payment and 150 for police clearance/id processing)
4. wet wipes (for fingerprints or just pay 5 pesos)


1. get an 'order of payment' for police clearance

apparently the term 'order of payment' applies to a lot of documents so if you're gonna ask around make sure you ask specifically for the police clearance order of payment, otherwise the guards will lead you to an 'order of payment' booth outside the city treasurer's office.

so where exactly in the city hall complex should you get that? you should go to the police clearance station (sorry i didn't really get the name of the place, no labels) across the philippine red cross building which is near Gate 5 (Kalayaan Ave.) so if you're from commonwealth area like me, you can opt to ride a jeepney to kalayaan and alight at Gate 5. you can also ride a bus and alight at East Ave. Gate 3, and from that gate, walk aaaaaaaall the way to the end (which is Gate 5) to reach the police clearance station.

submit a photocopy of your valid ID to window 1 (where the staff is either playing candy crush or texting) and get an application form. fill it out, submit to window 2 and finally get your 'order of payment'. when you ask where to go next, they'll point their pens to a note stuck on their cubicle which says something like "pay at city treasurer's office, behind landbank".

2. pay 100 pesos at the city treasurer's office

okay, i emphasized 'behind landbank' because apparently, IT'S NOT BEHIND LANDBANK. i've circled the city treasurer's office enough to realize that i was being led to the wrong places. okay so you have to pay at the CTO and that's the building where landbank is, but you don't have to walk to the back okay? there will be a big sign there with the words ' POLICE CLEARANCE' so get inside and pay at one of the windows. it's also the building with booths outside catering to CEDULA requests where a lot of people are usually lined up. :)

after paying and getting your receipt you will be directed back to the police clearance station for the taking of your fingerprints.

3. surrender your receipt at window 2, then have your fingerprints taken

the kuya who is taking fingerprints is usually sitting just outside the window. just show him your form and have him dirty up all of your ten fingers. for convenience, you can just buy wet wipes from that same kuya for 5 pesos, but if you're tipid pwede namang hindi. tissue and alcohol will do. hehe

4. get inside the guarded door and pay 150 pesos clearance processing

sorry di ko madescribe haha the people there will lead you anyway, but it's the door with the guard before window 1. when inside, pay 150 pesos then head further in for data encoding and biometrics. after having your picture taken and your fingerprints scanned... you'll be led outside at the waiting area.

5. let the wait begin!

in my case it didn't take 10 minutes for me to get my police clearance after step 4, considering there are probably 20-30 people already waiting outside before me. hehe the entire process was pretty fast, no long queues and all. btw i came at the city hall at around 2:30 pm already and i was expecting the process would eat up the entire afternoon but thankfully i was out at 3:30 pm! yehey!

so that was my experience. how's yours? >XD

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