// Secret Garden

done watching secret garden! grabe lang! so many tears shed particularly on episode 18! i thought it was gonna stay that way, you know, souls switched and all. argh. it's now officially one of my favorite korean series because of the super kilig and kaiyak moments. i'm a sucker for romantic tragedies like that. but i'm also always looking forward to happy endings! because of this series i had a lot of trouble fixing my body clock! i would marathon all night, sleep at 5am least, wake up to my mother's brunch howler, sleep again the entire afternoon, then wake up at 5pm. that went on for quite a week din if i remember correctly. last night i had to take sleepasil just to doze off naturally, but it didn't work, i was up until 4am! placebo man, placebo. hahaha

now i'm wallowing in its OST (as usual), you know, feeling the feels man. haha

// tita wooth's birthday!

one of the reasons why i love dropping by my boyfriend's house is that they always have lots of food! if i could only take home their fridge haha! di naman ako deprived, siguro it's just the lack of snacks in our house that brought me to really marvel at the abundance present in their ref hahaha! today we celebrated his mother's 50th birthday hihihi, and you know what that means, fooooood galore! pizza, pasta and lots of caaaakes amadienao. i'm soooo full i seriously need to get this out already. kjsdhalksjsakjlhasl

oh thank you Lord for this day!

// first day tomorrow (i mean, later)?

should i consider this my first day? i mean, it's just a half day orientation hehe. yey for work. finally. >XD


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