best place to get your NBI clearance in metro manila

UPDATE 01-23-2014: 

Online NBI Clearance Application is back! Starting January 24, 2014 you may now register via

i have written a post about this announcement: check it out here!

ORIGINAL POST 01-16-2014:

i've done a bit of research online and found that the best and least crowded place to get your NBI clearance in metro manila is at ROBINSONS OTIS which is just a tricycle away from the NBI main office. so far ha, so far. who knows now that its gaining popularity, one day it'll be like those satellite centers where you have to line up at least 9pm the day before just to get a number! i get the feeling that people are pulling over at the main office more kaya naman nane-neglect yung fact na may mas maluwag na NBI center nearby hehe

the first quarter of each year is said to be the peak season for applying/renewing NBI clearances, and i think it's also because it's the peak season for getting a job (or a new one)! why?
- for some people, new year = new job! (like me!)
- octoberians are probably done job hunting and are in the 'requirements' stage already hehe
- some employees usually resign after they get their christmas bonuses, which mean they probably get new jobs within the first months of the year
- december means end-of-contract period for contractuals, so yeah, more job hunters to consider

GENERALLY, it's job hunting season and and we all know how a NBI clearance is always part of the pre-employment requirements list, so you could only imagine how busy this season is for everyone! >XD hehe

anyway, since the e-clearance and e-payment services are still offline (and it's already 4 months as per their website announcement, NBI what the heck are you doing ba?!) here's your best chance if you don't want to set camp and stay overnight just to ensure you'll reach the quota number of people served per day.

how to go to Robinsons Otis:
- ride a bus going to Quiapo and get down at NBI Main Office at UN Ave. (or take the LRT and get off at UN Ave. Station)
- cross to where mcdonalds and jollibee is
- ride an ORDINARY yellow tricycle (Php 10) at the corner of UCBP near jolibee, punuan po ito. you can opt for the SPECIAL tryke pero that's Php 60 already hehe
- get off at Robinsons Otis

what to bring:
- valid ID
- black ballpen
- php 120 pesos (php 115 clearance fee, php 5 envelope)
- snacks while waiting
- anything to keep you entertained for long hours. bring a book, or load your phone/tab with movies/series, load games, bring a powerbank too in case you run out of bat, etc.

here's a timeline:
4am - left home (fairview qc)
5am - arrived at robinsons otis, was among the first 50 people. there are chairs lined at the entrance for NBI applicants.
8am - by this time i believe the headcount has already reached 300 which is the maximum number of people nbi otis can accommodate for that day
9am - guard started distributing numbers

10am - finally ushered people inside the mall and kept them in a holding area

holding area with free mags :)

12nn - finally got my clearance! 

so you see, the process took a lengthy 2 hours still, and that's because they lack machines. 

they only have 1 cashier (which is enough b/c payment is usually a breeze), 2 encoding/biometric counters (which caused the long queue for steps 2 and 3), and only 1 printer.

so there, arrived at 5am, waited for 5hrs to get inside, then waited another 2hrs for the processing. sucks right? but that's already the best you have in the metro. if you want to be #1 in line you have to be there as early as 3am. :)

good luck!

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