hate letter

DRAFT: 4-13-2013

an open letter to the one i'm hating right now. i wonder if you are aware of the adverse effects you have on the people around you. you turn everyone bad. you made someone leave. you made someone lose her identity. you make someone uncomfortable. and me? you make me look down on myself. every single effing day. nothing is ever good enough for you, because you're all smart and powerful and your opinion will always emerge as the best one. you don't need to listen to anyone cos you think you're good enough on your own. heck, you do everything right the first time. isn't that what this place needs? plus, you compete in everything! in making friends, in delivering punchlines, in being the all around smartypants with enough social life to boot. you'd like to have them all. you want to be there, on the top, looking down, acting good.

and well, you are good. 
and i'm the evil queen(ster). and what do evil queens do for a start?
they play nice.

so there, i'm sorry. i really am. for judging you right when you only have good intentions at hand. 


UPDATE: 1-20-2013

i guess i remember you now! but this is so old na, i know we've indirectly made up HAHAHA, i also know you've already forgiven me in your heart for being so intimidated by you. it's a relief i left knowing we're friends. yehey. all patched up. :)

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